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JW Motors

Country United States
State Virginia
City Manassas Park
Address 8511 Manassas Dr
Phone 703-330-5444

JW Motors Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2016

Don’t trust this dealership. I bought a 2007 F150.

Within a few weeks the engine developed a ticking noise and JW motors indicated it was the cam phasers and they were going to do the repair under their service contract. They kept the truck for almost a month and told me they did the repairs however the service warranty contract company indicated they did not submit a claim and there were no repairs performed.

A few weeks after getting the truck back the check engine light came on indicating it had a bad catalytic converter. JW motors cleared the fault codes prior to sale of the vehicle so it would appear as though there were no fault codes but the fault codes come back shortly after the sale.

JW Motors certified the vehicle passed the state inspection requirements, however in the few weeks after they fraudulently claim they repaired the cam phasers when I had a 3rd party repair center diagnose the engine error code they also discovered one of the exhaust headers was cracked and that alone would have prevented it from passing the state vehicle inspection.

Bottom line is I made the mistake of trusting this dealership and it ended up costing me a lot extra money to repair the vehicle. I advise potential shoppers to steer clear of this dealership.

  • Jun 18, 2016

This is the WORST Dealership I have EVER seen. I picked out a truck and took it to my mechanic for and inspection. My mechanic uncovered a lot of issues with the truck and told me not to buy it. JW Motors fixed several items on the truck. Today had the vehicle inspected again by another mechanic of mine and he said the same thing, DO NOT BUY THIS TRUCK. Went back to JW Motors and the owner got extremely mad at me when I tried to talk to him about the truck and it’s issues. I was very polite to him and he started yelling at me and cussing me out. I would not give JW Motors any business at all; I do not believe that the owner is there for the customer at all and encourage you to look at their other reviews before dealing with them.

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