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JW Electric

Country United States
State Washington
City Lakewood
Address 9625 Dekoven Dr SW
Phone 253-606-6533

JW Electric Reviews

  • Aug 21, 2017

I needed a new water heater. So I called up a company and told them what was needed and for them to come and give me an estimate. They sent someone who immediately said everything would work. The space the old one was in, is very tight, but that he could do it. He looked outside and confirmed the breaker was appropriate. He said they can put the water heater in without major modifications but then said the line was not the correct gauge. That would have to be fixed before the water heater can be put in. He then gave and estimate sheet and told us to call when we were ready.

So a few days later we called JW Electric to tell them what was said. Chris came out and went to the breaker box. I was inside of the house, and he came to the door and told me to come take a look. I went outside and he said, see the wire here, it shows 10 gauge. He had the cover off the breaker box. I was like okay good. The water heater guy kept saying it was incorrect. So Chris said yeah, I thought it was 10 gauge as he saw the wire once before when he came out and replaced a light switch and was naming what switch goes to what room.

Much later we called the water heater company to come out and do the install. They brought the truck, and the installer told me there are two issues. One being they had the wrong tank. It was a short rounder tank, and it wouldn’t fit in the slot. So they needed to replace that size tank with a skinner (taller) tank. The other issue is the gauge wire. I said but the electrican already verified it, and I saw it. He said on the inside is what he meant. He said this isn’t the right size. He had the cover from the tank where the wire was hooked up off. So he said he couldn’t install this. So I called JW Electric. Meanwhile the installer called the company to tell them about the tank size and the electric wire issue. So while speaking to JW, Joe the owner, said didn’t we already have someone out there for this. I said yes, but it is the wire from house to water heater, not the outside wire. He said we will send Chris back out. Well the installer said, no worries, we will get all of this fixed. He said if they can’t get this done by the next day, then it could be a week to get this done. ***Side note*** In my emails to JW, I got my time of events wrong. My wife reminded me that the installer had to return the wrong heater. I thought he had did everything that day. So I do remember that it wasn’t the same day.

The installer left a wire he said was the right gauge and said they have a tank of what I need there, and since it isn’t needed to be ordered or picked up and they have it, they can get out tomorrow early. Meanwhile Chris shows up in his private car that day. He was here for maybe 10ish minutes. I told him what was going on. It wasn’t the wire to the outside but the tank. I showed him the wire they were talking about. He took out a screwdriver from his back pocket and took the wire off the water heater. I said on the cable the man said it was 12 gauge. He said oh I see. Now at this time the wire from the heater was off, but still connected to wall. Chris asked why didn’t the installer do it. I said well the tank size isn’t correct. I then went to give my kids a snack. In that time, Chris comes out and said well all is good. Sorry for the miscommunication. I then said well you are dressed all spiffy. He then said well my wife and I have a date tonight. Today is my day off. I said sorry that you had to come out here on your date. He said no worries, I get paid anyway. He left. Never said anything about a charge or anything. He then flipped the switch back on from the outside panel. Got in his car and left.

I went into the room and it didn’t seem like nothing had changed. The wire was still on the shelf where the installer left it. Now Chris could have quickly changed the wire out and left the old one on the shelf. I don’t know how fast it would have taken, but he was literally here for a very short amount of time, especially given that we had a small chat while he was here.

The next day the installer comes back. Apologized for the wrong size tank. Then said he couldn’t believe the electrician didn’t understand the wire that was mentioned and that he didn’t do a full check of inside and outside the first time. I said IDK. Meanwhile the installer picks up the wire and shakes his head. He then shuts power off, and looks at the wire from the water heater. I then keep the kids upstairs so they won’t bother him and keep the youngest in the living room with a snack. She was only a few months old at the time. The other kids are 4 and 6. So later the installer puts down cardboard on the floor brings in the new tank and put it in the kitchen. Removed the old tank. I quickly go in and clean the floor where the old tank was. It was very dirty, and had broken glass from the previous owners. I noticed the wire was just up in the air but on the wall. The installer had buckets which he put the pump and hose in, and had PVC pipe extras and trash. Also there was the old wire from the tank in the bucket. So my assumption was he changed out everything. The new tank was put in, and he left. We then paid them and that was it.

Much later we get a bill from JW Electric for work. They charged $121.11 for work they claimed they did. An email war between myself and JW Electric owner Joe happened. First he threatened to fire Chris if he lied and didn’t do any work. Later he said he believes Chris, so I assume he just was bluffing on the firing. Prior my wife called him to see what the bill was about. She told him that Chris always said under 15 min there is no charge. Given that I didn’t see him do anything and that he was here less than 15 min, (according to Chris it was under 10 min which Joe also put in an email to me) that there wouldn’t be a charge. Joe told my wife he would speak to Chris and then get back to her. He didn’t do that. My wife was willing to pay for each time Chris came out about this issue, even though it was under the 15 min timeframe each time. It wouldn’t have been the full amount of money of $121.11. He never called her back and instead pushed a bill of $121.11. He claims in his email that he doesn’t price gouge. If it is a full hour of work, no I don’t think it is price gouging, and I told him he can charge whatever he wants. I do think that if he is charging $121.11 for 10 min of time, that is price gouging.

This is a deceptive practice. The company told us under 15 min there is no charge. There is time Chris came out and we didn’t (put breaker in). That took him literally no time to do, so we felt that the 15 min thing was valid. Instead of calling us back Joe refused to acknowledge that his employee made that statement, and even acknowledges that Chris has been out before and put in a breaker for no charge. Also he acknowledges that on the day of the wire issue Chris was here for 10 min or less. Either it is $120 minimum no matter if it is 1 second or the full 60 minutes. It is a misrepresentation by the business. A complaint with the Federal Trade Commission was filed on 8/18/2017 under the FTC Decep/Misrep on JW Electric. I have that complaint file number as well. I also will file complaints with Better Business Bureau, and the Secretary of State.

During the email war Joe then wanted to know the name of the installation company. I don’t feel it is his business to know. He then wanted to drag that company into potential litigation with Tacoma Power as he said they better be liscensed. He said he will notify Tac Power about this and that I will be getting a call. I since had to call Tacoma Power to tell them about Joe and what happened.

To prevent Joe from putting a lien on the property and try to start stuff with the other company that installed the water heater, we paid them the full $121.11. We willl continue to report this business for how Joe is operating it.

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