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JW Edwards

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio

JW Edwards Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2020

Jo Wiliam "JW" Edwards is unstable and possibly dangerous.

Two years after my company won a $1+ million judgement against him for fraud, he left a threatening, racist message on my phone. A police report has been filed with the San Antonio Police Department. Below is a transcript of the message, and a link to the actual voice recording. I urge anyone considering becoming involved with him to listen.

"This is JW. I’ve got a solution to our little problems baby. I need you to give me them 3 buildings and an apology in writing, you owe me a sh*t ton of money, Boy and the day of reckoning is coming and I’m already here I’m fighting in the ring and I’m fighting to be Mayor and you know what? you’re going to pay for it and big So call me at 830 265 398. if you got a set of balls in that cute f*cking body of yours yeah, you frigging piece of sh*t. So come on, Mother F*cker sue me again, yeah ’m winning against everybody so you know what?

Remember how you did with Alamo Ironworks and that building and also Steve I’m the reverse of that sh*t, Boy I am your worst nightmare coming to your son to kick your a*s. You be like David, praying to God, in the Psalm “Yea, though I walk through the Valley of Death” get ready to be a good Jew, you k**e Bi*ch, But you know what? I ain’t threatening you give me the three buildings and apologize and I might let it off easy Call me"

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