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Jux2 Dumpster Rentals

Country United States
State Michigan
City Saginaw
Phone 888-388-5279

Jux2 Dumpster Rentals Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2020

I called every single dumpster service in the state of michigan to see if i could get same day delivery. I was in a crunch. Not a single one had a dumpster available besides jux2. Which came up on a google ad. Prior to calling them, i checked prices on everyone even if they didn’t have anything available to rent to make sure if i did find something it wasn’t overly priced and that i wasn’t getting scammed. My first red flag was when the customer service rep told me they had allll dumpster sizes available and "could probably have it delivered by the end of day...” their price was triple the amount of anyone i spoke with who all had a legit business presence online, unlike them, you can’t even find a local address, and the only reviews you can find were on their website and they were all 5 stars. Most likely written by them.

They quoted me nearly $700 for a 30yard dumpster for only 2 days. All the while never asking my address to ensure they could actually deliver, but was ready to take my cc info. I told them i’d think about it. I called back after deciding i absolutely needed a dumpster and if i am going to have to pay a pretty penny for it, i guess it’s worth it. I spoke with a different person this time. Very foreign sounding woman. She asked me address, email and name immediately. Briefly brought up size of container and suddenly asked for cc info immediately, without confirmation that they could deliver dumpster in my time frame. I said, is there a way to pay for services upon arrival because i can’t find any proof online that you actually exist, and don’t want to be scammed.

They seemed unharmed by this bold statement, and did nothing to defend themselves or prove they were genuine. Also, you want me to fork up $700 without even making sure you can come through on delivery time? I can’t pay you anything until you can agree that you can deliver dumpster in the time frame needed. She said no to paying on arrival, and she’ll call me back after talking to dispatch to see if they can deliver on time. She called me back and said "we can do it but you have to pay now or in the next 20 minutes it’s a no - go” prior to her calling me back i found a review on scamion from someone in ny saying they paid for dumpster and never received and was in able to get their money back. I decided to not order a dumpster from them, and while they didn’t rip me off i fully believe 1500 percent that they would’ve.

I just don’t want anyone desperate to make a mistake and get scammed like i firmly believe i almost did from them. I also want to know how to notify google that retired advertisers are scammers.

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