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JuvaCell Pro Skin Therapy

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 3760 W McFadden Ave Suite B 602
Phone 877-238-1130

JuvaCell Pro Skin Therapy Reviews

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  • Sep 19, 2015

Contacted Juvacell for a Trial of the products. Originally only really wanted the skin cream but the site will not let you opt out of the eye cream so I ended up with both for $13 or so. No big deal if I liked them. Nothing was mentioned about 14 day period and I certainly did not authorize future debits from my account. After using the cream, which is nice, I decided not to continue but had not kept my packing slips so I had no way of contacting them. Only later did I find out that they had debited my account $89.77 for the skin cream via a company named Liberty and then another debit for $98.71 from FlaslessSkihbl. WTF?

I called the number on my bank statement and the woman told me that since I did not cancel within 14 days, I was charged. She refused a refund request and then proceeded to tell me that my original charge was for shipping only. What?! Nothing she said made sense to me. When I asked for clarification, she went back to the original statement of me not cancelling.

Bottom line, this company is a complete scam / rip-off. Hopefully others see this before ordering anything from them. If a Class Action Lawsuit arises, it will be no surpirse and I will certainly participate to keep them from doing this "take" to others. It completely threw off my checking account and I was hit with OD fees. Don't buy from these people no matter how good the ad looks.

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  • Feb 2, 2016


I too noticed that I was being charged $89.77 and $96.71 on my credit card. I am trying to get hold of the company. Just called and left message. Don't know how else to contact this company. I thought I only signed up for a trial offer. This had never happened to me before. I am going to contact my credit card company

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  • Sep 22, 2015

Followed a link on Facebook... read reviews. Orred a trial Sample eye therapy $1.95 and skin treatment $3.95. Read entire page prior to ordering. The products arrived .5 oz for eye treatment and .5 oz of skin treatment. Trian sizes.. right?? Now I get billed on my credit card $89.77 and $98.71. Called the company customer service. Being told that that was per agreement on the website for auto ship... The products received was a 14 trial and was the actual 30 day supply. I was supposed to call and cancel within 14 days of the trial order. They will not refund. They directed me to a webiste that looks different than the one I placed an order from and claim this is their only site - bull!

If there was a disclosure - it was well hidden in all the colorful material on the page.

Do not order and learn from my mistake. I have contacted my bank and filed a dispute and blocked any future charges from these people.

Scam!! Do not order. $200 per month for 1oz of product that does not work anyway.

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  • Apr 7, 2016

Same thing happened to me.

Less than one. Same thing happened to me. Total scam. Ou will end up getting charged $197.00

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  • Apr 19, 2016

JuvaCell Pro

I got hit with the same scam.... DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT !!! it's a scam so they put you on a monthly order. They're hitting me with a $98.71 charge as well. That was 3 weeks ago and still no "product" DO NOT BUY !!!!!!

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  • Nov 6, 2015

This report is my opinion. I had the same experience as everyone else who has reported this scam. This is the first time I have fallen for an online scam and am outraged. I pushed the same submit button as everyone else just to receive the cream for 4.95 and somehow ended up with eye cream too. WHen I reported this I was told to call customer service, I decided since it was just another $5 I would not bother. There is no mention of this being a recurring charge or only a 14 day free trial. When I received a suspicious unexpected shipment from them, I did not open it and called immediately thinking the worse. I was then told same as everyone else that this was recurring, I had signed up, blah blah blah.

I argued with someone who was supposedly a supervisor and was told all the info was on the website. I told her I had no reason to go to the website. When I told her I would dispute cc charges she said it was in terms and conditions,etc. was trying to be very persuasive offering me 50% off, then 75%. When I told her I was returning recent shipment, she said I couldn't return open shipments, told her I had not opened, had written refused-not ordered-return to sender on it, then she put me on hold, came back and told me she had closed account. Not sure exactly what this means so am going to still dispute any cc charges and send a written letter to company cc'ing my credit card co. Absoltely will not accept any charge from them. Be strong and do the same.

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  • Oct 31, 2015

I ordered trail offer of juvacell pro skin cream and juvacell pro eye therapy serum, but was charged trail offer price and then chargered again full price of a total of about 197.00. I called customer service and was told it was because I did not cancel within 14 days of date the order was done! First of all nothing was mentioned about the 14 days and the add said 30 day money back guarantee which did not apply to this order. Took a week to get product from day ordered and I was suppose to call and cancel within a nother week. How am I suppose to know if this product works or not in a weeks time. I talked to two different customer service people and they were both supervisors! This company is a rip-off and I DO NOT recommend this product or this company to anyone!!!

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  • May 1, 2016


I purchased this product for my wife who has been threw heart surgery, been thrown off a horse a few times. I thought this would be a nice way to make a positive difference in her life. Its good to give right !, in this rotten world we live in. I sure hope I will not have to call a lawyer ! Reading the reviews so far it looks I may have to pick up the phone and start dialing. KARMA ! works full time right ?

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  • Mar 31, 2016

THis was a facebook promo that took you to where it specifies "Free Trial". NO WHERE does it indicate that you will be charged almost $200 after the fact. I have contacted the BBB as well as the Attorney General.

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  • Mar 29, 2016

I saw a link on Facebook from juvacell pro skincare. It stated that I can receive 2 trial sized to skin care products from their site. All I had to do was pay shipping. I got two full sized products in the mail. A week later, i saw two charges on my account. One for $89.77 and the other for $98.71. I DID NOT agree to pay these outrageous prices, nor was I I formed that they will charge me these prices. This was a scam plain and simple. Company needs to pay back all scammers and be shut down.

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  • Mar 14, 2016


this company is in the business of making money on the 14 day cancellation policy. , This is not notice on the web site when ordered. The unauthorized charge on you credit card is when you are informed.

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  • Mar 11, 2016

Ordered the eye serum as a trial offer. Broke my skin out. I received another bottle of it and was charged $197.00! Sent it back and about two weeks later, I received a second bottle of it. Call customer service to tell them not to send anymore. They still charged me $19.00 to send back an unopened box both times. It is a scam and a rip-off. Don't order the trial offer if you don't want a headache!

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  • Mar 7, 2016

Total scam

Avoid this scam . This is absolutely a come on to get your money and lots of it.. It is NOT postage only for a trial , you will be out $200.00 at the very least. Who in their right mind would pay for a product that the first ingredient is water. Contact everyone on your Facebook contacts and your email contacts, send out a notice to your beauty shop ,church, yoga group etc. any and all clubs etc. let everyone know these kind of business practices will not be tolerated

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  • Mar 5, 2016

I've called them twice and contacted them via Internet to no avail to tell them Iam not interested in their product. It was too harsh for my skin. Iam now throwing the packages away because I am tired of sending them back. I changed my Credit card so they can't charge me anymore.

They continue to send me monthly packages of their product and billing me for it. I cannot use it as it is too harsh for my skin. I called them twice and emailed them also. They said they would cease mailing me the product, but I got another one in February. I changed my credit card and informed my banks fraud department about the. I am no longer mailing back any packages I receive from them. I am trashing the unopened boxes.

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  • Dec 25, 2015

My wife orderd the face cream & eye rejuvinating serum trial for 4.95. After the first use, she stopped because she started having red rash around her eyelids. within two weeks of the initial parchase, they chareged two other changes $98.00 & 87.00 our debit cards.

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  • Dec 12, 2015

I clicked on a link on Facebook and ordered two samples of skin care creams. The ad said I would only pay the shipping costs of $4.95 per free sample. There were no boxes to click to agree to be charged the full prices or cancel iin 14 days. When the samples came, there were no invoices or additional information. Today, I was charged from two different companies for the full prices of the products. When I called the number on my checking account, a young woman asked me to go to tge website with her. Itbwas not the same site that I had ordered from, because there was a large statement with a box with theie agreement. That box was so clearly marked that there was no way I could gave missed it. When I said this is not the website I ordered from, she said that was their only website. She first offered me a 50 percent refund, then a 75 percent refund. They still got over fifty dollars from me. I plan to report this to the attorney general in that state, although I doubt that is really where they are located.

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  • Dec 9, 2015

I read an advertisement on the internet for a trial product of both skin care and eye care. (Juvanell Skin Therapy and Juvanell Eye Serum.) The product reviews and trial prices were appealing. For less than $10, I would receive the 2 products to try.

Exactly 14 days later not only did the trial products show up on my credit card but also $89.77 for another order of the eye cream and $98.70 for another skin cream. I did not authorize this continued order and would not have ordered the trial if I knew that I would be charged for more products. I barely had enough days to determine whether the product was worthy to reorder.

I phoned the number I received on the packing slip to complain. I was told that I did not call to cancel within the 14 trial period. This scam is an example of bad business. No charges should be made on one's credit card without owner's knowledge.

This company is counting on people not scrutinizing their credit card bill. I believe that I should not be responsible for this outrageous payment for two products that I did not order!

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  • May 27, 2016


After the same experience, I called my credit card company and refused the charge. Following several back and forths and multiple "discount" offers, I received a full refund.

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  • May 23, 2016

I ordered a free sample -- just charged for postage

received product

There was NO mention made of any other requirement

i was charge on my next month's credit card from two different companies for $89.77 and $98.71. Also charged two postage amounts; however, everything came in one package. Much confusion on company names as I indicated in previous question

When I called them they one up with the requirement of contacting them within 14 days if I didn't want product and insisted that information was on order site

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  • Mar 28, 2016


This was a total Skam I called and they told me I didn't have an acc but they charged me 188.00

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  • Mar 21, 2016


Same story as the rest. Ordered thru a FB post for what i thought was for only a moisturizer, ended up getting an "eye" product also. Did not dispute immediately as was just shipping charges. NO MENTION OF A 14 CANCELLATION so was charged almost $200 in Jan. In Feb, (AND charged another almost $200) rec'd another shipment which I returned unopened. Called the cc company to file a complaint. 2 months later have found out that since i did not meet conditions I was unaware of, there is nothing that I can do. RIP OFF. Have contacted the better business bureau but am sure that will not get me my $100 back. They charged me $400 total and was credited for the eye cream which i never ORDERED in Jan but not the moisturizer. As I returned the Feb shipment, I was credited for that, but they must be making alot of money at $100 a pop for this crap.

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  • Dec 24, 2015

Juvacell rip off 200 bucks

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  • Jun 20, 2016

Total SCAM. My experience is the same as those previously noted. Reporting to authorities and cc company.

NO Stars. Reporting to authorities and alerting all acquaintances.

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  • Jun 20, 2016

Total SCAM. Fraud!

My experience has been the same as previously commented. FB ad. "Trial" etc, etc. Unauthorized cc charges. Customer Service call stated "14-day" cancellation agreement was part of the order. "Agreement" was not made obvious at time of order, but when I looked it up after being charged close to $200., it was 7 pages long. WHAT?! For a sample of cream?! Plan to use every resource available to stop this SCAM!

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  • Jun 18, 2016


I received this product and it works well for me, however when I placed my order I read the fine print which explained about the additional charges after 14 days and concealed my order right away, I have been hook up with additional charges before and now I make sure that I read the fine print, before sending off for the trail sample, there is always a catch to it, so be safe and careful when ordering things from the Internet. I hope this will help someone, and they want be surprised when there is an extra charge to there account. The phone number to java epl is 877-238-1130. I hope this will help someone,

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  • Dec 15, 2015

Buyer beware

Just canceled my order today after seeing my checking acct was debited!!!! Same issue ash previous reviews !!

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  • Dec 2, 2015

Major side affects.

The eye cream caused damage to my eyelid with got progressively worse. I couldn't open my eyelids in the morning until I moisturized it, which stung like pouring alcohol on a wound. I tried it for 3 days thinking positively that maybe it was the skin tightening affect, but had to stop. It took me a week to recover, and it was a painful process. This is a major fail product - can't believe it is a Dr. Oz product.

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  • Nov 18, 2015


Today, 11-18-2015, I phoned customer service. This is within the backout period so as to keep from being put on auto-ship. I spoke with a young man named Jay and he was very polite. After offering me several other options, he cancelled my account. I appreciate his polite attitude.

Nancy C Davis

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  • Apr 1, 2017

Angelina Jolie's products?

I followed a link on a website, and this was supposed to be Angelina Jolie's skin care line. It's a scam! After paying for andreceiving my samples, I was charged an additional $89.77 and $98.71 almost a month later. I didn't sign up for any automatic re-ordering. After reading all the complaints on this and other websites, I will call them. I don't expect to get my money back, but I will file a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. I suggest that everyone does that, so that the FBI is inundated with complaints against this company. This is the first time I've fallen for a scam like this, and I will doggedly complain to this company, and call my credit card company to make sure they deny any future charges from this company.

  • Dec 22, 2016

Advertised as Angelina Jolie's company SCAM

Advertised as Angelina Jolie's company SCAM

See a link in yahoo ad that juvacell is Angelina Jolie'a new skin care product. Someone that rich endorsing a product thought it must be good. She clearly doesn't need the money. Try the free trial by paying for the shipping and handling. Then two weeks later I get charged close to $9x.xx plus dollars. Disputed with American Express and got my full refund. What a dirty little 14 day trial scam. Never do these and now I remember why.

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