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Jorge Jaramillo San Diego Attorney

Country United States
State California
City La Mesa
Address 4670 Nebo Drive #250
Phone (619) 241-1984

Jorge Jaramillo San Diego Attorney Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2020

Scam artist with license

This so called attorney is a scam artist and has a license with the State of California to steal your money. I paid him $7000 to handle a civil case. He did absolutely nothing! and I fired him. He is now refusing to give me my money back. Beware if all he does is text you , he is computer illiterate. His grammar skills are equal to a third grader. Don’t know how he ever became an attorney.

I am currently taking him to a fee arbitrator to get my money back. I will update this review site after the arbitration process is completed.

If you are thinking about hiring him, don’t do it! He will steal your money!

  • Sep 2, 2019

Jorge Jaramillo San Diego attorney appears to have assisted vexatious litigant attorney Scott McMillan La Mesa, with a lawsuit in which Scott McMillan lost miserably. Also, La Mesa attorney Jorge Jaramillo associated himself with a law school the State Bar of California recently found to be nothing than a scam.

Scott McMillan an attorney in San Diego, is the dean of the McMillan Academy of Law in La Mesa. The State of California recently filed reports noting in over a decade not a single student graduated!

"We have had one student take the First Year Law Students' Examination and that student passed. This is the basis for the 100% pass rate thus far. As of yet, no students have graduated from the Academy." See the state report on the McMillan Academy of Law.

"Since opening, only three students have ever completed MAOL’s first-year curriculum and were able to take the First Year Law Students’ Examination; two of the students eventually passed the examination but each then left MAOL and transferred to other law schools. Since MAOL has had no students nor has held any classes in almost five years, its program of legal education has now been dormant for more than four years. As a result, and as confirmed by the inspection, MAOL is noncompliant as to three material requirements: Its law library is noncompliant since its hardcopy legal authorities have not been updated since 2013; without any tuition income, the law school’s current and future financial viability appears questionable; and its website and written materials offer outdated and misleading information to both the general public and potential applicants."

See the California State Bar Report, McMillan Academy of Law

Scott McMillan , La Mesa, California. Scott McMillan was in federal court on fraud allegations with his former associate attorney Michelle Volk . In Brightwell v. The McMillan Law Firm, Scott McMillan, Michelle Volk, Southern District of California Case 16-CV-1696 W (NLS). Now Lauren Hanley has taken the lone associate position at The_McMillan_Law_Firm at 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa .

The associate of Jorge Jaramillo , Scott McMillan just paid out to settle a fraud lawsuit in 2017, now San Diego attorney Scott McMillan is being sued yet again for FRAUD - De La Flor v. Scott McMillan San Diego Superior Court Case No. 37-2019-00038026-CU-FR-CTL filed on 07/23/19.

Do your research prior to hiring an attorney. Be sure the attorney goes not have a history of fraud , his own fraudulent law school, and is respected within the legal community.

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