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Joe F. Singletary

Country United States
State Texas
City Helotes
Address 13726 Riverbank Pass
Phone 727-916-2225

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  • Nov 6, 2019

I met Joe F. Singletary online in September 2017. He claimed to be working for Live Nation as a contractor, making over 150k per year, and a part owner of a bar in Scottsdale, Az., called Wasted Grain. He also claimed to own a printing business in New Mexico from which he makes merchandise that he sells at music and other venues.

Joe "love-bombed" me, and then he began asking to borrow money to pay for some of his expenses that needed to be paid for business. He stated his "trustfund" was held up by his Aunt, and he was in the process of cashing out his 401k worth 500k.

If I married him, his Aunt would release more money from the "trustfund". When i asked for proof of a 'trustfund" or 401k, he emailed me and showed bank statements of both, which of course I know now were forged. I gave Joe money to pay the IRS for back taxes.

He gave me a forged reciept from the IRS showing the payment. During the time I was involved with him he was also conning 4 other women for money, telling them the same story. Joe travels the country going from state to state conning women and businesses.

Joe and his latest "wife" Monica Troutman have been running Golf Charity events, using the NFLs name and offering cash and vehicle/motorcycle prizes of which nobody has recieved a prize. He and Monica had also been running Cornhole Tournaments of which winners have not recieved any cash winnings of 10k-20k each.

Along with whats listed above, Joe also has been involved with real estate scams, embezzlement, scamming musicians and bands, stolen credit cards, sponsorships which are never paid and Breach of Contract. Some victims have filed liens against him.

Joes latest scam has involved Arena Football and trying to "partner" with a few other owners. He wants to be a 30-35% owner, negotiates and never sends any money.

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