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Country China
City Yiwu, Zhejiang
Address Room 1701, 628 Chengxin Ave
Phone 1 805 3011888

Jingsourcing Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2021

Jing Sourcing IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!! They took over $500,000 in payments (wire transfers) and never shipped a single item or fulfilled a single order. They run a huge scam pretending to be a supplier for dropshippers and amazon FBA, but they will never fulfill. You can look it up as there is currently a case for international fraud, wire fraud, theft and intent to scam. This case is in Interpol, Mainland Courts of China and in the Federal Courts of the USA.

Jing Sourcing Scam, they stole from us tons of money - never delivered one item and even used fake tracking numbers. This is our honest Jing Sourcing review. For the rest of the world, do not go to business with too will get scammed. If you do not believe it, check the court cases mentioned above that outline it all, Jing will soon be in prison. He is very good at pretending he had no idea of any of this and that "one of his employees" ran this scam instead of him and his company. He's the mastermind behind the scammer and justice will be served. DO NOT USE JING SOURCING OR YOU'LL GET SCAMMED!!!

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