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JFY Pools

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elgin
Phone 312-772-7900

JFY Pools Reviews

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  • Apr 15, 2017

Met Sean and his wife Nicole in August of 2016. After a few meetings and discussion, we decided to give him the job to build our family an inground pool. Gave him the $8,000.00 deposit as contracted and the dream began....So we thought. Towards the end of October, he dropped off a bobcat which seemed weird to me being that an excavator would have seemed more appropriate, however I was happy to finally see some sort of activity. It took him about two weeks to come back to even start digging and asked me for another $8,000.00. I was starting to get nervous that I would have $16,000.00 out to this company and he had not even started to dig yet. After relaying my concerns, he absolutely promised by email that we would have the pool panels, equipment, liner, and concrete installed. That never happened. Showed up for an hour or two at a time and truly accomplished nothing. Every excuse in the book, and takes zero accountability.

Always has something to blame. Fired him the first week of January, and proceeded to sue him in court. Evading service and have racked up another $5,000 in legal bills.

Since firing him, I have contracted another pool company and have spent more money cleaning up the disaster he left behind. On a positive note, everything is finally starting to come together.This guy is a complete horror show and truly has no clue what he is doing. A solid businessman would have never let this get this far. Read his responses to my other reviews on Google and the Chicago BBB. Zero accountability and he has my money. See the attached pictures and judge for yourself. No way I could disappoint my family and not move forward with the pool even though it has now cost me a small fortune. His quality of work is atrocious and he is delusional.

See the pictures below to view what $16,000.00 gets you in 4 months time. In one of his rebuttals to me, he mentions quality of work. What quality of work?

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  • Jun 5, 2018

Signed a contract with JFY Pools, Sean Ruble and Nichole Ruble on May of 2017 to start a pool project. We have made payments to date and Sean Ruble started digging out a hole in the backyard. A couple of months later, heard nothing but excuses from Sean Ruble for the delay of construction. There was one day that I saw Sean manually shoveling the dirt around the project site and Nichole Ruble, his wife came to our property and started yelling at Sean to stop working on our pool. This shows how unprofessional JFY POOLS, Sean and Nichole Ruble are. The pool walls have been put in placed but even after we have exhausted being diplomatic to him, exchanging emails and text messages, Sean Ruble and his crew (if he has any) failed to show up to continue the construction.

Fall of 2017 came and the hole in the backyard have been filled with water from the rain. Sean Ruble continued to make so many excuses about the weather for not permitting him to work on the pool and promising to complete the project.

He can't even show us proof that he ordered the other parts or the liner or the pump and can't even answer all the project timeline questions we have asked him multiple times. Not only did Sean not meet his commitments, Sean also made multiple excuses to delay the project to complete the project. We had been giving Sean Jest Ruble the benefit of the doubt until the Jan of 2018, but it was clear to us that the pool project will not materialize in time for summer of 2018 for the kids to enjoy. A four to six week pool project that now lasted over a year.

June of 2018, more than a year later the pattern of excuses still continues and we decided to terminate Sean and Nichole Ruble owner of JFY Pools of Elgin, IL/Marengo, IL for breached of contract. We have been scammed by Sean and Nichole Ruble! Sickening to think that after they took all our family savings (about $26,000) for our little newphews and nieces to enjoy what is now a half digged whole in the backyard. The photos below says it all and the emails and text messages to prove all the damages that they have done and we will continue to seek maximum judgement for destroying our backyard.

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  • Apr 16, 2018

If you are considering building an inground pool, we would like to share our experience with JFY POOLS.

Unfortunately, because this is what they do, we expect JFY to respond to our review with unprofessional comments and personal attacks. We will let you decide who is more credible.

We contracted with JFY pools to build an inground pool in early August 2017. As of March 2018, we have paid JFY over $28,000 and all we have to show for it is a bunch of pool walls scattered around a hole on our property that is in no way ready for completion.

We moved to Saint Charles in July 2017. We contracted with JFY at the beginning of August and paid our 1st installment payment of $7,600 to build an inground pool for our son who is non verbal and has Autism. We specifically explained to both Sean & Nicole who are owners of JFY Pools the importance of the pool for our son and were assured not to worry, the pool would be completed within 6 months, no problem.

Shortly after signing the contract, we learned the agreed upon location of the pool would need to be changed due to the interference with our septic field. We agreed on a new location and understood it would delay the start of the dig by a couple weeks.

In August and September Sean rarely showed up when he agreed to ( we have dozens of emails and texts where JFY agreed to show up on a certain day and didn't). When Sean did show up it was late afternoon or he worked in the evening after dark. ( We found this odd and it made us feel that our project was never a priority).

Not only did Sean not meet commitments, he made excuses galore. He disappears and makes excuses especially the day after we made installment payments. He would cash our checks immediately on the evening we paid and then we wouldn't see him for days. Sean would also say a lot of things and make commitments that he later that he "can't recall".

At the beginning of October, JFY started trucking out dirt but stopped before the job was completed and stated to us that we were supposed to pay for the dirt removal as it was being removed. This was not communicated to us beforehand. Sean demanded that we pay $2,000 or the guys hauling the dirt would stop and Sean wouldn't be able to dig anymore. We gave Sean a Check for that amount- the check was cashed immediately. We never saw the dirt haulers again as Sean had some kind of falling out with them, which just led to Sean spreading dirt around the yard since he didn't have anyone to haul out dirt.

It was clear we had an issue with communication so we had Sean and NIcole out to our home so we could express our concerns. Sean as usual made excuses for why he hadn't made much progress with the pool. He refused to take responsibilty and admit there were many beautiful Fall days he could have been working on our pool. Both Sean and NIcole assured us again that the pool would be finished by the end of October.

The October deadline wasn't met. A new Thanksgiving deadline was promised to us by JFY. Sean demanded a 3rd installment payment of $12,000 before he would put up the walls of the pool. He threatened to stop work if we didn't pay it right then. We paid the installment and once again our check was cashed immediately. Days passed before Sean showed up to do the wall. The Thanksgiving deadline wasn't met. Sean left us a message at 6pm one evening and told us that he was going to buy a canopy so he could work throughout the Winter. He said if we didn't pay for the $400 canopy by 11pm that night, he would stop all work on the pool and remove his equipment. We refused to pay for the Canopy so Sean stopped work.

We went back and forth with JFY for 3 weeks before coming to an agreement that the contract must be changed to all future payments would be made after work was completed and not before. Sean complained to us that we were taking money from his family. He blamed us for his lack of income in November.

Sean agreed to use his own canopy but we didn't see him again until the end of February 2018. We called to let him know the walls of the pool were filling up with muddy water and asked if we should be concerned. We sent him a picture of the pool. He replied that the pool was fine and he wasn't concerned. He would be out to drain the water. It took him 4 days to come out. We had to call Sean a couple weeks later because the water was up again. He came back out and drained the water again. He said he was going to have to remove the walls because they had shifted and weren't level anymore. He blamed us for the delay in Nov/Dec and said this was costing him money and time. What about the 6 weeks he promised us last Fall?

We had been giving JFY the benefit of the doubt but it was clear to us we had been scammed. We told JFY we were finished and asked him to remove his equipment from our property. Sean and Nicole refused to refund the last installment payment of $12,000 to us.

We had 2 other pool companies come out to give us an estimate to move forward with building the pool. Both pool companies told us that the current state of the pool site was unstable and had been dug too deep. We would have to spend an additional $2,000 to $3,000 to have 2-4 feet of gravel hauled in to raise the pool up. Currently the walls were below the surrounding ground and if we would have proceeded with JFY we would have had problems with water under the liner. We basically dodged a bullet.

So our advice is STAY AWAY FROM JFY POOLS. We are not the first family JFY has done this to and unfortuntally we probably won't be the last.

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