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Jewelry by Rosalina, Inc.

Country United States
State Alaska

Jewelry by Rosalina, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2021

Rosalina and her husband Marty and pros at conning people. I met her through a mutual friend and she seemed very down to Earth and extremely well connected. She knew that I had many high net worth friends and that I could make introductions to potential buyers for her jewelry. She said she was an investment banker previously and that she's really good friends with Paris Hilton and many celebrities. We became really good friends.

As we got to know each other better, I started hearing rumors about how her jewelry was fake and how she was never an investment banker. I defended her. Jewelry was selling but she never gave me the commission she promised me. She kept saying she would give it to me in a week. Weeks turned into months.

Then, I realized that I was not going to get paid and I stopped making introductions. Then, one of my friends called me and told me that she asked her to borrow $500,000...I was shocked. I started hearing all these stories about how she conned people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and that she was involved in so many scandals.

If you google, "Rosalina Lydster lawsuit," all of her lawsuits will come up. She is definitely a pro...and would be an amazing story for a movie. Beware of Rosalina Lydster!

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