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Jet Evolution, LLC

Country United States
State Virginia
City Leesburg
Address 957 Sycolin Rd SE
Phone 1 (202) 706 7573

Jet Evolution, LLC Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2021

Beware of Jet Leasing Scams - Mr. Justin John Jenkins of Jet Evolutions, LLC. and Mr. Johan Carl Eliasch of BBL.

I was a victim of multiple frauds committed by Mr. Justin John Jenkins of Jet Evolutions, LLC and Mr. Johan Eliasch of BBL.

The aircraft broker was Mr. Justin John Jenkins of Jet Evolutions, LLC. The purported Lessor was BBL (an Isle of Mann shell company), AKA Mr. Johan Carl Eliasch.

The aircraft was advertised as "immediately ready for global delivery" and in "immaculate condition." Mr. Justin Johan Jenkins of Jet Evolutions, LLC stopped responding to my calls and emails after a significant amount of money was wired for a good faith deposit. I sent someone to check on this aircraft, and a person at the aircraft facility had informed us that the plane was damaged.

Cracks were discovered in the tail section, and the aircraft was not airworthy. I then called the manufacture to inquire if any work orders were opened.

To my surprise, there was a work order opened which predated my company and my personal guarantee agreements. According to the work order, the aircraft was flown for approximately 300 hours with only 2 bracks to hold the rudder when required 3 brackets.

This caused cracks to form in the tail section of the aircraft. Comparing the dates to the work order and my personal guarantee, it would appear that it was known the aircraft was materially damaged before contracts were signed.

It was further discovered that AVN Air, LLC actually owned the aircraft, a well-known GE Capital subsidiary, not BBL/AKA Mr. Johan Eliasch. I called AVN Air, LLC, and AVN, LLC/GE Capital, did not know my lease, me, or company name. Mr. Johan Carl Eliash, AKA BBL, was a sub-sub lessee with No Rights or NO Title or No Consent to enter into a sublease.

Therefore, it was a fraudulent lease as all representations were made as if BBL was the "Lessor." As a result of these frauds, my company and I have been unable to recover over $500,000.

Other criminal-related investigation matters are in the process relating to BBL/Mr. Johan Carl Eliasch and Jet Evolution, LLC/Mr. Justin John Jenkins.

After conducting additional background searches on Mr. Justion John Jenkins of Jet Evolutions, LLC, I discovered that he has extensive criminal records in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

- Extensive criminal records are attached in the photos section of this report for Virginia; there are other extensive criminal-related records in Florida and North Carolina.

- A detective correspondence is also attached indicating interest by the States Attorney after reviewing supporting documents (the frauds listed above are not inclusive, as indicative of this correspondence there are additional fraud matters that are not civil related).

In summary, the lesson learned for anyone looking to get involved in the secondary aircraft market - Be Aware, conduct thorough background searches, and check references is just the beginning.

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