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Jeremy Michael

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Phone 941-330-4996

Jeremy Michael Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2021

I meet him on clubhouse and went back and forth a few days. He said cash app me $1,000 and we’ll get started today. He then came up with a excuses why he couldn’t show up to the zoom meetings and he was busy. I said, no problem let’s do it tomm.

Excuse after excuse.....

Then Jeremy came up with this elaborate story how his debit card was stolen and how was stuck in the middle of nowhere... no money, etc. He shows me his bank account. 3.6 million dollars in there.

He said, if I do a bank transfer right now to you can you cashapp me 1k since I lost my card. I can wire money but can’t use my cash app because it's connected to my lost card. I said ok, will you be willing to do the funnel and ads for that, he agreed and offered to add an additional 1k.

He sent me the money and I saw the video so I sent him over 1k to get him out of a sticky situation. He cancelled the wire right after because, my bank never saw the money. I called and told them the wire number.. No record was found which they would've seen in mediately.

I start asking for my money and then he got aggressive with me. I found out his real name and did a google search and found out so much info. I keept asking and I got several excuses! We went back and forth for 12 hrs. He was stringing me along and being aggressive, trying to manipulate me then get empathetic and say, I'll pay you back, just relax, this is messing up your mindset and ruining your whole day!

Stop focusing on the negative and think positive. Winners aren't born with a negative mindset!

Let me send a wire. The wire happened 4 times! Called the back and nothing! The cops told me to get an imap # to track the wire from him. He laughed at me and said have the cops call me a person who's trust worthy, wouldn't do that. I told him I'm a single mom and needed the money to pay bills to see if he had any empathy. NOTHING!!!!

Then he took it to social media painting the picture, I'm a broke single mom who needed money to pay rent so I was doing a charge back. What broke person has 2k to send in seconds via cash app???????

  • Feb 8, 2021

(this is my story, but it happened to several others the same way)

Keeping this short, we met on Clubhouse where he delivered value for free. He does know his stuff, and he talks it up on Clubhouse, but once you hire him and send him money, he ghosts you. Doesn't show up on zoom over and over with multiple excuses. Got into an accident, might have a concussion, then next thing you know he's traveling and that is why he can't show up. But with no notice. Says he will show up for real this time, then does not. He's in the shower (on his phone apparently) when you're supposed to zoom. Traffic. All the excuses.

Sob stories of his partner leaving him taking all his money, women stealing his watches, as if he is the victim. He says this to make you think he's naive and feel bad for him, all the while he's setting you up to take your money and not deliver.

PayPal has blocked him, Stripe is about to, as this has been going on for some time and multiple people have disputed transactions. I was able to get my money back through my credit union, after 25 pages of proof and excuses as to why he wasn't delivering after I sent him money.

After several of us complained on Messenger, he deleted us after only doing one out of three group zooms (and never 1:1 zooms).

Interesting how he doesn't have an official business Instagram (and only weeks ago put up a biz page). Only shares his course and packages to his friends on his personal facebook page. Googling him you don't find much as he doesn't use his real, full name. And once you do google Jeremy Michael Derks you find arrest records in various states with slightly different birth dates.

Shame. If he just showed up and delivered he'd have quite the following.

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