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Jayne Beckwith with “investment opportunities

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address #116 - 250 The Esplanade
Phone 416.842.8408

Jayne Beckwith with “investment opportunities Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

This is to warn anyone who’s been approached by Jayne Beckwith with “investment opportunities “ to stay far away from her!! A couple of years ago my husband, Larry , was duped by this woman and her husband, Bill got my Larry all wound up about a “fantastic opportunity“ to invest in cannabis in Canada and USA and, of all places. She said her company, Leviathan Cannabis Group had exclusive rights to build and harvest a facility cannabis through in Canada, Usa and Colombia.I honestly never knew all the details; I leave the family finances to my husband.But apparently, everything Jayne Beckwith said was bunk.

My husband won’t tell me how much we lost, but I’m certain it was more than 70,000 US.All the supporting information she supplied to my husband was false. Their lawyer, Faiyaz Dean, hasn’t opened his office in months, and her friends and associates, Bill and Stacy Calsbek, now say they don’t know Beckwith.

We’re at a dead-end and resigned to losing our money. Our retirement to Florida had to be postponed. But when I heard about this site - Ripoff- I just had to make this report. Hopefully, someone else will find this and be prevented from making the same mistakes. Don’t believe anything that Jayne Beckwith and her husband tells you!!!

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