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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Feb 24, 2024

I am writing to share my unfortunate experience with an individual named Jalal Dermaj from Morocco, who claimed to have expertise in technology and hacking. He promised to assist me in recovering my Instagram account for a fee of $500. However, after payment, Jalal began to evade communication and delay the process for three months, ultimately failing to return the payment or recover the account as promised.

This incident has not only resulted in a financial loss for me but has also highlighted the cunning tactics used by online scammers to exploit trusting individuals. Further investigation revealed that I am not the only victim; Jalal Dermaj has previously scammed several people, especially from Gulf countries.

Scammer Information:

Name: Jalal Dermaj

Instagram Accounts:



Phone Numbers:


+212 661876091


Email Addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]


Warning to Others:

I urge everyone to avoid any dealings with Jalal Dermaj and to be cautious of similar fraudulent schemes. My experience has taught me the importance of verifying the credibility of individuals and services online. Let us all be vigilant and proactive in spreading awareness about these types of scams to protect one another.

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