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Country Hong Kong
City Sheung Wan
Address Flat a, 11f, wing tat commercial bldg 121-125 wing lok st
Phone 358 9 316 97 98
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  • Nov 2, 2015

On October 6, 2015, I ordered a Bluetooth earpiece for $60.97 from a website that accepted the order. I waited nearly three weeks and inquired when I could expect shipment. The wrote:

"We are terribly sorry, but this item has unfortunately been out of stock but we receive more of these today or tomorrow. Do you want us still send this item to you, or do you wish to receive a refund?

Once more, we are terribly sorry for what has happened!

// Martin"

On October 27th, I asked them to send the piece immediately by Express and pay the additional amount themselves.

They wrote:


Sure, don't worry.

// Martin"

I waited to hear shipping date and got impatient. I wrote requesting the tracking number and shipping date.

I wrote a 2nd and 3rd time and asked why they were being silent. They wrote:

"I am not silent, what is it the you need ?

// Martin"

That is the last I heard from them. That was on October 31st.

I have threatened and demanded and nothing has worked. They have my $60.97 and now I have nothing but a debit.

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