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  • Dec 31, 2016

I was a writer for They will demote you if a client rejects a writing piece from you. This is a rip off if you pay $147 for their fast track program. I got premium status and was demoted back to standard because of a bad client, and they refused to give my money back. I said if they refuse to put me back to premium, at least give me my money back. They refused. I don't think they pay taxes. This is all just one money laundering scam.

  • Aug 25, 2016

Registering with is an easy task. and the process seems like an effective way of supplying content.The payment rates are fairly low if you are a standard writer,but it takes time and effort to qualify to higher paying levels. Or you can buy your way to elite or elite plus statuses. So here goes. You start off as standard. Decent writable projects hard to come by,when you do find any it is hard work.So you try to stop services and request payment. They reply that you can only get paid when u reach 2o dollars.

SO you say yourself, that's ok,just submit when u get spare moments collect the 20 dollars and then quit.You reach almost ten dollars and guess what.They ban you stating you rating did not go up. Fine, you say,pay my due amount.You get sent a link that if you earned under 20 dollars nothing will be paid to you.can you imagine how many people they trap this way and how much revenue they collect!ripping of hard working writers

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