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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 415 687 3341


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  • Sep 17, 2019

I thought the price was too good to be true placed order Aug 23rd $7.99 for mouse 23.00 plus for shipping they continued to send me no reply emails to confirm date of purchase what I purchased etc etc and no reply emails NEVER RECD the mouse. Finally found them on my bank statement have filed a scam report with my bank. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE no website no reply email NO NOTHING

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  • Jul 11, 2020

Lucia Gargiulo Liar Con Arttst

Lucia Gargiulo you are the biggest lying thief out there! The fact is this crook purposely tried to steal the item. She's nothing but a two bit thief period! She takes delivery of the merchandise and then files fraud disputes claiming she never got the item. She takes delivery of a Logitech Mouse on 9/28/2019 via USPS #9400109699937829520655. And the second she gets it she contacts her bank saying she never got the item on 10/1/2019. Not only did she sign documents on 9/9/19 saying she was fully aware of the policies, she planned to steal the item the second she go the item. This was deliberate mail order fraud. As you can see she's such a liar, she doesn't have the xxx to place the real state she lives in Illinois and places Alabama. So she gets a collections letter, knowing full well she just tried to rip us off, and then she starts bitching and complaining as if her attempts to commit mail order fraud was perfectly normal and "how dear we report her online for ripping her off." She went to another forum were she tried her lies again, and we cut into her lies with the actual facts. And like every thief, she ran and hid under the rock she came out of.

When her own bank reviewed the evidence we had against her and the knew her claims were nothing more than a lie trying to steal and the fact she purposely lied to her own bank, we got money back minus fees that were charged because of this thief. Dont worry there's a court date in the future for you!

  • May 21, 2020

This is not a real Company! Total Scam

This is not a real company!

"This company does not really exist. I suspect that judging by the older dates of the earlier complaints the guy that uses this company handle pos up now and then when money is tight.

This seems to be a clever sort of mail or online fraud.

I purchased two computer mice at a very good price by VISA. The price was good because I now realize that there were never any mice to sell.

The "boiler plate" in the sales agreement was longer and more complicated than I have ever seen. The reason given was that there had been a lot of "Buyer Fraud."

Any attempt to contact the Company required me to fill out the same boiler plate forms that simply led around in a circle.

After 30 days, I realized I would never receive the items, so I called the VISA fraud desk to report them and get a refund.

I then received a letter accusing me of "Buyer Fraud" and theft, but also theatening so sue and defame me.

As far as I can tell, the "Company" does not even exist, and the so-called Legal Dept. address:

P.O. Box 254

Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

belongs to an inactive non-profit with no reported assets called:

New Jersey Natural Health Coalition Inc.

Kim Kalina, Pres."

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  • Jul 15, 2020

Another Buyer Theif Caught

So you openly admit to have contacted your credit card company claiming not receipt of merchandise. What this thief doesnt bother to tell you is the truth. Just more of his one sided lies to hide the fact that he was the one that was the con artist. Right there this thief is caught, he admits to have filed a fraud dispute claiming non receipt after 30 days. But what this lying thief does not bother to tell you, is that the shipment time frame is four to six weeks, especially in the middle of the Corna Virus. The letter he received told him exactly word for word what he did, what he said, and reminded him of the policies he legally agreed to. When he was dont with the transaction like so many others like this con artist, the terms and conditions are spelled out point blank on the last page when he's done completing the sale. This is so that two bit liars like this one cant come up with his lies. This idiot goes on and on and just tries to find anything they can do to slander someone else and tries to hide the real facts. There sent more than 2 or 3 emails of the terms and conditions ontop of what they had stated legally that they read and agreed to. Now they want everyone to think that they are the victim and the company did something, because despite the inability to read something that is sent to you 4 or 5 times and then you open your mouth with nothing but slander and lies. If someone sends you the same notice 4 or 5 times, guess what, you should read what it says! No you dont, either you read it and lie to cover up what you really did, or you just cant read at all. No one sends a legal notice unless there is sufficient evidience of what you did. Post your name here and we will more than post all the documented evidence to show that your the lying thief.

Dont say this person is a thief and that person is that, post actual evidence, not just what you want people to read the entire situation! That separates thieves like you from actual people!

  • Jul 11, 2020

Yes Catching Liar Above

So lets nail this liar. So you claim that you bought an item and disputed the transaction in 30 days of the purchase. Whoever you are, your full of it. First off you just caught yourself in your own lies. First off, you openly admit you file a dispute in 30 days or so of the transaction. Right there your a liar! The fact that, the terms clearly state the shipment time frame is four to six weeks, right there your a lying thief. Then you claim to have completed a form, once again, caught in another lie. Once you complete the form, it exactly asks you make sure you know what the policies are and it specifically asks you once more, if you know exactly what the time frame of shipping is. After you complete the sale order and the form, the terms and shown point blank in front of you.

You then openly admit to file a dispute claiming that the product was not shipped in the stated time frame. You knew it was four to six weeks for delivery, you openly admit and make a claim that the merchant said before the so called fraud dispute date you filed. So right there, you own admittance is proof your the real thief! Did you fill the form out, did you make any contact with the merchant, no! The form is a bunch of check marks, who you are and a signature, takes 10 seconds to complete, but your too lazy,and thought you could purposely falsify a dispute when you knew exactly what the dispute was.

So keep on with your lies! Place your email address or name here, and we'll state exact word for word exactly what you did. Oh thats right, when you got the collections letter, it stated everything you did, but not once did you bother to state it. You just went on and on trying to blame everyone else and hide the actual facts of what you did! Right!

  • Jul 11, 2020

Nothing But Lies

People like you, are the ones that are the crooks. First you dont bother to read what policies are. You think you can make up your own policies and threaten merchants with chargebacks. You do nothing but come up with nothing but lying statements. First off what did you do to cause the fraud. If someone sends you a letter for fraud, they better have enough evidence to take you court and sue you. Its obviously since you got the letter, there certainly was. You come on here not bothering to state who you are, so that the merchant can come back with actual facts so he can blow people like you out of the water!. The only fraud comes from people like you, who thinks they can do whatever they want, file fraud disputes, and violate policies. State your name and I'm sure there will be replies back immediately with exact evidence to show the fact the only fraud that was being done was you. There is always a reason for something, no one starts something unless someone else begins it. Companies do not sue their own customers unless the customer themselves is the one attempting to defraud them period. There's your slander side, vs what really happen. State your name, and we're sure the facts from the merchant will be made known.

  • Aug 30, 2020

You guys suck so hard

You guys spout the same bullshit to everyone. Your company is a scam and you sound like idiots as soon as you start typing. English motherfuckers, do you speak it!?

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