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Country United States
State Alabama

iSecretShop Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2021

I had signed into my Paypal account in order to verify that I do have a Paypal account. I was not aware that they would take $9.98 from my debit card/PayPal account. Since I have not did any assignment or work for them, I want and need them to fully refund my $9.98 to my debit card/checking account.

iSecretShop response: Hello-

iSecretShop does not have the ability to 'take' money from your PayPal account. That is the cost of the Age and ID Verification service we provide. When you complete the information to participate in this program the top clearly says how much it is:

​Then you have to click Submit and Pay

​Then when you log into Paypal you are given the total again and asked where the funds would come from and asked to confirm a final time.

This is an outside service that we pay for and do not give refunds.


My reply to Jennifer: I have not done any service for this company and no longer want to work as a mystery shopper for your company. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will dispute this with my bank if I have to do it.

Jennifer's response: Ok, Thank you.

My replied back to her again: Refund me back my $9.98. No legitimate company charges a person a fee before work is completed.

This company is a scam & is obviously a ponzi scheme. It did clearly say to click on the Paypal to verify that you have an account not that I would be charged $9.98 and she knows this.

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