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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Pittsburgh
Address 217 9th Street
Phone 1-800-468-3684

InventHelp Reviews

  • Apr 1, 2021

Inventhelp is a scam; they are in violation of the consent decree covered under the FTC violation from 1994 where they agreed to no longer rip people off through their sales/representative tactics. Their Seattle Rep. Jim Folger blatantly lied about the services, gave a verbal appraisal of our invention, talked us out of a patent. He completely misrepresented what this company does. Basic info package is still incomplete to this day, to the tune of $945.00, have paid over $8800.00 for invention submission services that they have no intention of seeing through. Checked out their Database of "elite companies" and contacted every one I could find(they only supply you with a co. name and state)several companies stated that they had never received my "presentation brochure"- one company owner told me that Inventhelp was a scam and that they were a bunch of "shysters". This coming from one of their supposed companies interested in new inventions from Inventhelp I have filed two FTC complaints since they have definitely violated the decision handed down upon them by the FTC in 1994. Contacted the company and their "manager" Angela Beauchamp is a pit bull intent on not refunding my money she continually argues and harrasses you every step of the way. Going on two months of arguing and she still wont return my money. This company is making 20 million a month off of people that hope to have their inventions taken seriously and sent to the right companies to get their products marketed.Most people have borrowed to the hilt to get their product marketed and this is what this company preys upon. When this company gets into hot water with the Feds, they change their name.They are no longer Invention Submission Corp; now they are Inventhelp. They are still a part of Intromark, the mother company and they use their own in-house finance company Universal Finance company, which is now called Universal Payment Corp; do you see a pattern here? All owned by Intromark! This company needs to be put out of business and the peoples' money returned. Would have found out they were a scam a lot sooner had they not changed their name to Inventhelp; they have offices all over the country running this same scam over and over. Every day another person gets ripped off, supposedy the Seattle office makes 2 million a month. Their Seattle, Jim Folger is an assistant pastor of a church in kent, Wa. he uses his "people" skills to snow people out of millions. Daily. They have just moved their Federal Way , WA. office to another location in the last 4 months since things are going poorly for them here in WA. Several people besides myself have wised-up and are going after them! Including Inventhelps own EX-district manager, who has filed a law suit against them. Deborah Orting, Washington


  • Mar 30, 2021

Hi, everybody, do not ever go to that company, or any I went there 12.14.2010. Fred Robinson asked me how my idea works. He asked me very privet questions about my invention. I trust him but understand he is not allowed to ask me about it. So I told him everything. I paid about 15000.00 for help and he wants also 20 % of my invention for the help the company will provide. It was a time for bedbug problems in USA. It was my invention. He told me keep it in secret. He gave me a lawyer from Florida to do the patent. It took about 3 years till I got a rejections of record, he told me lets file it again. I was shocked. I start do it myself to get a patent. And I got it. Eventhelp no help at all, they use word help to use us. They use people for the money. I lost my money. I don't need that scam company no more. They did nothing. I need my money back. I paid about 15.000 dollars. I lost even more money for my invention. If you a new inventor take lawyer yourself, it will cost you just about $3000.

  • Oct 16, 2019

Fraud - don't waste your money

This company has been sued by many Attorney Generals and has had class-action lawsuits. They get away with robbing you blind by putting disclosures in their contract that they don't promise anything. Instead, the salesman hypes you up and makes you think you're going to be a great success. It's a sucker's game that's been going on for 50 years.

Here's a terrific website that offers detailed information about this scam:

  • Jul 22, 2018


  • Feb 20, 2018

Invention Submission Corp. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

In July of 2000, I took a unique design for a yard barn to Invention Submission Corp. office in Independence Oh. I had professionally done blueprints which I displayed to their rep. He gave me high pressure tactics along with a request for about $4000.00 to "make up prints" and to patent the idea. I stated that was too much and to forget it. He asked if he could show the prints to an "engineer" as this was such a good idea, they might fund part of the cost. I agreed and after about 20 min. he returned stating no one was there. I left and about a month later received a phone call asking if I was going to go with this patent. I stated no. In the fall of 2003, I happened to be in a local branch of a large lumber supply company and lo and behold, they were selling a barn constructed exactly the same as my design. I contacted the president of the Lumber Co. and explained the situation and inquiring as to where this barn design came from. All I received was the run around in subsequent phone calls. I reported this problem to the FTC but have not as yet heard from them. Did the rep. copy the prints and after determining that I was not going to file for a patent, then sell those drawings to this lumber company? You decide. Denny Copley, Ohio

  • Feb 6, 2018

InventHelp's sales representative was awesome and really, really good. He called me right back and answered every question I ever had. He has helped me out tremendously. Also, their process is simple. They sent me the 3D copy and I had a revision of it - 90 percent of it was good, but I have to change one part and sent it back. I contacted them and talked to the gentleman. He said that they were in the process of it right now and even he was great. They make it seem really easy. I hope it's as easy as he explained it and it goes that good. But so far, so good. - Vincent of Warren, MI

InventHelp is very thorough. I love the information package that has everything in it and the surveys gave me comfort. When I did not check one of the boxes because I didn't understand it, somebody called me immediately. We discussed it and once I'm okay with it, they sent me a new survey and we went from there. I also like the follow-up and the materials. All of these have potential, but we haven't started talking to manufacturers or to the marketers. It's where it will really tell whether it's a good service or not. But right now, with getting the press release done and getting the patent, which is a big step, the attorney has been fabulous to keep me informed and I'm very happy at this point.

The sales representative, Richard, is very precise and everything he said was absolutely correct. I'd ask a question and he flat wouldn't give me an answer if it was something too subjective, and I appreciated it. I called him yesterday for a very short question and he called me back within ten minutes. At my age and the things that I've been through in my life, I've learned to understand the oversell/under-deliver. InventHelp has broken that mode. I really expected a lot less and got more than I expected. I'm a pretty tough judge. Up to this point, they have done every single thing they said they would do. I asked to hold off on the brochure until we got to a patent pending and it's what we did. They sent me a draft and let me review it. I couldn't have asked for better. - Mike of Dallas, TX

I came up with an invention and I started Googling how to present it. And it hit me, "Oh, wait. What about InventHelp?" So I sent an email and I got a reply back. I met up with them in my local InventHelp office and we went over it. It was a very smooth and very professional experience. I would recommend InventHelp to anybody that has an idea that he thinks might not work. They made me feel confident enough to share personal ideas and lifestyle. Right now, I'm still with them.

They sent me a few things in the mail with a preview model of my invention. I'm currently having conversations with my patent attorney that they recommended. I get friendly and quick response from everybody, from phone calls, to emails, to letters in the mail that I have to respond with my confirmation and my signature to agree or change what they've done so far. It's been awesome and I'm very much enjoying it and hopefully, this all pans down and works out. It was an unforgettable experience. - Hanud of New York, NY

  • Nov 9, 2016

My experience with the Company Inventhelp has been an 11 month ordeal from which I now want nothing but liberation. After paying a $3000 down-payment on a roughly $12,000 promotional package, I went through a several month period where literally nothing happened. When they did start their alleged marketing, it consisted of several poorly-drafted paragraph-long documents. The brochure could have been done by a high school student and turned out better than their professionals.

As the months rolled along and their finance department drained my account at a rate of $370/month, they sent me periodic updates as to what they've done for me. They sent lists of companies to which the idea was submitted, along with a very nice letter of inspiration. The mailing consisted of about a dozen pages, including the glossy flyer they had printed up to describe the idea to those companies with whom they had confidentiality agreements. When I contacted them, asking for more detailed documentation regarding these submissions (copies of the mailings they sent out, names of the recipients, dates, etc...) I was turned down yet again. They actually refused to explain to their client exactly what their service consisted of.

At this point I asked that they terminate my contract. Paul the man who had made initial and repeated contact with me in response to my preliminary interest in the company. I spoke with Mike, from client services, who quite jovially explained that I was well past my 7 day termination period. A 7 day termination period on a 2 year contract. Moreover, they actually refused to stop working on the marketing. Mike explained to me that they would only terminate if I stopped allowing them to debit my bank account-in which case I would face the collection agencies, a ruined credit rating, and potential lawsuit. When I asked Mike what percentage of their clients got a positive return on their investment, he claimed not to know the specifics. This came as a shock because after a sizeable lawsuit was successfully leveled against Inventhelp in 1994, they were ordered to disclose their success rate to any future clients. Mike ventured a guess, stating it was "probably less than 1 percent". In fact, it's closer to .25 percent. This translates to about 15 happy clients out of a pool of 6000. It is of little doubt to me that this statistic is well known to every employee of the company. However, their reluctance to ever utter it out loud-even to clients whom they've already trapped-is extremely telling of the results that can be expected of their services.

Their reluctance to deal with their clients, however, goes even farther. The company refuses to communicate by email. They will receive them, but will never respond, preferring instead to talk on the phone where documentation is far more difficult. Email addresses for the company are very hard to find in general, and when they are found they are always generic addresses such as There is never a specific name attached to any correspondences. Their official mailings are always signed at the end: "the Client Services Department".

In fact, in my entire 11 month relationship with them, I have yet to receive a single document from this company signed by an actual person. It seems that they will do anything to avoid any personal responsibility for their actions. Given such a diehard commitment to their own anonymity, it comes as no surprise that their thousands of clients and tens of millions of dollars in fees are balanced by just a handful of happy endings.

Of course, as Inventhelp will point out, they do everything their contract says. They do not promise results-which is reasonable. What they must promise, however, is a good faith effort to achieve a result. Evidence of this good faith, as the above story illustrates, is not available to those to whom it matters most-their clients. But while the good people at Inventhelp may consider their treatment of their clientele to be enough to stay in business, it in no way makes their business justified or ethical. Their business model depends on hopeful but naïve laypeople rushing into purchases they often cannot afford, and then paying the consequences. If an invention gets sold, it generally has little if anything to do with their marketing efforts. I urge anybody who is considering this company to go elsewhere-preferably a company that does not charge a fee in advance and actually has a selection process for the products they market.

  • Apr 6, 2016

Invent Help is a total rip off! This company prays on consumers who don't have knowledge of the invention marketing industry. They tell the public that they can get your invention to store shelves, when really they are padding their pockets. They will not act in the best interest of the client. If theyou secure a deal for you, they charge 20% of what your deal is. The USPTO only recommend you pay 10%. I was an Invent Help Client. Paid almost $400/month, that was automatically debited from my account, after a 1,000 down payment. My total contract was just over $10,000 and was a 2 year contract. I consider myself one of the luck ones, because I got off cheap compared to others. Partly because they couldn't truly protégé my invention, so that was a service I didn't need. The only service that I received that proved to be worth the money, was the independent patent search. Which was done by an independent attorney. I then paid for marketing research. That was later found to be not of any use because it was done "in house".

After being with the company a year, having spent over $5,000, I realized they were doing nothing on my behalf. Invent Help represent their company as if it has many relationships with manufacturers to market your product to. When really, if a manufacturer is not in their database of companies who have signed a non disclosure with them, they will not send or market your invention to them. So you just have to hope they have a vast list of companies in your invention's SIC code or category. When I tried to cancel the services they told me I was out of the 7 day termination period. It literally took more than 7 days to get a completed contract for services. That I could discontinue services but still had to pay. The only thing Invent Help did on my behalf, by way of marketing in a years time, was send out letters to request submission. A 3 page list of companies, in which they state the only received 1 response for more info but that company later declined. I never once saw an official document that they sent out or that they received from that company. I contacted them to cancel in Sept. 2014 and aside from being told I couldn't cancel, I was told they would send out more letters in that coming January. That was supposed to excite me and regain my faith in them. Be very leary of this company. They literally have a .25% success rate.

  • Sep 15, 2015

This company Inventhelp has been scamming people for forty yrs. They lower you in with the promise to patent your idea. The send you junk mail while you're paying thousands of dollars Then they send you a so call prototype foto of your idea,they tell you your idea is being summited to there so called database and ITS A SCAM,All they want is your money your idea so they sell it

  • Oct 16, 2019

Fraud - don't waste your money!

This company has been sued by many Attorney Generals and has had class-action lawsuits. They get away with robbing you blind by putting disclosures in their contract that they don't promise anything. Instead, the salesman hypes you up and makes you think you're going to be a great success. It's a sucker's game that's been going on for 50 years.

Here's a terrific website that offers detailed information about this scam:

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