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Internet Order LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 340 N 12th St #420
Phone 215-627-4733

Internet Order LLC Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2017

A couple of years ago I foolishly decided to order what looked like a good deal on a Spanish language program but turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. For $9.95 I could try the program, I had 10 days supposedly in which to cancel if I was not happy with the program. Supposedly the trial period was to start the day I received the package. However, the billing information stated the 10 day trial started the day the order was placed. I received the package on the 10th day after the order was placed. I promptly called and cancelled the trial period the day the package arrived and returned the package (all software was unopened and only the envelope that contained the billing information was opened). I paid for the return shipping out of my own pocket. The $9.95 was billed to a credit card that expired a week or two after the order was placed, so luckily they were not able to continue billing me as some of the other complaints I read have stated. Almost two years went by and I suddenly start getting emails demanding payment for the program I canceled and returned. They refuse to give me a dollar amount, they say they never received the package and they ignore my request for detailing billing for the amount they are demanding. The latest email was today to which I replied if they continued to ignore my request for a detailed bill complete with the dollar amount they say I owe that I will be contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), my States Attorney & their local Better Business Bureau (BBB). It will be interesting to see what their response will be. My advise to everyone is to stay clear of anything remotely connected to Pimsleur Language Programs. If you want to learn a new language, take a class at your local college. Save yourself the headache!!!

  • Oct 26, 2016

In 2013 I ordered the $9.95 CD for French expecting just the one CD only to find that about a month after recieving it I got a much larger package in the mail from the same company. I was confused but I opened the package not knowing what to expect. There were four more CDs with a bill and a "Welcome to the Club" kind of letter. I called the company to cancel and got nowhere as I only got a recording.

Following a brief period of time, I called the company again, got through and told them that I hadn't ordered anything but the $9.95 CD and that I didn't want anything but the initial order. I was in the middle of settling my late husband's affairs and simply couldn't afford what they were demanding for the order. I left the conversation at that and told the salesperson that I was cancelling the subscription that I had never enrolled in and would be sending the package back. She said that if I had opened the package they couldn't take them back even though I had only opened the outer mailing box. I admit, I was very frustrated and told her that I was going to hang up, and did.

A week later I recieved another package from them!! I didn't open it and mailed both packages back at my expense, keeping the initial CD I had actually ordered and paid for.

I didn't anything else until LAST WEEK! I called the number on the email and told the guy that I had settled this thing a couple of YEARS ago by sending both packages back. He told me that that wasn't possible as they never would have accepted them. I told him that I had in fact sent them back to the address on the boxes and that I wasn't going to be sending the $256.00 they wanted. He told me that I needed to send the reciept for my mailing them as he didn't believe me and that they would turn me in for collections if I didn't send the money. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted but that I wasn't sending anything for merchandise that I hadn't ordered in the first place and then returned it to boot! I brought up the lawsuits regarding this very problem that others were having with them and he denied that that was true. We exchanged a few more rather heated words and he hung up on me.

I thought that it was done then but no, I just recieved another e-mail demanding payment or it would be turned over to collections! What the...?? I'm not paying scammers and if I have to hire a lawyer to keep my credit good then I (VERY reluctantly) will.

  • Mar 1, 2016

On 5/6/2015 I signed up for introductory Spanish on 2 CD's for $9.95. I expected a notification/announcement about the next shipment. None came. A month later I saw a CC charge for $64 on my sstatement followed a few days later by the first installment. So far so good.

A couple of months go by. shipments and charges continued. My card was declined once, so when there were two payments the next month, I thought it was a make up payment. There were no charges or shipments in January 2016 so I thought I had received and paid for everything and I checked what I had received and paid: 5 shipments received, 12 payments made.

I became suspicious and checked into the company, first on Google, where I entered "stroll pimsleur". Almost half the hits on the first page were negative and three of the positive ones were Stroll or Pimsleur addresses. The company appears to have been ivestigated by at least two states' Attorney's General and sued by at least one: What a shock, the company's a scam artist and I had paid $768 for part of the program.

I went straight to my bank. They couldn't help with old charges but the astute bank employee checked February and the charges began again. I signed dispute request forms for those. I did try to call the company a few months ago but the hold time was too long and the problem wasn't ripe yet.

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