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Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address Post Office Box 979047
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  • May 26, 2016

EverBank, our mortgage company, outsources to these scoundrels to deal with loss claims, though the folks hide their identity and will not disclose who they actually are, even when pressed.

A $27,000 hail claim came through in 4 checks from State Farm. The mortgage company has to co-sign these. The first three came back quickly enough. The final one, for about $6,500, is being held hostage. first fails to inform you that, prior to the final check, you need to send several documents. A W-9, a signed contact, and a conditional waiver of lien. You wait for the check to come back; it never does, because you're not born with the knowledge that you were expected to send these documents.

So you call what looks like the Loss Draft Department of Everbank, which in fact is, and they say, oh, yes, you need these documents. And so the contractor sends them (no email, of course. Faxes or snailmail). Another multi-day wait ensues, and you call again. They tell you that the W-9 has to be dated within the past year, fine, and that the conditional waiver of lien must be *their* form, not the one the contractor uses with everyone else on the planet. Another delay tactic.

They promise to send a fax of this document that will never come. You call back after it never comes; they say the'll send it again, and it still never comes. The fastest it would ever come is two business days, they explain. Two business days for a fax... They suggest you set up an account with, which you do, but which will perpetually inform you that your account data can temporarily not be accessed.

You call back. They have, it appears, no record of your loan number at all. They give me a loan number. I say, is this for a place in [my home city?] No, they say.

So let's review, I tell the woman. You have in your possession a check for $6,500, for a claim we've been working for months, and suddently it's vanished from the face of the earth?

She says a manager will call back. I am not waiting by the phone. I will be calling EverBank; not sure how a consumer can avoid these people besides confirm before financing a home that the lender has nothing to do with (or whatever the company's true name is -- no sign of it or any other contact infomration on the website).

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  • Jul 15, 2020

did you ever receive the check?

did you ever receive your check

  • Jul 9, 2019

Class Action Lawsuit against InsuranceClaimCheck

I submitted the same required forms over and over since Feb 2019. Checks being draw according to one rep then call back the next day to verify and they need the same documents again plus a new one which was already submitted, verified by all over rep but disappeared so send them all again, verified, check being drafted, next day check destroyed and need documents...rinse and repeat.


This has to stop.

Folks need to be treated better then this after their loss and I'm in on any class action that gets started.

I've more then satisfied ALL the requirements and its time to get fair and fast treatment to those of us that need to rebuild their lives.

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  • Sep 11, 2018

Same experience

I filed all the paperwork that wanted and I got responses from their system that all documents were received. So I sent the Insurance claim check (which my insurance company got to me in a matter of days after the damage) and I sent it via FedEx to be sure I could account for it. They received it on Monday and deposited it on Tuesday. Here I sit waiting for their initial disbursement and only by checking on line did I find they did not "accep[t" the W-9 form from the contractor. They never said why, they never told me that they had not accepted it and now they are sitting on my money. They have no eMail address and their help line during business hours is a joke. RIPOFF.

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  • Jul 6, 2017

I echo all of the other reports that I have read about (This is a third-party administrator for mortgage companies who receive insurance checks from their mortagees.)

This is either the most entirely incompetent business with the most poorly trained employees I have ever in my 56 years had to deal with or they are intentially hanging on to insurance funds to earn interest. Either way, it is entirely unacceptable.

I have been fighting with them for months to try to get them to release funds. Literally, everytime I call, I receive a different excuse for non-payment which frequently conflicts with a prior excuse. For example, (there are many more) one of their requirements is that you have to submit the contracter's license. I live in Illinois where carpenters are not licensed. I talked to one agent who said that she knew that and would put in a "waiver" so that requirement would not need to be met. A couple of days later I found out that the waiver had not be entered and the new agent said she would enter it but she also did not. After the waiver was entered another agent came up with a new excuse and said that the contract (our contracter's bid) was not accepted because my husband and I had not signed it. We signed it and uploaded AND faxed it back. They then said the signatures were illegible. I sent it again. The next person said that the contract wasn't accepted because out property address was not on it. I pointed out that my contractor had signed a "fully paid" receipt (since I had to pay him because he walked off the job waiting for me to get the insurance money) and that the receipt was for the same amount and had the address on it AND that one of THEIR inspectors had come out and sent in a report that the job was 100% complete. They said they didn't have the report (although the inspector told me he sent it in the same day). Today I was told that the problem was that they did not have an inspection report from 6/30/17 and I told them that was because the inspection had been done two weeks earlier! The woman on the phone repeated that she needed the 6/30/17 report and I again explained that somebody had come out two weeks earlier and inspected and had submitted the 100% complete report. So now, I have wasted hours at work -- again -- calling the inspector who needs to call the company he contracts for proof that the form was submitted.

These people are a nightmare, they absolutely do lie and no mortgage company should do business with them. I am going to complaint to the attorney general's office in Illinois and perhaps the FBI since this is a nationwide company. If a class action has been filed yet, someone should do so.

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  • May 12, 2017

Similar to other posts. This company will hold your money for as long as they determine necessary. They will keep asking you to send in the same form multiple times. I sent in 1 piece of needed paperwork 6 times. They play ignorant and get away with it. I can also hold my mortgage company responsible (Nationstar) as they forced me to use them. I am amazed that this is allowed to continue. If you are asked to send in your loss check to them...DONT! Its incompetence at its highest. Still fighting to get my money so I can pay my contractors.

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  • Mar 11, 2016

I'm dealing with them on a claim right now from major torado damage. It has been a nightmare. They rarely return phone calls, find any reason not to pay claims, and the agents you talk to admit the dont know much about their process except everything takes 3-5 days processing but in reality you're really looking at weeks to get your own money. My insurance company paid the claims but then my mortgage company uses this place to hold the funds until repairs are made, multiple inspections and they try to pay everything to one of my many contractors instead of the individual contractor who is due the money. They rejected one of my claims sayi g they couldnt read the address but I had sent them my original and it was clear on my copy I made for myself. I've been trying for weeks to get reimbursed for several thousand out of pocket expenses and their processor randomly picked some of the smallest receipts to pay skipping a $450 and $100 sent in the same batch. They didnt even know they had missed them until I called and the receipts were on the same sheet. This has been a nightmare of incompetence.

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  • Dec 5, 2017

This company is contracted by my mortgage company to handle insurance claims. It has been 14 weeks since Hurricane Harvey flooded my house. I've lost everything I have worked my entire life for. Although I had flood insurance, the adjuster hired by the NFIP was extremely slow and innaccurate in assessing my claim. The settlement the NFIP has awarded me is much less than it will take to rebuild my home. After I finally received the check, I learned that I needed to sign it over to since I had a mortgage on my house (like most people).

This company has provided terrible service. Their website does not give enough detailed information about the process of getting my money back to begin repairing my house. Their phone menu is even worse. When I finally get a real person to talk to on the phone, they do not have answers for me. For example, when I uploaded my insurance adjuster's worksheet, they did not want to accept it because it was from a "third party adjuster". All of the adjusters after the flood were third party adjusters, and although I got a letter from my insurance agent authorizing the adjuster, my agent said he had never been asked for that by any other company.

Another example, one of the documents they require is a copy of the license of the contractor who will be repairing the house. In Texas, general contractors are not required to have a license. I sent documentation and a letter and called them to explain this fact to them. They responded by saying it will take three days to waive that requirement, and another seven days to send me the first installment of my money. I work for a large company, and we cut checks in two days. If these people are working with other hurricane victims in Texas, they should have already known that the contractors are not required to be licensed.

I cannot stress enough how much I believe these people are holding insurance checks hostage and making money off the hardships of people who have lost everything. If your mortgage company is using this website, please ask if there is some other way to work with your mortgage company because is a nightmare. I never wish bad things for people, but I hope the owner of this company loses everything they have so they can understand how devastating it can be.

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  • Apr 19, 2018 SUCKS!

Let me start by saying the only good thing I can about this company, the people who answer the phone are nice. They don't know anything, but they are nice. That's it, that's all I have in the "good" category. Everything else has been like pulling teeth without novacane! This company is horrible. Every person you speak with tells you a different story. A direct question asked on different days to different people will ALWAYS get you a different answer. Review after review of this company is down right awful. Why mortgage companies are still using these imbecile crooks is beyond me. It's a travesty. You go through a horrible event that causes immense stress and guess what, that stress and frustration continue to build (for a whole year now) and doesn't stop. The flaming hoops you will have to jump through are never ending. Despite submitting receipts for repairs made out of pocket and submitting a written request for payment of those receipts (which they claim will happen in 3-5 business days) I still haven't gotten a check 35 days later. They deny receipts that are uploaded for reasons that make no sense, worse though, they don't send you a summary to tell you which of the 30 receipts were denied so you have to spend an exorbitant amount of time on the phone calling them to ask which ones and for what reason, it's really like you are working for them with no pay because you basically have to stay on them and do their job for them. EVERY single person you talk to says they are sorry but what the heck does sorry really get you, nothing, it's just a stupid word. I don't want to hear sorry, I want to hear, we will get it done, we are going to bend over backwards to help you during this time of need, a time when disaster has struck and you need help. I want results, not sorrys, not excuses, not buck passing or plain old incompetence! If I did my job as poorly as this company executes their business, I would be fired yet Mortgage Companies still use them and pay them money despite terrible reviews. I haven't seen one single good review on this company. If you are buying a house or refinancing, I'd make sure that the Mortgage lender is not associated with and I would do my best to ensure my loan isn't sold to any Mortgage Company that has a relationship with this company. I can't say enough how absolutely incompetent they have been.

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  • Sep 7, 2016

Ripping hair out

First off only reason for 1 star is I had to give one for the review to post...

This company is the corrupted company beside insurance companies. I have been jumping through hoops for the past 8 months trying to get the mold check released so the mold company can get started ...I need this form that form ..I need to have a intent to repair form ...umm the mold company don't do repairs they do demo and clean they want a clean air test ..hello how can I get a clean air test in a mold infested house.. now we have a 2nd check coming for the repairs and they tell me I must hire a general contractor to do the repairs ..I can make them myself since the insurance didn't pay us enough to pay subs..but they won't pay out to recap ..they have $8k right now for ,8 months ..lot of interest earned on it and there getting ready to have $cxcc amount ...time to get an attorney for this one now. .

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  • Apr 18, 2018

Thieves, hired by stupid motagage servicers

I never agreed with my mortgage servicer to send my insurance claim checks to them for endorsement. I surely did not entered into any agreement for this company to deposit my check and cash it and then send me installment payment so I can make repairs of my property.

I called them and went to their site but once I figured out they are not my mortgage company and have no agreement with me to go through their procedures, I concluded that my mortgage company has waived their endorsement, and no longer want to endorse the check, which I deposited with my bank.

People need to write their mortgage company, or their assignees who services the account, and file complaint with them to drop these thieves. We the people have to suffer through the damages, fight the insurance companies and adjusters to get the claim paid and then these bastards want us to hand the money to them. If my mortgage company was interested in my account and has interest in my property on a loan they need to hire a company who gets involved and fights with the insurance adjusters, and companies to get the most amount for the repairs to be done, and then pay us out of their account for repairs before the damage gets worse, and then collect from the insurance, not the other way around.

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  • Dec 17, 2016

I'll try and be brief but there is so much to say. I bought a home through homepointfinancial. 2 months later it flooded. During the water cleanup we discovered hidden mold in the home. My insurance company issued 22000 for water damage and 10000 for hidden mold. Now pay attention here. The 10000 cleaned out the mold policy and was exclusively in the basement. There was more than 10 k in damage and some was not covered at all because it was not "hidden". We imedietly put in for 5500 in an estament to fix the entire upstairs, cabinetes ,floors throughout , drywall, everything, the upstairs is now brand new and I'm 10 k under the upstairs budgette. Let me say it took almost a month of calling them dailey to get the money. I then put in for 5500 to remove all the mold in the basement plus a new cealing and floof, all new sheetrock. This would it me 20k under budgette and complete the house in an upgraded manor far better than when we moved in. I was told they couldn't release the funds untill they had a clean air test for mold. I explained not all the mold in the house was covered first of all and that we were putting in to clean the mold with that check. Getting nowhere with the extremely rude employee I asked for a manager. It took 12 days for a manager to call me back. I called dailey mind you. The manager explained they would put in for a waivor of the clean air test untill I could make repairs and release half the funds. Imagine the look on my contractors face when I told him even though he was saveing me 20000 and doing the job for pennies that I couldn't pay him . I then asked the manager what happens after the work clearly outlined as covered is finished if the house clean air test isn't passed due to the fact there are areas that couldn't be covered by the insurance. I was told that would be my problem and the remaining funds would not be reliesed to fix the home and I would have to come out of pockete to do repairs before they would realease the remaining 15000. Its been a week since that phone call and I'm still waiting on a fax from them for my contractor to sign. This entire ordeal has taken 8 months and counting. I'll never use a mortgauge company that sub contracts to them again. There rude, there poorly spoken english is next to impossible to understand over the phone due to slang and a hood accent, and they stall and take forever. I literly said to them this is all I need rite, your sure? Then a week later I'm told something different. Worst company in my 30 years of life I've ever dealt with. I'd love to sue these bastards. If me or my 7 yr old get sick from mold because of these scam artists I'm driving my a** down to Florence sc.

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  • Dec 13, 2017

Call the company to do anything and it takes 3-5 working days to get anything done. 3 days to get your inspection results. 5 days for the inspector to call you. 2 days for a supervisor to call......everything. Oh and don't schedule another inspection for 5 days after your scheduled inspection because the inspector has to have time to turn in their inspection results.

So I called to schedule an inspection on 10/30/17 when the inspector finally called me back the inspection was 11/20/17 between 2pm and 6pm. Well, I waited until 9pm when I finally went upstairs to take a shower. NO SHOW! So I call the next day, they can't talk to me because they don't have the inspection results....WHAT? How can you have inspection results when they don't show. So finally on 11/27 I call again. I schedule a reinspection and ask to speak to a supervisor. OH What, OF course, a supervisor is not available. AND it will be 24 to 48 hours before they call. I admit that the supervisor did finally call and they did schedule the inspection. For 12/2/17 between 8am and noon. Again, no one showed up. So now I am sitting by the phone waiting for another inspector to call and another supervisor to call...

There is NOT any customer service and forget every seeing your insurance money because you can't complete anything. Because their people don't do their job.

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  • Feb 28, 2018

Company should be investigated

We have had a similar experience as all of the other unfortunate people that have had to deal with this scam of a company. I’m not sure why many mortgage companies are using a company that tries to keep our money and makes up their process as they go. They purposely provide different information each time you call. We have been jumping through hoops and paying out of pocket while they hold OUR money. We finally had a final inspection. The inspector (because of his schedule) wanted to come out early and a certain day because he was going on an extended vacation. I explained that due to four days of rain that the house would be finished on the date of his inspection but not as early as he wanted to come (9 am). He said it would be fine. Our house was completely finished except for the last five piece of siding that they were installing when he arrived. He marked our house at 100% because he spoke with contractors and had common sense to know that it was going to be completed that day. This morning the scam company marked our inspection as accepted but by late afternoon they marked it at 90% and to call them. They are now requiring another inspector to come out which will probably take two weeks and another two weeks for them to complete (unless they have another trick up their sleeve). They were trying to waiver but why would you when you are using other people’s money for your own benefit. Someone needs to start a business just like this one but run it with integrity and maybe you could put them out of business! They obviously have no competition and all the mortgage companies using them are morons. I will be looking to refinance and hopefully find a company that doesn’t subject their clients to this kind of abuse. Someone really needs to investigate this company!!!

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  • Dec 14, 2017

Insurance claim check is the biggest scam out there! It is a heartless company! Our home burned down in January 2017. They have been delaying funds so much they our original move in date of our house was August 2017. It is now December 2017 and we are still not done rebuilding since these people will not give us the money from our claim to rebuild. We send in invoices to prove work complete and they don’t pay them. We were told we need inspections for fund release and we request the inspection and it takes a month to get an inspection! First they don’t even call to set up the inspection, we have to continue to hound them to get one ordered and they promise it within 3-5 days—-and nothing! They are liars! As of today we have halted once again the building of our home because the contractor can’t float another $125k. We need to be out of our rental on December 28, since our ALE has run out.

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  • Oct 26, 2016

This company is the 10th ring of hell.

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  • Aug 23, 2018


I have had a loss from Hail, new roof needed and stucco repair. My insurance company quickly sent the check, my name and my mortgage company (Fay Servicing). I was required to endorse the check and send to my Mortgage company. Then I start receiving account setup for Insurance, I call my mortgage company & they explain that's how the process works. Paperwork complete, repairs complete, still no money after two months. My Contractor is putting a Lein on the House. I am contacting a lawyer & going to put a law suit against Fay Servicing & I call the mortgage company, they explain it takes 3 business days to get a response from insurance claim, I get a number to insurance claim, I call, each time it's another story, I was smart enough to record every call. The lawsuit will be for a lot more then they owe & for extreme emotional distress.

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  • May 22, 2018

Their motto "We make getting your insurance funds easier" is a farce. All the complaints on this website and others are true having experienced it myself. They claim to be your (fill in your bank's name) "loss draft department." and do everything they can to retain your insurance funds. Had damage from Irma-after arguing with my insurance company for a settlement, was contacted by supposedly acting on behalf of my bank and they retain the funds. They do everything they can to delay the release of your funds. All previous complaints are true to requesting info, and then requesting it again claiming it was wrong. Any requests take days to process.

Getting through on the phone to anyone who can do something is impossible. If the info is incorrect in the slightest way, they will request it again waiting another three days. Received funds on information I submitted, then they said it was wrong and wouldn't release remaining funds. I requested an inspection when 50% of work was completed, (as required by them to release the remainder of funds. It is 2 and a half weeks and I am still waiting, delaying construction and causing extra hotel living expenses. It is 9 months since Irma did 100K worth of damage, I have been living in the damaged house or in temporary housing waiting for funds to be released. It will be the start of NEXT hurricane season, and the funds are still unavailable. A travesty and a bad mark on my Bank/Mortgage Company.

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  • Apr 24, 2018

Impossible to deal with, try to avoid if you can

My insurance company issued a payment of $73k for our roof and water damage due to Hurricane Irma. The insurance company paid the roofers $20k and sent the remaining $50k to this company. They did an inspection and claim only 80% has been completed. I've called them four times since and they have told me this:

1. We will send you 50% of the amount so that you can fix what you need, after you do an inspection and we will release the rest.

2. No we won't send you 50% of anything, you need to hire a contractor to fix everything, I cannot disclose what needs to be fixed.

3. You need to fix the floor, paint, crown molding, and drywall. All this is already fix by me and another contractor that my insurance paid directly. Hmm not sure what to do here, as everything is fixed, can I request another inspection? They said please hold....and hung up.

4. You really need to spend 50% of the funds (~$35k on paint, drywall, floor, crown molding) so that we can release the funds to you. My answer: EVEN IF I PUT GOLD PLATES ON MY FLOOR IT WON'T COME OUT TO BE $35K. Their answer: Maybe I told you more than I needed.

I can't deal with this company.

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  • Jan 30, 2018

Horrible, horrible, disgusting customer service. Lie after lie after lie. Unknowable agents, never the same agent when I call back. All they do is read from mystery departments that post notes on account. Website at best is poor. Does not offer direct deposit. My home flood was much more enjoyable than dealing with these morans.

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  • Jan 29, 2018

Inoperable website

I am an office manager for a contractor and I have the required forms. I have been trying to upload them onto this POS website all morning. Finally, I decide to call and ask what is the actual malfunction, but am unable to find a phone number. I look to the FAQ page which tells me to go to their main page, but doesn't have a link or even a name. So I type in and I see all of these unfortunate people forced to submit poor reviews. I recommended to our client that they contact their mortgage company ask (insist, if possible) that an alternate method be presented. As if the insurance companies aren't enough of a racket, people in need are forced to deal with this. Search engine optimization does have some effect on businesses, although I'm not sure how much of an impact in makes in this industry. I hope people keep posting about difficulties, bad service and bad business. It matters to me, and I have a big mouth and a lot of contacts. I hope everyone keeps participating in the review process. Power to the people.

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  • Dec 8, 2018

Me too

I thought that my PC had some problem because I have never been able to enter the web site. It is as if it did not exist and judging by the dates since the beginning of the reviews enjoy great impunity because they are several years of complaints and the mortgage companies continue to use them. Mr money is a powerful gentleman.

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  • Nov 9, 2016

It's Poo

So I can't get my money (MY MONEY) to do repairs on my home due to fire damage until I get my home repaired due to fire damage? I'm getting burned twice! Once from a fire and again from this money holding nonsense!

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  • Feb 1, 2018

A big storm struck my property and damaged my barn and house. I filed a claim with USAA and recieved the funds to fix my barn and roof promptly; we are talking about roughly $30,000. The check was made out to me and my mortgage company. I called Franklin American and was referred to to get it cashed.

Apparently this company handles all insurance checks that need signed by the morgtage company. All I needed was a signature but they put me through them. I recieved a large packet a week later with a list of requirements they needed before they would hand over the check. Including a contractor bid, information from my insurance company, tax documents and the check itself. I sent everything required in.

My first complaint is that 3 weeks went by and I did not hear anything back. I called and was told they only had page two of a two page document. Apparently they were waiting for it but did not call. Keep in mind, I KNOW I sent in page one. I made an account on their website and uploaded page one.

I waited a week and called back. This time I was told I was missing a date on a hand written bid. They apparently had the date on one page but needed the date on the second as well.

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  • Jan 15, 2019

Insurance Claim Check

What can I say that has not already been said. Same here. I contacted an attorney who recommended I initiate a claim with Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.....look them up on the web. I got notification from them the same day and they advised that my mortgage company had 15 days to answer the complaint. After several calls to my mortgage company, the ALWAYS transfer me to Insurance Claim Check. complaint will be against the mortgage company

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  • Aug 11, 2018

I have dealt with several people on my claim. Never the same story, they promise one thing then after no check you check back and a whole other story and still no check. This has gone on for over 1 year. Still holding money, house has been inspected and they say 99% complete and still wont send money. I have 1 contractor that was approved last year but not this year. Contractor will not except anything but cash now. Insurance claim check will not approve his paper work and will not says what's wrong with it. So all and all. THIS IS A NIGHT MARE Place to work with. I am in the process of refinancing my home away from CITI as they will not help with this nightmare.

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  • Nov 30, 2018



unscrupulous company. my money sits in escrow - they make interest. i have talked to 8 people that all say sorry sorry sorry and then repeat the same thing the previous one said. I take part of that back. every time i have to call, each person wants different paperwork. meanwhile, they have my money in escrow making interest. HOW IS THIS LEGAL??????? i will be switching mortgage companies because of this - PHH.

all the previous reviews are so true - I didn't believe it until now I am living it. you get them one thing and then another, you wait for results, call back due to nothing happening and are told to get something else. i would write more but you can literally read what i am going through from these reviews. they are bound to have complaints with the bbb.

i am imagining the owners - which i am allowed to imagine since they have my money - just sit back and live off of everybody's check that they plop into escrow. what a job. may karma treat them the same.

  • Aug 28, 2018

Probably the worst experience in my life history

An abomination. 80 percent of the information they communicate is incorrect. I would surmise they are scamming the mortgage companies (getting processing fees from calls and 'transactions'). Been waiting for over a year for Harvey Funds. They still hold over 60% of our cash eventhough final inspection was done 2.5 months ago.

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  • Apr 25, 2019


I agree! Same thing everyone above said!!! They take your insurance check, you submit the ‘required’ forms and one person tells you they received them, and another tells you they didn’t. You have to wait 2-3 business days for their system to recognize your forms, then they get a week to enter the info. Then someone gets another week to review the forms. So to get my first payment for a contractor, they got to sit on my money for almost 60 days with the delay games they pay! And that was only for the first contractor!!! Even when you submit receipts it takes another 60 days because now a review committee has to review your receipts and get back to you (on top of the delay game I already described) if anything more is required to send you your check for the receipts you provided! I have since realized they do this to invest YOUR MONEY and collect interest on it!!! That’s why they PURPOSELY delay every single step to keep your money linger to invest and collect interest on it!!! YOUR MONEY!!!!! That you should be using to fix and secure your home!!! It’s asanine they get away with this!!! My house should’ve been fixed months ago!!! The hurricane was in Sept of last year and I’m still trying to get funds released for the receipts I’ve turned in and it’s almost May!!! Worst worst company ever!!!! Total Scammers!!!!! They suck!!!!! I’m honestly surprised that when you FINALLY get a check, they didn’t ‘forget’ to sign it to add a few MORE weeks of interest in their pockets!!! SHUT THEM DOWN!!! But make them give us our money first so we can get our houses fixed!!!

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  • Feb 4, 2019


My husband and I have a mortgage through LOAN DEPOT and I understood when we signed our loan papers if there was any damage to our property we would contact our insurance company and go through the process with our insurance company to make the necessary repairs. We never signed any papers stating we would go through a third party to repair our home I cannot believe our mortgage company would use such a incompetent company such as insurance claim check to handle their customers insurance needs . Every time I have called I have spoke to someone different who has told me something different every time. I was told that we would have to send in the adjusters work sheet along with the check and then their long drawed out process before any work could begin when I told them we were not going to do this huge long process of threre’s they told me that our claim was classified wrong and all we would have to do is send in a letter of request for the insurance funds to be released back to us and the adjuster work sheet so that is what we did and the next time I called they said it had been approved so I sent the check as requested overnight by Fedex and paid for that out of my pocket 38.00 . They sent the check back unendorsed to us so I called them yet again and spoke to someone different who told me that the letter of request had been denied mind you after we was told it was approved. I have tried to speak with a manager three different times and no communication as of yet. I told them I was just going to send the check back to the insurance company and said okay they would get confirmation from the insurance company that the claim was canceled so that told me that they don’t care about their customers and the problems they were dealing with .This is sad because I am sure other people are experiencing the same issues that are even worse than mine . I have read over TWO Hundred reviews and all of them are like this one . So SAD !!!!!!

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  • Jan 28, 2019

Over 75 calls. No action.

Have to explain entire situation to each new agent. They don't have information on previous calls. Can never get connected to the person who told me on the previous call that she would take care of it.

This is a scam company.

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  • Nov 16, 2018

either totally inept or totally dishonest

After giving this company the same information over and over again, I was told a check would be issued within the next few days. After a few days had passed, I received a phone call requesting blue prints. When I called to ask what they needed blue prints for, I was informed that the insurance adjuster had declared the house a total loss. This was a total fabrication on the part of of At no point had the house been declared a total loss. Either these people are totally inept at their jobs or this is just a tactic to delay issuing disbursements. In the meantime, I am unable to live in my house and hoping the contractor doesn't get tired of waiting to start working. Unbelievably unprofessional company.

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  • Aug 29, 2018

Insurance claim scam no check

they got the name wrong

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  • Aug 28, 2018

Probably the worst experience in my life history

an abomination -ripoff. Been waiting over a year for Harvey funds. They still hold over 50 percent. Final inspection was done 2.5 months ago. 80 percent of what they communicate is incorrect. I surmise they are scamming the insurance companies with transaction fees.

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  • Oct 8, 2019

Un-freaking-believably horrible

Most frustrating and infuriating company I have ever tried to communicate with!!!!!

My contractor has complied with all state and municipal laws for running his business. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. The state of Illinois does not require contractor licenses for restoration general contractors. All the subs they use have to be licensed. all the information that INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM has asked for has been sent - repeatedly. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. Now because the general contractor does not have a license, they are insisting that a surety bond be given for the full amount of the project. This is going to cost well over $2000. The state doesn't require this. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. The city doesn't require this. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. The insurance company doesn't require this. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. Insurance will not cover the cost because they don't require it. The contractor doesn't want to pay it because it comes directly off his bottom line. My contractor is a franchisee for a major international restoration company. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. Even though I have repeated let them know that I am going to have to end up paying for this INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. They have have over $150,000.00 sitting in escrow for 3 months and have yet to release any payments. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE. I am going to have to be paying $2,000.00++ to get them to release money they already freaking have to pay for repairs that have already been done on my house. INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM DOESN'T CARE.

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  • Mar 23, 2020

Sent in all necessary documents to retrieve my money for house repairs. Company comes up with excuses and never releases money

  • Mar 5, 2020

Any tips on getting things done

I’ve been going in circles, with all the nightmares listed above. It’s been 3 months and no check.

Does anyone have any suggestions????

  • Jan 3, 2020

Horrible Service

I could not agree more with all the above review. I would not even give it 1 single star... With all of the negative review from different customers, it does not appear that the Mortgage Bank even bother to review. This is why, there is no need for InsuranceClaimCheck to do any better as long as they kept getting paid by our mortgage companies. Not only their service were bad but even the customer representatives' attitude are the exact same, simply 'CARELESS' because they get paid, regardless. Amanda

  • Dec 13, 2019

About to strangle myself with my shoelaces

Same story I'm seeing from others... Pleasant people on the phone who manage to continually find more hoops for you to jump through, only to get to 100% complete without having seen a single penny released for reconstruction after being flooded by Imelda. It's been over 3 weeks now since all work was completed and still nothing from them. No advance, no 50%, no 100%... Nothing.

As of this morning when I try to log on to their website, I get a pop-up saying, "Your claim has been found, however, this claim is no longer serviced by this site. Please contact your mortgage company directly." I called them to find out why and unlike every other time when I got to speak with someone immediately, I got put on hold with their blaring elevator-to-hell music until finally, mercifully, they just hung up on me.

If I never have to deal with them again, it'll be too soon.

  • Oct 18, 2019

On december 31, 2018, my husband and i suffered from a house fire. We were immediately homeless and in shock, not sure of how to proceeded. So after at least 6 weeks state farm finally issues an estimate of the cost of repairs. At that time we were told to use our own contractor, so my agent recommended someone, tandt contracting services, llc. He talked a great game, appeared to know everything that needed to be done, well finally on labor day weekend after being out of our home, Paying mortgage the last 10 months) we fired this incompetent guy. The estimate for the total job was $122,000 + for repairs. We have had to have new estimates done to not only finish repairs, but to replace most of the work performed by this contractor. At the time he was fired, he had collected $75,000 of the total money. On june 26, 2019 he had an inspection from guardian assett management Contracted by to inspect the property. This bogus report stated the house was 60% complete, we didn't find out until we ask for copies of the report, of which we received only 2 pages out of 14, as stated on the numbered pages, and neither company will provide the additional pages. No one will explain how they could release money based on the 60%, so i requested another inspection, which happened on sept 23, and guess what that inspector states house is barely 40%, and thats not including removing all siding that was installed and the roof that was replaced and needs to be replaced again, I have an estimate of over $25,000 for exterior alone) so i hire a new contractor and in order to get started i give him the first draw, while sending off all the documents requeted, more than once, plus proof of certified letter of termination to the first guy. I have now put out every dollar i have to try and get the house finished, with expectation that the little amount left would be released to both myself and the contractor. Several weeks later and more hours than i can count Taking away from my job) to try and get this resolved. No one will accept responsibility, nor will anyone release the funds, so as of nov. 1, my insurance company will not pay my rent. My house isn't livable and i have no money left to keep people working to finish. Does this company ever have the same excuse more than once, could anyone ever tell the truth, and i have been calling daily asking to speak with a supervisor or manager, call my mortgage company and they say they can't help me either. So, i have a choice of paying my mortgage on a house that i can't live in or rent. I need my funds back to be able to purchase the materials that the first contractor stole the money for and never supplied. I also work in a service business as a realtor and i am accountable to my broker, manager, association and real estate commission, and yet this company says there is no one i can file a complaint with nor speak with. You never speak with the same person more than once, and they never tell the truth, because when you call the next day and get someone else the excuse is completely different. How does this terrible company continue to have contracts with several mortgage banks is beyond my understanding. I would love to find a way to make this public and make someone answer questions and release our money necessary to make our house even semi livable.

  • Feb 7, 2019

They not deserve for even one star.

They not deserve for even one star.Not for any word.

  • Jan 15, 2019

Don't use this website


  • Jan 10, 2019

Can’t even find their phone number

My mortgage company sent me a link to start the process . I do my registration, so I thought, and it says they cannot complete my registration and to call them. There is no phone number on what looks like a fraudulent website! Read there is malware in the web of this company and now someone has all my personal information !!! Haven’t started and I’m already upset. I guess this is just the beginning of my nightmare! I will keep updating

  • Jan 1, 2019

CMG Financial (mortgage company) and administrator continues to withhold insurance monies preventing me from finalizing repairs to my home following a fire. Mortgage payment is current, however InsuranceClaimCheck refuses to release funds despite their receiving documentation to release. FRAUD! Find another mortgage company before you have an unfortunate loss and have to deal with

  • Dec 10, 2018

Insurance Claim Check....what a joke and scam

Same situation as other posts here. Been almost three months since Florence damaged house and yet to see any money. Terrible situation, terrible claim service, terrible INSURANCECLAIMCHECK.COM. Avoid them at all costs....they may be worse than the storm since insurance is paid regularly and they keep the monies evidently until forced to pay.

  • Dec 7, 2018


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  • Aug 31, 2018

Worst Company on Earth

Lost everything in Harvey and have finished house for 5 months and they will not release monies. 100% inspected and approved. Excuse after excuse. 40+calls. Never ever had an accurate assessment or response. It'll come out. Penny Mac and this company are in cahoots for fraudulent practices. Horror show.

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