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Instant Checkmate

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 4330 South Valley View Blvd, Suite 112
Phone 1-800-222-8985

Instant Checkmate Reviews

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  • May 28, 2016

This site lures you into thinking you'll get a report summarizing all of the information available online about someone, then asks you a series of questions about that person and after 10 to 20 minutes of waiting informs you that the report is ready, may be scandalous, and wants you to pay a considerable amount to see it. All of this with no guarantee at all on whether the report is even accurate.

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  • Jan 10, 2021

Tried to look up who the person was that keeps calling me leaves no voicemail. Tried this website with a onetime fee and was charged twice and report wasn't accurate at all.

  • Mar 19, 2020

I dont recomment this service.

Read the BBB reviews before joining. I wish I had.

Yesterday I decide to try your instantcheckmate 5-day Trial*

Includes UNLIMITED Reports

Your 5-day $1 Trial Will Last Until 3/24/20!

During your trial you’ll have access to UNLIMITED Background Reports.

If you would like to cancel before the trial ends, you may do so for any reason and you will not be charged again. Simply call 1-800-222-8985

OPENED ACCOUNT 2:30 PM 3/19/2020

CANCELLED 2:55 PM 3/19/2020

Address’s wrong, phone numbers wrong, NO employment History, no pics, licenses not correct. Did a check on known friends and their info was nowhere close. I can find more info on a Google search, myself.

Sent email to support at instantcheckmate dot com asking for cancelation confirmation number. As of yet I have no reply and no idea if my account has been canceled.

“Our number one goal at Instant Checkmate is customer satisfaction. If you wish to cancel your membership, feel free to call one of our excellent member care staff at 1-800-222-8985.” Doesn’t appear to be the case.

I also found out they ONLY post 5 star reviews on their website. Go look, the check BBB website for all reviews.

  • Feb 25, 2019

Total Scam -- Who runs this outfit, the Mafia?

Discovered my wife's credit card had a $28 per month charge from Instant Checkmate for the last six months. We never used them, never signed up for anything from them, nada, zilch, zip. Had our credit card company issue new card number because of this scam outfit. Internet search finds huge numbers of people reporting similar incidents with this scam company.

Worse, the search info they do provide to customers is frequently inaccurate with things like criminal records that don't apply to the individual. It seems that trying to "opt out" from them selling your private info also doesn't work. FTC hit them with a huge fine in 2014 for their criminal activities yet they are still stealing from people's credit cards and ruining people's lives by providing bogus information.

Where is the FTC? Where is the DOJ? Why are criminal outfits like this one allowed to continue stealing from innocent people and destroying their lives by providing false information? It's a shame. The mafia types running this company deserve more than just huge fines. They deserve to be BEHIND BARS!

  • Mar 21, 2018

I was looking up County Records and ICM popped up, asking me to breifly look at this person's background information. I went through the whole information that I knew about this person. at the end it said to download PDF and to view all information it was $34.78 a month. I purchased it. tried to view all the information, it kept saying ERROR.

At this point I was pissed..... I cancelled transaction, I thought this was it. Well my bank contacted me and said my account was overdrawn $34.78 to view imediatly. I called ICM customer service advises me that I should have reported the ERROR message... I tried all it would say was ERROR. They told me sorry but they are showing the report was viewed and downloaded, I responded with ( well it must have went to f***ing Siberia) BE CAREFUL WITH THIS SITE CAUSE THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY BEFORE YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK YOU PAID FOR...

  • Oct 31, 2017

This a complete scam. I have been charged with membership since 20`14 (which is one me for being stupida. However when I did discover the charges I was told they would cancel the membership and credit my credit card account. That was over three weeks ago and they have not credited my account.

  • Aug 22, 2017

I agreed to a trial of their services, and immediately canceled. The report they gave me was old and full of errors. Weeks later, they charged my card twice. Once for 19.99, the other for 34.78, neither of which was authorized

  • Mar 9, 2017

An advertising box kept popping up on the internet urging to "find out hidden information" about people. Curious, I typed in my name and was shocked to find that Instantheckmate had published a slanderous profile with "shocking and graphic information and criminal reports about me!" Instantcheckmate reported that I had been arrested for prostitution along with a host of other criminal charges. Totally untrue! In addition, they linked my postal box address withthe prostitute's address.

Instantcheckmate, Truthfinder, Been Verified, Intelius all have the same untrue garbage. They merely pulled all reports with a first/last name and mixed them up without verifying or checking out the facts or identities. refused to correct the slander and demanded that I send them a copy of my drivers license and other personal ID before they would do anything. What right do these slanderers have to demand anything? They are publishing lies and making money off ruining my reputation. The FTC needs to put these idiots out of business and ensure that the "background check industry" gets a person's permission to publish facts instead of carelessly pulling a bunch of reports and pretending they are legit.

I have had trouble getting a good job and now I know why. I need to sue these idiots.

  • Feb 7, 2017

I was planning to obtain the aggregated data from public record, and was willing to pay Instant Checkmate's advertised price. When I started the process, he price increased, so I navigated away from their page. Their "sticky banner" popped up offering me a $1 trial for 5 days for unlimited reports. That was okay, so I clicked it and filled out the form. I ran one report that held a lot of bad information (someone else with the same name). Another banner said that to get accurate and deeper result (I'm paraphrasing because I doesn't remember the exact wording), to click here. In all, I wound up with two bogus reports, 80% for the wrong people, and they tried to charge me over $50.00. When my credit card company sent me a message regarding fraud, I asserted that I did not authorize $19.99 and then $29.99 and another $2.99 - and they pended the charges. I called Instant Checkmate, and a rude lady told me to let her speak! I did, and she explained she would refund all 2/3 of the charges, and that I was mistaken in thinking I signed up for the $1 for 5 day trial. She interrupted me whenever I tried to talk, but I finally told her she was wrong. I signed up for $1.00, and that's all I would pay. She kept telling me I was confused, and since they had to pay the state for the records (which was another false statement), they couldn't refund the last $15 or $20 (whatever that amount was). I called her out, because they don't have to pay for public information. After telling me I was confused and that I never signed up for the $1 trial, I explained I had retired from a law enforcement agency, and knew she was lying. After researching this site, BBB, and other boards - turns out many, many people go through what I did almost verbatim. Their website keeps changing the dynamic, and you end up getting charged exhorbitant amounts for nothing. The information they aggregate (for free) is terrible, and they try to keep a portion of your money when you catch on - giving you some back to calm your angst. I've been a programmer for almost 30 years, and will return to the PC I ran this on to capture their pages - meaning I can prove they manipulate their website through simple forensics. This info will go to friends at the FTC and to the BBB. Avoid this company unless you want garbage at a premium price.

  • Nov 24, 2016

I ordered a report was charged for it and got robbed and debited by instantcheckmate. Have reported them for fraud at the bank in south africa.

  • Sep 29, 2016

I bought into the "report" thing to have an official copy of criminal records. Completely wrong and not current. Absolutely no information was given to me that I couldn't have googled. VERY VERY disappointed and want my money back. Total and complete ripoff. Ironically, they have no where to put a comment on the page. Imagine that!

  • Jul 28, 2016

This company has taken away more than $500 dollars off of my bank account. They never told me that the account are renewable monthly. I just found out today that they have been taken money for the past two years. I am now unemployed and the charges for over charge on my bank took my money. I don't know how I can get it back especially now that I am unemployed.

  • Jul 25, 2016

These ads are misleading in what they provide and the cost. I have been charged for an incomplete report. I will not have to go to the courthouse and try to get a complete record, which I will have to pay for again.

Disapointing site, does not provide what is advertised and charges more for than advertised. This site should be investigated and taken offline, there is no truth in their reports and even less in their advertised prices.

  • Jul 16, 2016

I created an email account specifically to register at I thoroughly read their privacy policies and terms of service, and I opted out of ALL communications. Despite this, after about a month, that email account started receiving dozens of spam emails per day. Half of them are the obnoxious and age-old sex-enhancement ads, and half appear to be generic retail. All of them are scam sites designed to look like reputable companies such as Amazon. In addition to being illegal scams, some also do not comply with the legally mandated "unsubscribe" option, and unsubscribing doesn't stop the spam anyway. In short, this place sells your information to heavily spamming scammers (or is the scammer themselves). Do NOT use this site, even the free portion.

  • May 28, 2016

I initially used Instant Checkmate for the free one month trial and cancelled soon after I registered. They charged my paypal account for 2 months before I caught the fact that they were charging my account. I immediately called them and told them about my cancellation. This was 15 months ago. Yesterday, I got a notice from Paypal that Instant Checkmate had made an approved withdrawal from my account. I immediately called Paypal, and they won't do anything about the withdrawal, they said I have to contact the company. I contacted the company and am still waiting for a refund of, not only one month but two months of illegal withdrawals from my paypal account. If you cancel your subscription with Instant Checkmate, it does not mean they will not in the future try to charge your credit card or paypal account. BE Careful!

  • Nov 2, 2016


I had the same thing happen to me just found out after 11 months they tried charging me for series I thought was did you get this resolved?

  • May 18, 2016

I recently saw an internet ad to see for Free what my personal information looked like online, so I was directed to instant checkmate and I stupidly answered all their personal questions and then when they told me it was going to cost $22.96 to see my report, I quickly logged off without paying. Then even though Instant checkmate guarantees that all the information they have is completely SAFE and SECURE, they then sold all my personal information to some international scam artists in the Dominican Republic.

Today, one week to the day I logged off without paying, I receive a phone call from someone pretending to be my grandson who had taken an overnight trip to the Dominican Republic and was in trouble because he had drinking and was over the limit and he had created an automobile accident and he needed $1,100 to pay for the damages he caused or he would be arrested and put in jail for 6 to 12 months. He said he was at the American Embassy and he handed the phone to someone illegally impersonating a Marine Sargent. He said his name was Sgt. Richard Benson and his phone number was 1-829-454-9916 ext. 241 and he was on duty for the American Embassy in Santo Domingo, and He would get my grandson out of the country with no charges if i would MoneyGram $1,100 to an attorney named Jeyson Contreras - Reyes with instructions of No Home Delivery - so they could pick it up - and no accurate description about the Legal Problems, and just call the $1,100 a Vacation Expense. THIS IS FRAUD! because they Guarantee that all their Personal Information is Safe and Secure and no one else can get your information which is a complete an utter fraudulent statement.

After I got all the details written down, the personal impersonating the Marine Sargent working in the US Embassy asked me how long it would take before I could send the money and I said two hours. (I believe it is a Federal Offense to impersonate a member of the United States Armed Forces.) After I hung up I called my grandson at his dorm room at the University of Texas Tech and he answered and said hello Grand Paul, and I told him of the scam and that I was grateful to see that he wasn't in the Dominican Republic. Then I asked myself where could they have gotten that information? Then, I remembered the instant checkmate questions. Therefore, since I really don't use Facebook that the information had to come from instant checkmate. One more thing I think they also picked me because I am 80 years old, and I guess that means they assume the older relatives are an easy scam.

I request that we get the FTC to instigate a Lawsuit against instant checkmate for selling personal information to criminals and I will be willing to testify against them. In fact I would love to know if any other people that have used Instant Checkmate have been victims of this scam so we could create a Class Action Lawsuit against Instant Checkmate and their illegal operations and get them off the internet.

  • Mar 28, 2016

I called today and gave them this information and they would only refund me for 3 months for a total of $88.88 On my bank statements, the following month apparently they continued to charge monthly but it wasn't charged under their own company name of Instant Checkmate. I then attributed these ongoing charges to something my husband bought. Apparently I was incorrect. My email NEVER CHANGED. THE company could've communicated about my account status and charges which most companies do. My working phone number is . The original number I put in on this form is my Samsung phone which broke last night. I feel this is dishonest manipulative way to take advantage of consumers. They have the ability to see the usage on my account (or lack of usage. They could've communicated via email or phone the fact that my account was being charged after I cancelled and charges to my account for services I used for trial period. I'm so disappointed.. I am on disability and my husband on social security. That's alot of money to us..

I pretty much explained the situation/problem with Instant Checkmate above. I used trial period and looked up my own name and cancelled following day. I've been charged since May 2015.. Unauthorized on my card. But it was inconspicuous because it was charged under a different name. I thought it was a $29.95 charge was my husband's cell phone bill. I chose to call them as I saw their add again and thought it would be wise to confirm my account was cancelled in May2015. I showed my husband the charges and he told me that this wasn't the automatic monthly cell phone company. Called company..they would only refund me $88.88. For a service I didn't use and authorize continued charges. Can you help me? Deborah Streator,IL 61364

  • Mar 7, 2016

Use was supposed to be a one time cost. They have continued to remove $25.85 from my Checking Account for months.

  • Jan 27, 2016

I purchased a one day membership to use Instant Checkmate background service for $1. Approximately one month later I noticed an unauthorized charge to my debit card for $26 and change. According to some research, Instant Checkmate makes a habit of ripping people off in this manner.

  • Jan 27, 2016

Yes we used a people check for a 1.00 right after we used it we cancelled it now we were charged 35.00 22.86 and once again 1.00 all on the same day 1/25/16. this is a true scam and needs something to be done. we never use the ckmate Web sight it was or said people search and right after we tried using it and was unhappy with it cancelled it so why is this ckmate charging us .we want are money back and can't even get anyone to respond to us or give us a line of crap please help us get are money and top this scam

  • Jan 18, 2016

Paid for 'background checks' on numerous people - all came back with NO information. Entered one name that I KNOW has 'background' problems, and got same answer -

  • Jan 8, 2016

Got my bank statement and noticed an unusual charge for 11.62 not much to be alarmed over, so i went back to look at some previous statements and sure enough there is the same charge for the last 4 months. Well now im pissed. there is no ID or company name associated with this charge so I have no way to get in touch with the b*******. unfortunatly now i have to close my account, tthanks a lot a*******, go work for your pay like the rest of us...Kharma is a b****, pay me back what you've stolen or the wrath will be on you.

  • Jan 4, 2016

Looking for criminal background on family member. Knew details and wanted to verify them by pdf. Paid for the detailed report $26 and also the PDF $1.99. The repoprt did not have ANY of his arrest record information and the pdf version did not come up. SCAM!! I am going to fight the charge to my card.

Use public arrest sites and look it up yourself. It takes time, but at least its accurate and does not cost you money!

  • Dec 2, 2015

The following was found on my Debit Card Bank Statement. Which I Never charged or authorized!

  • Dec 2, 2015

Paid for one month service to Instant Checkmate (minimum required) to see what information was being made available about me and my family. Birthdate and addresses were OK. But my husband was listed incorrectly with extensive criminal records which are completely false. He has never been in some of the places he was supposedly charged for crimes. What that means is that if someone or organization was checking up on him for a reference or a job or membership, he could be harmed by false information. So could anyone. Additional information was garbled, out of date or incorrect. After the original $29.00 you have to pay an additional $1.99 to download and they keep trying to get you to pay an additional $19.00 to get all the information which they told you you would get for the original $29.00 Nearly $52.00 for false, incorrect and out of date information.

They even said my mother-in-law was 106 when she died! She was 86. And that she had been in court for driving offenses. She didn't own a car or know how do drive. They had a picture of some man they said was my husband. Have no idea who he is. Some young woman from Facebook was said to be my mother-in-law who is dead and never touched a computer let alone joined Facebook. This company is doing harm and should be pulled off the internet.

  • Nov 26, 2015

They have been charging my Credit Card for 3 months. Some recurring fee that I never signed up for. Was on the phone with a my bank on a 3way with Checkmate and the guy Ronny claimed I did a background check on myself 2 months ago. I asked for a full refund and disputed my charges with the bank and Ronny said he would refund me 50% of the 22 dollar charge. He also kept referring to me as if I did all this to the bank lady. He signed up, He did this, he did that. I tried signing into their site with my email and the passwords that I use and it would not work. It keeps saying this account does not exist. I highly recommend you Cancel you credit card number right away and get a new one. These people are Frauds! Stole almost $70.00 from my credit card and have the guts to act as if I did this. The Bank lady kept asking him what their procedure is if someone disputes a charge and of course he didnt have an answer.

  • Nov 16, 2015

I noticed a debit on my account that was off from my typical withdrawl from the ATMs. I noticed they had been taking out money since february 17th and each month they would take out 22.86 on days between the 11th-17th. I had a similar issue with SPOKEO and when I called them they were kind enough to refund me my money after I told them " I didn't make any arrangements with your company. These charges are not authorized by me". So I googled the name on my statement and found it to be Instant Checkmate Inc. and I called them.

I was connected to an American clear speaking understandable woman named Lisa or Alicia. I informed her that I didn't know what her company was and there are charges I didn't authorize being taken from my account in the amount off 22.86. She said "let me put you on hold while I look into this". When she came back on the phone she was very different. She spoke so fast, like at the end of sales commercials explaining the small details, that I couldn't hear anything except "....I'll go ahead and cancel your membership" . my mind is still reeling on what the heck she just said so I said " what? okay, so will you also be reversing these charges?" more fast talk but I did hear " days before charge" I said " I didn't set this up though" then she began to speak right over me in a fed up manner saying " the account was opened on february 14th. " I said "I think I caught all this before with your company and I think I may have called and cancelled this, I'm gonna have to call you back." That was the SPOKEO company that I had been remembering. Both companies are ones I didn't authorize.

This company has been taking out 22.86 from my account on random days between the 11th and 17th each month since February. I have looked for some type of email confirming my purchase or even an email update for having this membership and I have nothing. I don't know how this place got my info but they are not trying to assist me in these fraudulent charges. I wrote the BBB, I've written on here and come tomorrow (Monday morning) I will be letting my bank handle this.

  • Nov 6, 2015

Notified US Bank re charges made to my debit card. I've been very careless or would have discovered this in 2013!

Instant CheckMate has been charging my account every 3 months to the grand total of $401.22. 9 charges [email protected] $44.58 each.

I phoned Instant Checkmate and they claimed I had requested background report from them. I don't believe that for a moment. I had no reason to ask for background report...if anything, only an address for a certain person and I can get that for far less money than they charged.

They never furnished me with a background report, and had they done so, why keep charging after the first charge?

Am reporting this to FTC (Federal Trade Commission), also local news station KTNV and further complaint to US Bank.

I believe that in 2013 I had another debit card number. Had a phone call (don't recall the date) from US Bank advising that my card had been "compromised" and they issued the card number at that time which ends in 59.

Instant CheckMate, in their response to US Bank indicates the 59 ending...that I had given them that number...don't think so...and have good reason not to believe it. My number has since been changed so that this bunch cannot charge against my account.

I note that your form below asks if I used a credit card. I don't think I ever ordered from this company, They got my name somehow. Am not sure if this was about the same time that there was the huge issue with Target Stores. I had purchased a TV from Target the very day that their records were swiped.

  • Oct 29, 2015

I requested a background check on line in June or July. A charge of $59.16 was on my card statement for October 23,2015 . I did not request any further services and did not sign up for an on-going subscription. This charge should be refunded.

  • Oct 28, 2015

I signed up with InstantCheckmate at about 1AM. I agreed to two charges, $19.99 monthly fee, and $1.99 "we-want-more-$$$" fee. As I got into the process of checking out people, I quickly learned that they have a plethora of additional up-changes. I highly suspect that each additional "upgrade" you authorize opens other pathways to financial success for the site. I doubt there is an end to the charges they are willing to assess. NEVER before I gave my credit card number was I told that it would cost MUCH more to get a "complete" report. They sucker you in with one fee, and bury you with others. What you are left with if you do NOT pay more is an incomplete report.

By 8:30AM, I had received a call from my credit card company asking me if the THREE new charges on my credit card were fraudulent charges. One charge was NOT approved, $13.64 had been deducted from my credit card without my knowledge or permission. The InstantCheckmate agent I spoke with said that the $13.64 charge was just the monthly fee, regardless of what their website says. I've seen their add all over the Internet, and it has always been $19.99 for a month.

My credit card company had decided that the $19.99 was surely fraudulent, so they had already denied it. They allowed the other 2 charges to go through.

I'm going to keep checking my credit card statement online, and if another charge shows up, I'll fight it with VISA. Their Customer Service agent wasn't capable of understanding the problem. She just kept saying the monthly fee is $13.64. The odd among should have tipped her off, but, as they say, "there's just no fixing stupid".

I've had enough of InstantCheckmate. Anyone who decides to sign up after reading this can expect a long train of "upgrade" charges to show up on their credit card bill. I have no idea how high the final per month price tag could climb, but I'm sure that more than double the original $19.99 is a very reasonable guess.

  • Oct 26, 2015

I was in a hurry to get some information quicly so i joined instant checkmate for a quick result without doing any research. I knew the fee would recurr monthly. To be fair i got the details i wanted quickly. The problem is i was smart enough to go back and try to cancel and you cannot do it online ! but have to call a toll free number. This instantly sent alarm bells ringing lol. I live outside the us so i guess i would incurr charges. There is not even a contact for e mail on their site, but i eventually found one. So i have e mailed to cancel. Just to make sure i will visit my bank here and get any further payments.

  • Oct 16, 2015

I signed up for instant checkmate to view a persons information because they were arrested on our property. I did a search with them to find out their other arrests. They reported none which I know was inaccurate. I cancelled my two day membership, and now I get about 100-150 spam e-mails a day from websites. I know that this is InstantCheckMate that sold my information because I have NEVER gotten spam until I signed up with them, and I never use that e-mail address to sign up for anything. Google luckily sends it to the spam folder but I still have to delete them. From Midnight to 6 a.m. I got 51 spam e-mails. Do the math. They are a horrible company that provides bullshit information. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!

  • Oct 16, 2015

I checked out, which was started as a dating service but has morphed into a money maker. They have a good model for making money, and those that use it, and add info to it, are helping them correct thier biusness model (they give you the option to add info, but not delete info, if you are the person checking on yourself.) If you give them more information, they will get either more or less accuriate with the information they sell, according to wheither you give it to them stright or, I think it best not to give anymore info at all.

I checked on myself and found duplicated information in my crimanal record. Ex: I had one DUI in my life but they listed two, with differant outcomes. They listed my real name as an alias and also as an inposter. When I called to complain they said they got the info from public records and if that's the way it is listed they are just passing it on. Selling missinformation for the real thing.

There was info that should have been there, and thier excuse was, some states, counties, etc. don't give out certain public info, sounds like an excuse to me. I know some states will not give out marriage or divorce records but I did not know the courts did not give out your correct crimal history. If someone needs a background check to vett another, it should come from law enforcement , and law enforcement will not give that info to just anybody, You have to know someone in the right place (preferably records) or be on the need to know basis.

As I recall it cost over $100 to find this out, and from what I have learned the potential for harm is extreme. if you are checking on another person, you my not have the right person, or you may be getting information, duplicated, omitted, or just plain wrong.(false)

They corrected my bill somewhat, but I believe this kind of site that makes claims it can not comfirm is just plain wrong. And according to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, there are no more right to privacy. They also list relatives I don't have. And some I do, that did not exsist in checkmates reports.

I will go to the courts and see if the real records are as faulty as checkmates and get back to you.

When I went to Google to check on complaints, it appears checkmate is taking their own complaints on sevaral sites. but don't take my word for it, check for yourself. Where are the attorney generals, comsumer protection folks, FCC, etc.? They are also not accreted with the BBB!

  • Oct 5, 2015

After using my credit card for a worthless background check, my Ceditcard was used at Bestbuy online for $1338.87. Stay clear of Total Credit Card Scam!

  • Oct 3, 2015

I needed to find someone from my past to let him know both his parents died recently. I had this persons dob, social security number. I knew if I went on a web site for state of florida vital stasistics I would probably find some info. I kept getting a pop up for instant checkmate. after paying 28.85 plus 1.99 to download the report it was very disappointing to see old information. No new address, phone, just a very extensive criminal record which I knew about already. please help all of us to stop this company from taking our money, I want a refund.

  • Oct 1, 2015

I needed to find out some info on a shady aquaintace of mine, so I figured that Instant Checkmate might be able to help me out. WRONG! I signed up for the basic membership, for one month, as the price was a little over $10.00! So I began to do my background search on this person at Instant Checkmate, and all that it did was give me the run around!

So on a hunch, I decided to do background checks on a few people, and they all came back with the same preset answers, except for their adresses, phone numbers, and DOB. The lack of info on their background checks was faulty, as I know these people, for example had some run ins with the law and none of it showed up in their report!

Also, my debit card was not billed Ten dollars and change, as was stated in their one month fee, but was billed over $50.00 due to hidden fees! This whole set-up is a sham and a fraud! This "company" is run by unscrupulous people to say the least! I would like to get my money back!

  • Sep 28, 2015

I used Instant Checkmate for a one time report on 8/19/2015. They charged me three times for the report. Then on 9/1/15, tehy billed a double charge.

  • Sep 28, 2015

Instant Checkmate results were totally innacurate. They did not deliver even 2% of the info requested. Instant Checkmate even had the wrong picture of the person we were searching for. I called the company within 5 min of joining and did get my full refund. I would not have cancelled if I got all the results promised. I shall see in 3-5 business days if my account has been credited as promised today. This company is a total rippoff..

  • Sep 24, 2015

On or about September.21, 2015 instant checkmate took 26.85, 19.99 from my MasterCard. I never order anything from them ever. Today they tried to charge me again 26.85 I like my money back that they stole. So fill of s*** that place they ripping off people but they no realize they not taking from me they taking from make me blast their a** over the t.v news cause I make them so shame...just give me my money baxk that is all I want. I disable too take from disable people f****** shame. Kentrell keaau,hawaii

  • Sep 16, 2015

Stay away from this product! I signed up for a one month membership. When I went to run the reports I needed, the website tells me that to get the data I have to unlock the "Premium Data" and pay an additional $20.00 per report to do so. They don't tell you that up front. Deceptive practices!!! STAY AWAY!

Fortunately they agreed to refund my money.

  • Sep 14, 2015

Instant Checkmate Inc. This company is a complete scam do not waste your money the infomation that they provide is information that you can obtain by doing a google search on the person that tyou are trying to find out about. This company is a scanm and a ripoff if they have any valuable information abou the th preson that you are inquiring about you have to pay another $20 in addition to the $23 that you have to pay initially for worthless information. They provide things like the persons linkdin account information from mantra real estate website etc. THey will provide no information that you yourself cannot obtain by doing a google search. This company is a complete SCAM and RIPOFF total waste of money. Do not spend good money after bad trying to locate info on deabeats. This company is a DEADBEAT. Total SCAM INstant Ccheckmate INc is a Rippofff. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY you will get no viable information from this website.

  • Sep 14, 2015

I signed up for this thinking it would actually live up to it's hype and marketing all over Google. It's not worth your monthly subscription. The basic unlimted gives you nothing you can't find yourself on the internet for free. It only gave outdated information about telephone,address,horoscope(as if this is important) and barely any return information of criminal or social media accounts.

Very Very poor I would stick with Whitepages or some other site if I were you. Lesson learned! I cancelled my membership the same day and don't expect customer sevice to give you a refund, just access to their poor site until the end of your membership. They don't care if you are dissatisfied. They will only tell you they are not FCRA approved and therefore it's your fault for believing their false adviretisment that InstantCheckMate puts out there which states they will help with " criminal records,background checks,court documents and much more!" They don't and will try to charge you another $20 for the premium information ( who knows if it's gonna be anything better than what they've already allowed you to have access to). RIP OFF!!! Scoundrels!!!

Don't expect anything like " Marriage,divorce,criminal,employment records" only expect " Name, old phone/address, possible relatives,horoscope and no social sites with the exception of Linkden.

  • Sep 14, 2015

I was trying to get information about a person I believe is either a terific liar or a fraud also.

He damaged our trailer when moving it September 2013. He admitted doing the damage and promised to repair but has not done so.

So, the reason I was trying to acquire information about a bsckground check was to file a small claim at the local authorities.

Instant checkmate led me astray and charged my charge card with no information about the person.

  • Sep 11, 2015

Instant Checkmate advertised online as the best rated service to check on people and discover background information such as criminal history, previous addresses, police records, mugshots, social networks, youtube, etc. The service was offered on the internet for a "sale price" of approx. $19.99, (reg. price, 39.95). This sounded like a good deal for a "top rated" verification service.

After taking advantage of the "sale" price, paid by credit card on the internet, I started looking up people whom I knew had problems on their records. None of those issues surfaced. In fact, wrong pictures came in as well as very little correct information that is easily discovered free online. In some cases, I entered a name along with a middle initial and received 79 choices that were all wrong. I was told that those 79 choices matched my criteria which included the middle initial, "C". Not one of the 79 choices had the "C" as a middle initial, yet they said that they did!

Then, after I found no pertinent information concerning these people, I noticed a note that came up on the dashboard saying that if I couldn't find all the information I needed, I could upgrade to the "Premium" service for $19.99 more. What did I pay the initial $19.99 for?? Hmmm, this sounds like Bait and Switch to me.

  • Sep 4, 2015

Back ground check that brings up nothing! did background check on a known criminal and nothing came up! So it is a waste of money and time! When you call to cancell they don't even ask why! Because they already know why!

  • Aug 31, 2015

I saw an ad for the ability to access phone records and all social networks. It simply showed me every thing I already knew about the individual and nothing that I couldn't access at my public library or in public records at the courthouse. After paying for the service it claimed to have more available for an additional charge. I am desprate to find out this information so shame on me. I paid the additional fee and still have nothing to show for it!

  • Aug 27, 2015

I clicked on the instant checkmate yahoo advertisement that offered free search information on people. So the first point is that the service is not free.

After reviewing their website, i clicked out, seeing that the process was set up to provide nothing but a means to take your money - it was not free.

A window came up offering the previous $15.99 service - now a $1 trial for five days.

I decided, okay, i'll try it for a day. They wanted a credit card to do the $1 and we all know what happens when you give your credit card number. It takes an act of congress to get them to stop charging you, if you can ever get in contact with the right person to get the cancellation to take place.

Fortunately, bank of america has a credit card service called shop safe that let's you create temporary credit cards for an exact limited amount. You set the amount and it's good for 60 days. So i did a shop safe temp card for $5.00.

And wouldn't you know it. As soon as i signed up for the $1 and asked to see the report that took 10 minutes to be created, they wanted another $1.99 to download it using the excuse that it was a pdf charge. Okay, another $1.99 to see how much of a scam this was going to be.

So now, my one time fee of $1.99 was made. I instantly received a notice from bofa that the charge came thorugh.

Now - that was completed, but after 20 minutes, still no download, no pdf, but a window did keep coming up asking me if i wanted the upgraded report for only $19.99. So finally i clicked yes. The wheel started to turn, five minutes, ten minutes, 20 minutes. Nothing ever happened, except that bofa advised me that a charge of $19.99 came through but was not honored because it exceeded the limit on the temp card.

So i went to the website, logged in and looked up the phone number to their customer service. I immediately called and within 30 seconds, a man named veda came on the line. I told him i wanted to do a cancellation and he immediately took care of it. I expect and believe that the account is now eliminated, but we will see in the next few days if they try to charge me again for the $19.99 upgraded report.

Throughout the entire process, i did not receive any reports and nothing was downloaded, including the pdf that they charged me to receive.

  • Aug 14, 2015

Said i could tell if my mate was cheating by who he was texting. They never gave me any phone numbers of anyone being texted. The name that came back on the phone number I submitted was wrong.all they wanted was to get me to buy more services .there were nothing on the numbers i used.they did not perform any service like they said. This is a rip off big time.I want my money back

  • Aug 10, 2015

Check Mate was deceptive in offering a full scan of an individuals identification. It looked nice when it was "drawing up the information", but after paying the fee, there was very little information. Yet continued to ask for more fees for more information. White Pages has more info for free as well as government agencies on line. I wasted a bit of money on this. Do not go with them for privacy information.

  • Aug 10, 2015

Do not sign up for this scam site. They take your money for a month or the period you signed up for. They advertise that you can get full background checks, including residences, personal, legal documents, licenses, and traffic violations. However, after many moments of searching (part of the scam) it shows only what you could have found yourself. They cannot tell you anything legal, traffic violations, sentences, etc; it is private and protected.

They do claim they can, but they cannot. Do not waste your money. This is a company that will take your money for the month or period you signed up for, until you cancel the service. They will not refund this money, and you are stuck paying the initial sign-up fee for absolutely nothing. Any information they have, you can easily find yourself. While you are waiting for information, it goes through a series of 5-15 different bars that seem to be scanning for information from databases, but brings very little information that anyone can find.


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