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Instacart Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2020

Instacart This letter is a warning to all people who are considering working for instant don't!!! The business doesn't support their employees who are wrongfully accused of stealing from a client. I was accused of stealing from a client by Instacart, even though I had picture proof to prove that all the groceries were indeed delivered to that customer.

No matter if you prove to Instacart that you're indeed innocent of the accusations that the client is making against you, you'll still lose access to your account. Beware, future employees. If you are an independent contractor of Instacart who has faced accusations of such, please contact the board of labor or any other agencies to have your matter resolved.

  • May 24, 2020

THINK TWICE BEFORE SIGNING UP AS A SHOPPER. INSTACART IS A HUGE SCAM. At the beginning, you will do well and make a lot of money but after a few GOOD checks they will change your location to shop at to where it is very far away. The CHAT ROOMS for help are a SCAM too. They don't DO ANYTHING TO HELP! Also BOTS are taking over batches and Instacart won't do anything to stop them.

  • May 3, 2020

Instacart is a rip off scam modern robbery company. They charged me over $30 extra for a $55 order! Then, I reported the issue in their terrible user unfriendly website. It took them a while to put $24 back as credit into my Instacart account for future purchases. I didn't want to accept that because first, it was ~$6 less than what I had lost and second, I was not happy with their service, so I didn't want to make a future order on their website.

So, I reported the issue again, and it took them days to do nothing. Did I call? Yes, but they would not answer the calls because of too much call load during coronavirus chaos. I eventually found a chat option and chatted with someone and told them I want my money back into my bank account not Instacart account. They told me OK! we have issued the refund and wait for 5-10 days for receiving your money!

After 11 days, I called them and said I have not gotten any money back in my bank account, and now they tell me that they cannot issue a refund in my bank account because it has been more than two weeks from the purchase, and their system does not allow them to do it. The agents are all foreigners with thick accent, they claim that they hold the highest customer service levels, and they are not able to connect me to their manager/supervisor/financial office. Really?! At the first place, I did not want them to take money out of my account. Then, it is not my problem that their system is poorly designed.

Also, what kinda high level customer service is this that they cannot connect me to any any any decision making staff in their company. I am really disappointed and frustrated with their service, and I am going to copy this review in any consumer report website that I can find even if they refund me right now! I spent just three hours right now on the phone waiting to be referred to somebody or being taken care of, but nothing I achieved rather than frustration, headache, and disappointment. This is a rip off, scam, 100% Indian based customer service company. Imagine how many people are ripped off by a few dollars and they don't even bother to complain, or they are very old to even notice, or they don't want to miss on of their very few chances of online shopping in this coronavirus chaos.

  • Mar 20, 2020

For the first time ever, I ordered groceries from Ralphs Groceries in Lakewood but when I received it, I only got some of the items I had ordered although my credit card ws charged for the entire amount

I called Ralphs and after spending several frustrting minues, I was told that I needed to call Instacart since that's who delivers the food.

I called Instacart last night and was greeted with a message which said the wait time was 59 minutes! I held for more than an hour and no one came on.

This morning, I called before 7 AM our time and got the same messagee which makes me think that no matter what day or time you call, you'll get that message.

I'm trying to call the credit card company and dispute the charge although the charge went through Ralphs.

I'm also going to call Ralphs and suggest they find another food delivery service. One that delivers what you order and one that you can actually reach.

  • Feb 11, 2020

This is very straightforward: upon logging in, a banner for the store I was shopping (Acme Markets) said I have free delivery today. OK, fine. Picked out a cart totaling the minimum for free delivery, moved to checkout. Oh, surprise! Line item for "delivery" says FREE, line item for "service fee" says $2.00.

Also showed a line item for "tip" which was prefilled to $2.00, changeable if desired (which I would have set to zero - I don't "tip" until after served, when my groceries arrive unbroken/unspoiled/on time.) I am not interested in the fact that their lawyers may have advised them that a service fee can mean something different than a delivery charge.

The delivery IS the service, so I call BS on Instacart. Moral of the story (it's an old one) - if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Oh...yes...almost forgot: most of the items listed for the store have their prices increased SIGNIFICANTLY, no doubt to cover the "free" delivery - example Entenmann's Danish Twist, 15 oz., sells in the store all day long for like $6, priced at $8+ on Instacart.

  • Dec 27, 2019

Instacart's job is to give people who want to work false hope. If you sign up, and pass a background test they won't give you any work. I would never use them to deliver groceries after how they treat people-period.

  • Dec 25, 2019

I've ordered food from RALPHS through the company KROGER to be delivered by INSTACART.

they brought me the wrong order 5 time in a row, often bringing me food I didn't order and leaving out up to 6 items that I did order. They DO NOT fix this by bringing the right food but rather they offer you a refund which takes up 10 days to get. So if you're cooking dinner and you need the order to be right DON'T DEPEND on this worthless service.





  • Dec 16, 2019

I had placed an order for myself on 12/12 and the bill was for $35.85 assumed that by using the email link to Instacart I would get a discount of $10.00 which I did not get. Plus my bank sent me an email with fraud detection on my account and they declined a $45.00 charge from your company

12/12/2019 INSTACART SAN FRANCISCO,CA $45.00 Declined

I’m had also sent the link to friends as I was told I would get $10.00 for each person who ordered.

My son came to visit and said I probably did something wrong. He followed the link and placed an order to be picked up between 2-3. Here is a copy of his receipt no $10 off. I did not get anything for him placing an order so now we are out $30.00 between the two of us and Wells Fargo is doing a check for fraud.

I don’t know whether this is a new app and you are working out the bugs, or trying to get data from all the emails everyone is entering. I’ve told all my people NOT to use the link. Very disappointed. Plus when you go to click on the all done it won’t do anything

On the email where it says have an issue click it and it sends you to FoodLion home page so you can start shopping

  • Nov 17, 2019

Went to Hy-Vee's website and did a search for an item. The item popped up at

a good price. I ordered $31.92 of this item. I started getting responses from InstaCart as they will be delivering and sent me the charges of Tip, Service fee and tax totaling $37.00.

They delivered it on time and the young lady was very polite. I took the two sacks into the house. A day or so later as I was putting the last sack away, I found the receipt inside for $52.00. I went right to Hy-Vee to complain. They said they never heard of Instacart and had no working relationship with them.

Emailed Instacart and of course it's not their fault their advertising for HY-Vee wasn't the same as the store here. RIPOFF....It's NOT their fault. Hy-Vee delivers free themselves and I thought that is what I was ordering and being delivered from.

Folks, order only from to get free delivery from the store...

  • Nov 1, 2019

I'm writing to inform you about the New On Demand Only in Las Vegas. Let me start by saying that I have worked for Instacart for going on two yrs now. When I started there was just a little over 300 shoppers in Las Vegas. Now it is over 600 and growing!!

Vegas is not a big enough market for that many shoppers!! Implement a waiting list for new hires. The valley is saturated already. Secondly, I speak for the many shoppers who like myself have busted our backs working 60+ hrs a week for a yr or more to make sure we had early access.

Now not only has our pay been cut drastically but now with On Demand we now have to fight with the new shoppers to even get an order at all! We don't even have time to see what the order is because it's gone!! This is just another stab in our backs by Instacart!!! We want our hours back and our wages!!

Instacart workers will be striking Nov 3rd Nationwide!

  • May 7, 2019

I've recieved 8 different orders from this company, and have had great success. Today, I was treated with hostility at my front door from one of there representatives. I was told that a woman should have been at my door, by the name of Kierre.

A man came to my door and acted very hostile. I spoke to customer service there and they did not care about handling the situation. I was literally told that this Kierre person was supposed to be a woman (not the man that I dealt with), shortly after I spoke to a supervisor and they did not care to handle the situation.

They just went into PR mode. There are so many more better options than this place.

  • Apr 6, 2018

I am really upset because I wanted to work for Instacart and when I applied, I was told I was rejected for no reason. I have a great driving record and work history. There is no reason why they should reject me. I feel this company is a scam and they discriminate against people for no reason.

  • Feb 2, 2018

2/1/18 I prepare my order and submit my order. My credit card was denied. My bank thought this was a fraud charge, I notified bank that yes in fact the charge was mine. The order total was over $220.70.

My bank had every right to decline the charge. My bank was just being cautious.

Instacart didn't know what to do on their end to resolve the matter. It took me over 19 hours of struggling on their site to get my order created.

When a company is in business accepting credit cards they will encounter issues. It is the company's responsbility to handle these issues.

Instacart wanted me to close my account and open a new one with a new credit card. I have only one card.

The problem lingered on and on until I ask them what i should do. Close the account or wait til their system accepts my card.

The Fraud division at my bank was waiitng for Instacart to try sgsin. No sttempts.

Is it my obligation to figure all of this out.

Funds are in que; but no cooperation from Instacart.

Their server is down or some other excuse.

My bank waiting for the charge to go through from Instacart, but they refused to assist me.

I iunfortunately now am a shut-in. I can no longer walk on pavement or cement. If I continue to my knees will not last. I cannot afford any falls.

I was dependent on Instacart to be able on a bi-weekly basis deliver my groceries.

Now I will be forced to hire a private individual to do this. The costs will be extreme.

The entire matter is inexcusable.

I may save my knees, but I may starve doing so.

  • Jan 31, 2018

Bought a $150 unlimited delivery membership that was good for one year.

Had 11 months left on my membership. Sent email to [email protected] and complained that Target is no longer available so my membership is not as useful & would like a credit (since I only get stuff from Target & Whole Foods).

Rather than teling me what they can or can't do, the customer service rep just CANCELS my membership WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION! When I call & talk to a manager and ask them to reinstate my membership since I never canceled it, they claim they can’t since their system doesn't allow this. They tell me my only option is to spend another $150 for a brand new 12 month membership and my previous 11 months is just gone! They stole my money and are the most deceiptful, unethical and deceptive company I've ever dealt with.

Instacart = Bait & Switch

  • Sep 13, 2017

While instacart says that it wants to be a great place for this shoppers is totally the opposite. From the hiring day instacart message is "be fast or you will be out" then they throw you into shopping. Yes you can train yourself to quickly identify the items and their location and walk at fast speed. However, you have no control of the deli counter or the cash registers timing. Moreover, you have no control of the produce available. If the bell peppers are large you will be punished because the extra weight. If the bell peppers are in poor condition you will. Be also penalizad as well. What about if you avoid the vegetable at all? You also get punished by "miss Item." Many times I go to pay with instacard credit card and it does not go through. This is the punishment for the situations out of control I just mentioned. Then if the customer gets the items you struggle to put together and gives you a tip. Instacart keeps a whopping 80 percent. What a ripoff.

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