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Insta Support Mart

Country United States
State California
City West Hollywood
Phone 1-866-375-5168

Insta Support Mart Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

My computer screen automatically went blue and said we are sorry but you need to call this number and they gave us a number. I later found out AFTER I got the scam program.. that that number (1-866-375-5168) is fake. No one answers it, it doesn't even ring. Anyways, after that happened I called them and they sounded foreign but professional. He hacked into my computer to show me who else was on it, etc.. to try to get me to pay $150 for their webroot security( which I unfortunately did pay). They are a third party but they did NOT tell me this until after I made that payment.

Ever since I gave them my information and paid I have been getting unwanted spam calls blowing up my phone and I'm so terrified of them having access to my computer and all my personal info. I hope their fake company will get shut down and hopefully I can get refunded.

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