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Country United States
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City Dallas
Address P.O. Box 660360 , TX 75266-0360 Phone:
Phone 800-627-4437

Infiniti Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2019

My mother in law purchased a certified preowned QX80 from Infiniti of Charlotte. A warranty comes with the car but she purchased some extras such as an extended warranty. Mind you she knows nothing about cars. I looked over her paperwork and did some research. On reddit the extended warranty she purchased for $3000 only costs the dealership $1000. They took advantage and made a 200% profit on this lady. She also purchased a road hazard for tires and wheel damage. The reddit cost is $495 but she was charged $1295.00. Well over a 100 percent profit. Also they put protection on the vehicle called Permaplate for $795 but that only costs the dealership $395.00. They told her it was already on the car. Also another add on was something called phantom for $149.00 which did not have a dealer cost to it. Be wary when getting your prices on aftermarket products as they are marked up tremendously. They are also holding points on the rate which means they make a lot more on the interest you pay. I would find your own financing through a credit union (founders or sharonview federal credit union) Please check out the reddit post for even more information. There is also a $695 addendum on the car for a bunch of items not asked for and they are making $200 markup on that too. This in addition to the $695 documentation fee should make anyone’s blood boil. A fair profit is reasonable but even the cost for total loss insurance is much much higher than its cost. Infiniti of Charlotte should do the right thing and be transparent with its customers instead of taking them for a ride in more ways than one. Do your research fellow customers.

  • Oct 4, 2017

They still owe me money from 2009 and 2010 i just found all this today and i have a open case now and im trying to fire them but dont know how too. i feel so stupid right i was rip off

  • Jul 28, 2016

In 2016 why due manufacturers still refuse to stand behind thier products! When does it end? They make millions or billions and we still get screwed.

I have a 2007 Infinity FX 35. It has a (defecive dash board). All bubbled up and has destroyed the value of the vehicle.

Hey I'm not a whiner! It's a used car right. "BUT" Infinity knows it's defective. They even extended the warranty by four years. Hey Kudos for that gesture! That ended in 2015. They notified all "original owners" of the problem. Sounds good..right. Well they didn't do any kind of public anouncement. I'm the second owner.

You guest it! They can't offer any help to me at all. I call their help line (800-662-6200) and they can't help at all. The representative was very nice and professional. They know it was a defect. But they are sorry.

Hey "Nissan" This is your top of the line vehicel. I purchased this vehicle because of the "Infiniti" Brand.

Yes the car is out of warranty. But you won't stand behind the Brand name you advertise so vehenently on TV every day? This is your "Top of the line" Really! You can't due anything? supply the defective parts and I pay the labor. Or at least a discount on the repair to help with your defective product.

Hey folks! Want to buy an Infinity? I know this is subjective but. I can't recommend it.

Why do manufactures still refuse to stand behind thier products?

  • Apr 16, 2016

A battery cap is missing on my 4.5 year old Infiniti. (I bought it new.) The dealer does not have them. Infiniti does not have them.

The battery is not branded. I cannot call the battery manufacturer and ask for a battery cap.

So, for want of a puny part, I have to purchase a new $150 battery.

I believe that if Infiniti installs "no name" batteries, they are responsible for them. They should have battery caps in inventory.

I wrote to the President's office. Their response was, "the battery is an assembly, and we do not maintain components in inventory."

I wonder how many other installed items are "components."

This is what planned obsolence is about. Next time, I'll buy something else. No more Infinitis.

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