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Indian Hot Springs

Country United States
State Colorado
City Idaho Springs
Address 302 Soda Creek Rd
Phone 303-989-6666

Indian Hot Springs Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2017

This is a Warning for all people Indian hot springs is a dangerous dump with violent aggressive staff . I spent around 1000$ in plane fares from Los Angeles and car rental , booked myself what I was under the impression from the website " an authentic getaway to a retreat " at Indian Hot springs. There is nothing Indian about this place . It is run by hillbillies and thugs . I dipped in the main large pool only to run out after I developed a rash from the highlly chlorinated water . Apparently the water is highly chlorinated . there actually is no " MINERAL " left in any if the pools . Private baths or caves ! The caves are man made and the little metallic pools are being eaten away by decades of rust . A disasterous combination , rust and chlorine . In addition to angry perhaps " Meth head" maintenance guy named Matt and other general managers and staff who are just out of their minds it makes this place a very hostile enviprment .

I was assulted by Matt the Meth head early Am in a private room with a small tub in it . I was partially naked with the door closed deeply emersed in a morning yoga meditation and chanting when Matt barges in yelling : you are not supposed to be in here Me: Yes I am , here is my wrist band . Matt : get out of here Me: excuse me ! No ! You are interupting my meditation please close the door Matt: get out of here as he yells louder Me: trembeling , I dont undertand !?! I have paid for two people , I am a guest , I have rented a room here and paid for two , yet it is just me and I was given a voucher stating that I can use a private bath for one hour . Go ask them upstairs they know I am here ! Matt slams the door violently By this time I am shaken trembeling and proceed to exit the bath with a towel wraped around my body Matt returns within a minute and burts trough the door this time screaming as loud as he can Matt is a middle aged man around 6 foot 3 , weights about 220 pounds . I was petrified . He stands in the doorway and repeats himself over and over shouting : get out get out get out get out NOW NOW .. He was completly hysterical out of his mind . Me: please move away from the door , as you can see I am out , you are blocking the doorway . Matt : get out of here or I am gonna make you get out Me: raising my voice and shaking all over , get out of my way! I am trying to get out Matt slams the door and yells you f*g have 5 minutes and waits outside the door . I exit and say I am going to go upstairs and tell them what you just did .. he continues to harass me this time Threatening me saying : you are tresspassing, I can do whatever I want . Trespasser trespasser.. Then follows me an inch behind me breathing on my neck repeating himself again :you are tresspassing what are you gonna do about it ? huh ? what are you gonna do about it ?? I speed up and run for my life out of the underground chambers , find some stairs and ran to the desk looking for simeone to save me !Matt is still following me ! Trembeling , I recount to everyone at the front desk what just happened . Shockingly the housekeeping women surround me and say , you weren't supposed to be there you were tresspassing , one girl mocks me and says oops oops and laughs out loud . I then speak to the general manager , he tells me for 10 minutes about all the problems they have due to mismanagement ! And says , look ! we are tiered of people using the rooms they are not suppose to . People go in the clay room all the time or private baths , this is just our policy we are tiered of it . Then points out to a man saying : see that man standing over there ?! you are lucky it wasnt him , he would have been wayyyyy tougher with you . We don't play around here . He justified Matt 's violence and said that this is how the owner wants it . We don't bullshitt . I show him my wrist band , then the girl who checked me in lies to me in defense of her minimum wage job and says you were not suppose to use the private baths! I went to call the police , but the manager said , there is nothing they can do , you can write all the reports you want or complain but you were tresspassing so you really have NO RIGHTS! I asked if they had any hotel hospitality training ? The manager said no , we just plunged in and run it as we go . I immediately checked out of my room and left the tragic place . I had a pass to use a Geo thermal cave or a private bath ! They were so sbusive and illiterate and I was so afraid because at this point the whole staff gangs up against me including Matt's wife in housekeeping .

Never had I seen such degenerates in a retreat ! Do not go there . It is contrary to the images on their website It is not serene , clean , theraputic or holistic . And the only " indian reference " is just a picture on the wall The natives do not own or run the place . I would not be surprized if the natives were murdered and barried there while their spring was stolen by the white man . It is eerie and creepy . In fact the name should be changed to (white supremacy springs ) The rooms are worn down . I had a mouse in my room eating away at something all night long . The cave pools are in metal boxes that have rusted away . The place might collaps any day . They do not observe any safety codes and certaily do not posesses any etiquettes. I was called vulgar names behind my gack as I walked away by the females at the front desk ! It is deceiving , young cute females with soft voices check you in and the violent thugs check you out ! Taking a bath with some epsom salt and sea salt is your own home is much more luxurious and actually full of minerals ! minerals are cancelled out by chlorine .! Those waters are dead and infested with dead skin from the hundreds of visitors who , some like myself have travelled far in hopes for an authentic mineral hot springs . The manager refused to apologize for Matt 's behavior , he in fact backed up all the allegations and said this is the only way we can and have control over people tresspassing . I WAS NOT TRESSPASSING! I had paid a good sum of 160 $ to be there ! He did not refund me either , instead sadistically mocked me . Be careful ! There are many actual authentic hot springs in Colorado out in nature ! Do not pay for this dump . Do not support these lying cheating violent thugs. They are merciless and racist dirty and the whole place is a fraud .

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