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Indeed, Inc

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Stamford
Address 177 Broad St. 6th Floor
Phone 203-564-2400

Indeed, Inc Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

I believe the Indeed resume posting and employment service is a complete and total scam for the following reasons.

We are a federally approved nonprofit charity. We recognize other charities do great work providing medical care for indigent children, rescuing abandoned animals, building shelters for abused and abandoned women and children, feeding the hungry through food banks and everything else nonprofit organizations do to provide critically needed services in our communities. We have the highest possible rating, the Platinum rating, from Guidestar which rates nonprofit organizations.

We were founded by two retired television news anchors we saw that even though nonprofit organizations to a great job, they are critically short of funds. As just one example, the leading breast cancer research foundation in the world is about to close its doors due to funding problems. That means research which would save women’s lives will be abandoned.

Instead of trying to repeat the charitable work done by other worthy organizations, we raise money and donated to those very much needed nonprofits. As an example of our success, since our inception 20 years ago, we have donated more than $38 million to other nonprofits. That has saved children’s lives, rescued animals, fed the hungry, saved forests, and so much more

The current pandemic created an even greater need for our work. To do that we need to hire more staff. We paid Indeed a monthly fee to be able to access resumes posted on their site. Over a period of more than six months, despite our monthly payment, Indeed denied us access to applicants through this part of Indeed.

I believe Indeed does this so that in addition to your monthly subscription, they can charge you even more to place “help wanted” advertisements on their site. That cost us additional thousands of dollars. In our experience with the supposed job applicants who replied to Indeed’s overpriced help wanted advertisements, fewer than 10% met even the core qualifications for the positions. In addition, Indeed apparently does nothing to validate applicants’ claims regarding prior employment or education.

Indeed repeatedly promised to solve the problems of our being defrauded out of the money we paid them. They even assigned two women who guaranteed they were going to solve our problem. For confidentiality reasons I will not go into full details, but their first names were Bailey and Theresa. Just like everything else we experienced with Indeed, they were full of promises but all those promises were unfulfilled. When we followed Bailey's instructions to solve Indeed's problem, exactly as she mandated, things only got worse. This is made even worse when you realize that each dollar Indeed defrauded us out of was a dollar we could not donate to a needy nonprofit.

Because of the consistency of the lies and the total failures to fulfill their obligations, we intend to report this matter to the Attorneys General of the states where they are headquartered.

From our experience I would recommend that a job applicant looking for a good position or an employer looking to fill a personnel need look elsewhere and don’t fall victim to any Indeed scam.

  • May 5, 2020

Inddeed is an internet based employment postion search engine who consistantly post out of date and fake jobs, they do not confirm the postions or locations before posting or being allowed to post the jobs on Indeed. I live in PUERTO RICO and Indeed consistantly post jos as being in PR which can be in the USA or even different countries. For example posted today is a position with INIFRANZ in EL ALTO PR (PUERTO RICO) but if you crosscheck the company website or wikipedia you find EL ALTO is an urbinization in BOLIVIA.

This particular compant I have informed Indeed by Indeed preference of reporting (a link at the bottom of the popout post) via facebook and by pissed consumer, but Indeed do not take reponsibilty, they just make excuses and continue to post the jobs. A lot of Indeeds posts you apply by an 'APPLY NOW' link and not an official company website, Where is peoples critical, sensitive information going, if to another country then you are at the mercy of unknown forces and individuals, even on official copmpany websites your information could be going to a different country.

  • Aug 8, 2015

Ok ,i tried to advaetze on for employees in several states to provide services for my property presevation company ,just like some many other companies do ,they said my company did not meet there standerds i asked what are your standards ? they refused to give me an answer,the rep also mocked my speech impedimtment several times

after he hung up on me i called back and asked to speak to a supervisor ,which i was denied and again hung up on ,so i wrote an email recieved a response ,saying they dont need to provide me a reason they deneid my use of free ads ,i even asked to speak to a rep about sponsoring ads again NOTHING

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