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Incognito Express, LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Copperas Cove
Address 302 E Hogan Dr
Phone 254-542-7804

Incognito Express, LLC Reviews

  • Mar 20, 2017

These guys are SO shady. There are so many trucking companies out there that are reputable. AVOID these guys at ALL costs. Contact me directly- its almost unbelievable how shady and dishonest they are. Ill share my story. Save yourself the time and aggravation and use a real shipping co.

  • Sep 14, 2016

Purchased a $108k Porsche from an out of state dealer. The dealer recommended Incognito Express and arranged for transport at my cost.

Car was supposed to be delivered on a Tuesday but the driver had a mechanical breakdown. Incognito Express communicated this and said they'd try again on Wednesday. I explained that I needed the car on Wednesday as I was travelling on Thursday.

Wednesday morning- Incognito Express called to say that a different driver would be picking the car up late morning in Richmond, VA to deliver to the car to Northern NJ at approximately 6pm depending on traffic. I agreed. In the mid afternoon, the driver called me to say he might be late- around 7-8pm. I wasn't happy and called Incognito Express and they told me there was nothing they could do and would call the driver.

Fast forward- the driver dropped the car of at 1:30AM. It was absolutely unacceptable. The paid $175 to Incognito and was required to pay $475 in cash to the driver upon delivery. I told Incognito that I was unwilling to pay the driver cash given the circumstances and the driver told Incognito that he wouldn't release the car until he was paid in cash. My only recourse was to call the police and report the car stolen. Keep in mind this was a $108k 2017 Porsche 911.

A trip that should have taken 6 hours and been completed in one day took over 14 hours and went into the following-day. it is unacceptable to be forced to accept delivery of any vehicle at night let alone at that hour.

I found out from the unpleasant driver that Incognito posted the bid on a website for independent drivers and a driver took the bid. Incognito had no relationship with the driver and had never used the driver before. I had no idea until after the fact I was under the impression that Incognito was not a broker and used its own drives and equipment.

Incognito was apologetic but said that it was beyond their control. NO!! Incognito was responsible for choosing the transporter, managing expectations, performing as promised, etc. They failed.

I had expected that at the very least that Incognito would refund the $175 fee they charged. They refused. I had to dispute the charge with American Express.

The experience I had with Incognito was nothing less than a total disaster. If I had known Incognito was just brokering the job to another transporter, I would have told the dealership to use a different company. Incognito failed in their basic function as a broker. I'm writing this to warn others to stay away. I had an unsafe and terrible experience and nothing but aggravation post fact.

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