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Hyundai West Allis

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City West Allis
Address 10611 W Arthur Ave
Phone 1 414-329-3100

Hyundai West Allis Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2021

Thank you for reading this,

I went to West Allis Hyundai to have my oil change and tires rotated as scheduled on 11/23/2021. My front passenger side tire/wheel fell off on 12/7/21. I had the car towed to West Allis Hyundai because they were the last people who serviced my car and did the tire rotation about 2 weeks prior. I was first told I had to wait until the middle of January until they could see it. About 20 min later Michael from the service desk called to say he was sorry and when I had it towed there they would give me a loaner car.

When I came in with the tow truck driver, the car was greeted by the mechanics and taken right back to the garage. Later that afternoon the service attendant Michael called to tell me it would cost $900 to get the wheel back on and that was not the price of the body work needed. I would have to pay that over and above. When I asked if the dealership would take any responsibility for payment or offer some compensation, he said no.

The service manager felt it was an act of god and I should just turn the claim into my insurance company. The Service Manager or Manager making the discussion that the dealership was in no way responsible never talked to me or gave me their thoughts on how the wheel would have fallen off. They have never spoken to me.

In talking to other mechanics, they looked at the pictures and said it appeared that the lug nuts were never tightened down or even put on after rotation. The one post is broken off where that would have been the one lug nut in place.

I feel the business did not show good faith in their work or any integrity. I'm hurt because the car was always serviced there. I bought it in 2015 and had my oil changes and maintenance done there since purchasing it. I have been loyal and trusting to them, but they in return have turned their back on me. In my opinion, good business is not done that way.

A note here: No yelling, arguing or confrontation with anyone from the dealership ever took place over this matter.


Rick Cesar

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