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Country United States
State Arizona
City Sedona
Phone 1-888-560-7530
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  • Jul 29, 2020

Jay Wilder, Lives in India and does not have a residence in AZ as he might claim. He claims he will teach you how to be a commodities broker and has various leads, deals and people for you to call and he will handle the close. In doing so, plenty of money and learning is to be had. Jay Claims to have plenty of buyers and sellers of commodities, your job is to merely put them together. Truth: Jay deals with Gold, maybe has ONE deal he's working on inwhich the minimum buy is in the millions. (doesn't seem to close any deals himself, buy says their out there) His list of people for you to call? the contacts that you find on linkedin. Yup thats his BIG lead source, reach out to people on linkedin. he claims he will put you through two week of training. It's really one day in which he has you listen to a recording or will do it himself going over basic terminology of a contract between a gold buyer an seller. Yea, Gold and only Gold. He only deals with Gold but claims he's done other commodities. By the 2nd day of training he was asking me "what do i want to know" yup there isn't much to trying to find leads for someone. He might talk with you about prior conversations he's had with potentials buyers or a seller maybe bring you in on a few calls that don't really go anywhere. This all fine, but too charge someone $4500 or 5k is absurd for what he's bringing to the table.

He clearly claimed he was swamped with potential buyers and sellers and needed someone to help out. He would also teach them the buisness and within a week or two should be well within their first deal. Jay had ONE potential seller and hadnt even closed a deal himself. They guy is mainly making money off people joining his BS school of how to be a broker or school of arete. I wouldn't mind working with Jay if he didnt charge but to charge a fee for merely being a guy to help find him leads is absurd. He's convinced/delusional he's offering a great service. When I insisted he did not provide what he said he would provide he blamed me for not doing the work. typical...when i reminded him he didn't provid the services he promised (leads) he started screaming at me. At the point, i decided this is not a guy i care to have a relation with personally or professionally. Luckily, i did not sign any agreement with him. Do not give this guy any money, what ever services he promises are not worth it.

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