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HomeTown Bank

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Shakopee
Address 950 Vierling Dr W
Phone 866-760-0788

HomeTown Bank Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2021

This pile of garbage right here got me fired form my job at HomeTown Bank in Shakopee located at 950 Vierling Dr W, Shakopee, MN 55379.

All because I am a mother who posted on Facebook to have my grievance hears about the mandatory shots and masks for my child. Vile swine of a creature Kristi Peterson., angry because no one wants her and the schoolboard is her way of getting back at society for rejecting her.

She is a pile of sewage and subhuman. Look at this disgusting person. She has no business around children, yet she wants to tell parents what to do with their children? Mentally ill liberal swine. Children are scared of her and have reported many instances of uncomfortable run-ins with her. But teachers don’t report it for fear of their jobs.

She colluded with Mike Redmond who is the Superintendent of the Shakopee School District and also happens to be on the Board of the HomeTown Bank in Shakopee. Then the vile Kristi Peterson went to Mike Redmond and threatened to pull out school funds from the bank unless I was fired. So I was fired. I can’t even work to help my family now thanks to this mentally ill degenerate and her politically motivated stunt.

You vermin will be sued. Mike is a go along to get along weak minded fool. You foolish clowns are on a power trip. It’s pathetic. Look at Kristi and her psycho power tripping liberal eyes. What a degenerate.

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