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HomePlayOnline Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2020

I am my elderly parents POA. After taking over their finances, I notice repeating charges on their credit card statement for Value and Value Plus memberships. After inquiry, I find out that it is a travel membership. My parents are too old to even begin to take advantage of such a membership and besides they travel with us and this is totally worthless based on our travel perks. Besides, neither parents were aware that this membership existed - not to mention that charges were reoccurring to their credit card.

Months - and I do mean months - after canceling this membership, they receive membership envelopes in the mail from HomePlayOnline. After minor research online, I find out that this is the same company with an different name. I am so angry that they will be exposed. This theivery must be stopped. They are targeting elderly persons and snatching money as long as they can. This is absolutely criminal because my parents have been living with me and have not remotely ordered ANYTHING!

They obviously kept my parents credit card information after canceling the previous bogus membership. I am also going to hold the other companies that benefit from this scam responsible, as well. If these other companies have an ounce of integrity, they will disassociate with the regular, ongoing and evil practice of scamming elderly persons immediately.

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