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Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Country United States
State Florida
Address 1916 S FERNCREEK AVE
Phone (866) 499-3856

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2021

Purchasing a timeshare was something that was to help me with my taxes as well as my heirs. I was told that traveling around the world would be possible with owning a timeshare as the locations and resorts were easily accessible. I was also told that as a member of the Holiday Inn Club that I would not have to pay for hotel stays when vacationing and that any of my family could use the timeshare as a gift or even rental from me.

Since 2014 I have seen no real tax benefit for owning the timeshare as it is not a real property that I can claim and or have expenses that can be deducted. My heirs are not thrilled about inheriting the timeshare as they struggle that they see me enduring with it and the increasing maintenance fees leave little room for optimism. Traveling the world with Holiday Inn Club is not realistic as there are not worldwide locations available as indicated and using a third party like RCI is not feasible as they are limited on locations and dates as well. There are also additional fees that were not discussed to use third parties like RCI.

I was so excited about having this ownership which would allow me to not have hotel fees when I traveled. This could not be further from the truth as IF I can actually get a reservation with Holiday Inn Club I still have to pay a reservation fee of $199 or more to simply use the timeshare! That fee was never discussed. Furthermore, if there aren't any reservations available I am then pushed to buy more points so I can make a reservation in higher levels of point ownership. There is always a push to buy more rather than just being able to use what I have and have paid for.

Finally, I gave my nephew a stay as I was of the understanding that any of my family members could use the timeshare or rent it from me. When he arrived, after I made the reservation and spoke to someone about this, he was told because he wasn’t on my contract that he had to pay an additional fee to use the timeshare. I believe this was a petty way that the resort saw an opportunity to simply get more money for time that was already paid for! In addition to him paying for something I had already paid for, he was also harassed nonstop about attending a meeting for money, tickets, and other incentives. He’s not an owner and now definitely will never stay at one of these resorts again due to the treatment he received.

I am reaching my limit as I have been indoors and unable to travel this year due to COVID19. I have yet to be able to do anything and yet the calls and bills keep coming from Holiday Inn Club. I am sure that if I don’t use the points and regardless of the pandemic, if I don’t pay the money to have them transferred, I’ll lose them. As always, it's about the money rather than the service.

  • Nov 29, 2020

At this time, due to the Covid, work has been delayed. I have not been eligible for unemployment as I was due to return 8/3/20 and right now I'm behind. I have lost two family members since the pandemic started, trying to manage my children all the same time. I tried calling 1st sales people and 2nd and never received call backs. My fiances have set me back as I'm behind due to work and still haven't received my unemployment.

There was NEVER any mention by anyone of any time limit that I had to get out of contract without any questions asked and get my money back. I also mentioned to the salesman that the 15.95% was never mentioned or shown to me. He just said that most people have their own financing. Go figure right! Because now I can't even get in touch with these salesmen. The chance i did get to use it the rooms were nothing of what was shown. The TV in 2nd room was not working correctly and tub drainage was broken. The rooms looked outdated. Not anything worth spending your last dollar on!

  • Nov 26, 2020

We purchased a Vacation package just proir to this Pandemic. Now they are calling and sayingt if I don't want to loose my money I need to pay to have it extended. How big of a total jerk do you have to be to rippoff people during a workwide Pandemic. DON'T EVER BUY A HOLIDAY INN VACATION PACKAGE, you can very quickly get ripped off. These people are horrible, don't give these jerks your hard earned money, they don't care about you, just how much money they can make, hour health means absolutely nothing to them!!

  • Oct 5, 2020

My husband and myself purchased back in 2017 we didn't even use this thing but Once and that was last year. It has cost us more to be owners than to actually vacation using our property. When we tried to use the points they were never available to us as the way they explained them in the initial meeting. We had to pay out of our pocket to use our timeshare and still making monthly payments ( well we were but we cannot afford them). It wasn’t until the second mandatory Owners meeting that we had to attend that we found all the points system that we purchased no longer exist. And they lied to us on what we did purchase. Then we discovered what they Sold us was not what we were told. It’s a financial burden paying for the maintenance fees and the mortgage along with having to pay out-of-pocket to use our time share. When you try to book something through their online site it is very difficult and time-consuming. Now here we are struggling to keep up on our payments because they consistently rise each year. I really wished we would've thought this one through. This has been draining finacially.

  • Sep 8, 2020

Upon vacationing to visit our son in Kissimmee, we stayed at the Orange Lake Resort. During our stay they called us in the hotel room to offer us a 90 minute presentation for a timeshare offer. We were curious and interested as we wanted to visit more often from New York. Well, the 90 minute presentation turned into an 8 hour circus of deceptive, bait and switch and literally chasing us out into the parking lot to get us to sign.

We were promised that with 50,000 points we could get a week at the hotel. Well, guess what, we could never get 3 days with those points. Complete lies!!! Well, after COVID hit and struggling to not only make the monthly payments but to get charged an enormous maintenance fee on top of the monthly charges! DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES AND PROPAGANDA!


  • Jun 16, 2020

During a rodeo, our son was given a free cruise if his parents would attend a free, no-obligation, presentation at one of your resorts. We went with our sons and were pressured to make a purchase. When the sales staff and agents there realized that we did travel and our sons were in separate areas for school etc. they began to push even harder giving us assurances regarding the usability of the ownership, stating that even though week 36 in Canyon Lake was not good for us, and there were no resort locations we could readily use, we could deposit the week with RCI and use the discounts and perks of ownership at any of the Holiday Inn hotels. This was a huge factor for us and it was also inferred that if we couldn’t use the week and we weren’t traveling we could simply rent the week out.

We deposited our week the first year and discovered through RCI that it would take several years of depositing our year before we could actually use another location. We also discovered that there are fees to exchange, deposit, reserve, and these fees are on top of the mortgage, on top of the maintenance fees. There was definitely not enough talk about these fees and the fact that they rise each year! The agents made this sound so good but in reality, the ownership is not good for us or our family and has yet to save us any money or render any rental opportunities or discounts with hotels.

What has really bothered us is that our sons were put on the contract at the time of purchase as members-only NOT co-buyers. We asked about this several times and were told they were being listed so that they could use the ownership without us. This has been an issue as we had financial difficulty due to job loss. We called the corporate offices requesting the ability to return the property and cancel the contract but were told that it was impossible. We struggled to work away from our family, working multiple jobs and attempting to regain our lives. With each phone call from this company, we stated we could not make payments, reiterated our situation and still, we were charged scrupulously with late fees and it seemed we would never get out. We lost our ability to use or even think of taking a vacation. We have called and been assured several times that our sons have been removed from the contract, however, they are still listed and it is a problem that must be and will be fixed. We want them removed immediately and as the calls regarding this matter don’t seem to work, we are putting this into writing.

We are contacting Holiday Inn as we have also called regarding the recent acquisition of Silverleaf but have been told that it changes nothing for us. We would appreciate some consideration regarding the events that have taken place that are out of our control. We have made every effort to work with Silverleaf and Holiday Inn but are discouraged by the lack of aid and ability to use what we have worked so hard to keep.

  • Jun 3, 2020

My wife and I received a call regarding a free two-night stay at a resort with all the amenities. The first thing that set us off was that we didn’t get to stay at the resort and were in a hotel a few miles away. That was lie number one. Then we attend the meeting and are told we would not be offered a deal anytime in the future and we had to make the decision that day. We have received so many calls and emails offering the same things since. Lie number two. The entire meeting was focused on how we could rent the unit and that the company helps its owners do so. Easy easy easy.

On my first attempt to contact the company regarding how we can enroll in the rental program, I am told the company doesn’t have a rental program and that I have to do that myself. Lie number three. As part of the rental discussion, we didn’t have the down payment and therefore the representative helped my wife take out a credit card with Bank of America to cover the down payment. This was to be offset and paid off with the rental income.

Since there is no rental income this becomes lie number four. We were also told we would be receiving membership cards to use the hot springs facility. Six months later we still had not received them. When I contacted the resort about it they said new ones were about to be issued but we still have never received them. Lie number five.

The fees have only gone up and due to the mortgage fees, credit card fees, maintenance fees, reservation fees, etc. there is no possible way to actually go anywhere!

We are interested in talking to whoever wants to take responsibility for the lies we were told. The ownership is every other year and we were to be able to take a trip in 2020. That will not be possible as upon other discoveries I can’t just call in and make a reservation. I have to be flexible and take what I can get where I can get it. That is lie number five. We would be able to book when and where we wanted.

I anticipate speaking with Holiday Inn's offices regarding these five lies.

  • Jun 3, 2020

We are to inquire about the options we have as owners as the club has in the last year taken control of properties for Orange Lake and Silverleaf. We purchased a sampler in 2013 and one month later received a call that the agreement would be null and void as it was to discontinue and we must return so that we did not lose the ability to use it. We purchased a timeshare believing such a lie and subsequently upgraded the following year. We have not used the timeshare since the upgrade but have been faithful in payments.

Our jobs and life events prevent us from taking vacations or scheduling things for more than six months in advance. We are making this inquiry as we have done so before without aid. Each person we have spoken to has often not been helpful and only reprimands us for not taking vacations regardless of our further explanations regarding our jobs and chosen lifestyle. We have not used the properties and need information on how to disband ourselves from ownership and further obligations.

  • May 26, 2020

We have grown increasingly concerned with our inability to use and or enjoy the resorts. We have attempted use with only a very limited window of time is available and often in places too far for us to travel. We have brought this to the attention of the resorts each time we have stayed. We have also brought to their attention that we should not have to pay additional fees to use the rooms and our points. We have already paid for the room and the yearly maintenance fees and the membership fee! Paying more money to simply check-in and or check-in early is ridiculous!

We have asked for assistance and are only directed to buy more rather than given options to get out of it. We haven’t paid any fees and have recently received a ‘warning letter’ stating that the account will be sent to a foreclosure attorney. We are interested in speaking to this attorney and would appreciate his or her contact information.

We have not been provided any information or contact by Holiday Inn regarding our requests.

  • May 17, 2020

During our stay in Panama, which we were told was one of the prime spots to vacation, we did not experience the amenities that had been described. Instead, the “resort” was a rundown hotel. We were informed that the elevators wouldn’t work during our visit, we had to park under the hotel in a tight parking space that didn’t allow for the doors to open and we had to get out before parking, and we had to walk around the construction site to get inside.

The front desk was a joke as there was no one there. We waited and waited and often just left frustrated because no one was obviously watching the desk or there to assist guests. The building was being “worked on” during our visit and there were materials and debris all over making it difficult to even get to the rooms let alone get to the building.

The reason we made the investment for the timeshare was to save money. Now with the costs rising each year and the fact that everything you want to do or place you want to go requires a fee, this is costing us way more! We can make a reservation when and where we want with any amenity we want without having a timeshare. It has not helped us to become owners and we aren’t benefiting from it at all.

We have contacted Holiday Inn about no longer being owners but they have not contacted us about it other than to ask us to pay more fees.

  • Jul 12, 2017

We found out last year that the resort we visit every year was taken over by holiday inn vacation club and we were told that we had to sign papers that day to transfer our ownership to them otherwise we would lose the timeshare. We did this and since we owned a certain unit for a specific week, we were told that that would be OK. When I called today to reserve the week, I was informed that the unit was reserved by someone else. When I told them that we owned the unit for that week, I was told that I had to reserve the week 13 MONTHS IN advance!! I didn't even sign over to their club until August of last year, which was 11 months ago. They told me they couldn't do anything about this, and when I told them that we were never told about this, they couldn't respond. They transferred us to 3 other people who also couldn't tell us anything. Nobody admitted that they had made a mistake, and told us that someone would call us to discuss the matter. Still waiting for the call.

  • Jan 4, 2016

I was trying to book Holiday Inn in Corpus Christi, Tx. transferred to operator for a hotel anywhere arrived in Vegas had booked another room for friends didn't get extra room. Gave us a room with. 2. bedrooms. If it was for my children no problem it was a very. small room I had requested an extra room not a room next to my bedroom. The place was very small for 2 couples. The place stunk tried talking to person in charge. he told us they dhould have given us another room. We were 2 couples we had paid for 2 different rooms we were put in one room with two bedrooms this was not acceptable very small place. Our understanding from the rep we would have separate rooms.

  • Oct 6, 2015

I was called on my cell phone while driving in a rainstorm by Holiday Inn to survey my reactions to Holiday Inn stays. I was disconnected, the called back by a different person who high pressured a pitch for a resort hotel - Holiday Inn Club in Kissimmee, FL. I foolishly agreed to a booking for some future stay at least a year away. I put a depost of $299 on my VISA. When I got home I checked out the situation on the web and found it is a time share scheme.

I called to cancel and get my deposit back and was told it was non-refundable. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. I emailed both IHG and Holiday Club Vacations requesting a refund to my VISA and got no response. Research has revealed that dozens of people have been scammed by Holiday Inn Club. The parent comoany claims sympathy but says they have no control. Nonsense!! Shame on Holiday Inn and IHG for not correcting these ripoffs.

  • Aug 13, 2015

After booking a Holiday Inn hotel for business a Holiday Inn Club Vacations rep called me to offer me a 4 day 3 night vacation package at one of the three HI resorts - Orlando, Florida For $199 and agreeing to listen to a 2 hour marketing pitch, how could I go wrong? I found out it was a scam and I called and emailed Bryan Benitez a day later to cancel and get a refund.

Can't even deal with them on the phone because the number has been changed-disconnected..

This is classic bait and switch - tell you about how lovely the resort is, all they want is a chance to tell you about it, that's why the package is offered so inexpensively, how much you'll love it. I have to agree with the other complaint here cause its the same thing. Right after I spoke with Holiday Inn I get the call...

I'm still disputing with my credit card compnay I'm a Platinum Priority Club member with over 250,000 points!! (I spend a lot of nights at Holiday Inns every year).

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