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Hilliard Law Firm, LLC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Conway
Address 607 Main St
Phone 843-527-1500

Hilliard Law Firm, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2017

John Hilliard’s ineptitude and complete lack of effort amaze me and other lawyers. He never represented me after taking $40,000 from me which has only made things worse for me. Hilliard never communicated with prosecutors about my case. His blatant misconduct led to more arrests and having additional charges filed against me.

Hilliard stole $40,000 from me and disappeared. When he was scheduled to appear in court with me he did not show up. The judge was waiting for him and when he did not show up the judge got mad at me. He was paid over $40,000 and did not even come to court. He hangs his clients out to dry and has had multiple complaints and lawsuits filed against him. Hilliard is the classic ambulance chasing lawyer. He is terrible and does not try to help his clients. All he wants is the money and the crook disappears.

John Hilliard came to the jail upon learning of my arrest to pounce on me like a predator. I had never heard of him until he came to the jail like a vulture to take advantage of me at the weakest moment of life. He made me give him $40,000 and tried to take $50,000 from me to enter a simple plea. The sad thing is he never did any work on my case and had no clue what to do. I had never heard of the guy until he showed up at the jail in Georgetown. He never gave a chance to find out what other lawyers charge for my case. My new attorney is stunned at the unethical behavior displayed by John Hilliard. There was no work done by him in my file whatsoever. Nothing was highlighted, there were no e-mails, letters, and there were no notes of any kind in the file.

Hilliard did no work on my case which only made matters worse for me. Aroung town they say he has a bad substance abuse problem which would explain his not showing up in court. That does not excuse stealing money from clients and not representing them or working on their case at all.

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