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Country United States
State Ohio
City Lancaster
Address 1348 Meadows Drive
Phone (740) 243-0328
Website Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

These are the same scammers who stole from us under one of their many aliases. This includes,,, and hundreds of others. Wer found out too late and became one of their many victims. We lost $200 but people have been robbed for much more. Their site is made with fake contact info. They redirect users with domains used to maliciously send the victims to their other sites to steal their money, passwords, and their identities. We had our accounts hacked into after we had our money stolen too.

So these criminals will just commit any fraud possible using your info you give them. They put a fake tracking on Paypal so you can't file a dispute there. The tracking will show delivery made but for some other package to someone else, and then Paypal will refuse to refund you. This is how they kept this same scam going for more than a year now. File a fraud complaint immediately and cancel any card used with them. Contact law enforcement too because you may be a victim of identity theft after.

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