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Hazelton's Gift Baskets

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-(800) 367-1890

Hazelton's Gift Baskets Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2021

There were several problems with the website. First it's unclear when you place your order that your order will be mailed. When they ask you to pick a "Delivery date" you are really picking a "Send date" and even that is a deception. I was given a UPS tracking # but all that happened was a label had been printed. The package was not delivered to the shipping facility for another 3 days. When I realized what was happening and tried to call the company, all I could do was leave a message and the machine relayed I would get a response by email within the next few days. I did not.

When the recipient received the order, a week after it was sent, all produce was rotten and inedible. Regardless, there were missing items and every item had been substitued with items that made no sense. For example, the Asian pears were subtituted with two lemons and a lime. I paid extra for chocolate covered fruit that was not included. Yes, it would have been rotten anyway but I paid extra money for it.

When I tried contacting the company for a refund, they emailed me and said I should have ready their FAQs which clearly states they are not responsible for the condition of produce when it arrives. They didn't address the problem of not getting what I ordered or the myriad of missing items. It was a very disappointing experience and I would not recommend using this site to anyone. I've included a photo of what I ordered and the others are what my recipient received.

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