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Harbor Freight Tools

Country United States
State California
City Camarillo
Address P.O. Box 6010
Phone 1-800-444-3353

Harbor Freight Tools Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2020

Harbor Frieght are ripoff. They are agent for Bunker Hill Digital Safe. It has a an overide Key if the battery is dead. I have misplaced my key and battery id dead. No way you can open up the safe. I have all my importnant documents in the save. And the safe is bolted from inside too the floor.

I called Harbor Freight and their lame answer is because of security we can not provide a duplicate keys. They ask me to call a locksmith. Which might cost more than the safe. What ab excuse. And they are the only one who sell these safes. So all please be aware that when you buy safes make sure you do not loose your keys.

  • Sep 2, 2020

About 2 year ago I purchased a Predator 4375 watt gas generator. I also purchased the extended warranty.

This generator ran perfect for a while, then on April 2, 2020 the motor locked up without warning. I exchanged it under the warranty on April 5, 2020. At which time I did not have enough to purchase a NEW extended warranty....

On July 2, 2020 the new generator did the EXACT same thing. I exchanged it out on July 4, 2020 under the 90 day warranty. I did purchase a new extended warranty on this one.

Now TODAY one outlet is dead, it is not wanting to start. I have keep proper maintenance, the right oil, the right gas etc.

At this point I simply want a refund of the purchase price AND the extended warrant I paid for. The local store tells me theya re not authorized to do this. I cannot get anyone from the main number to call me back.

This is downright ridiculous that a generator will not even last out it's 90 day warranty and the local store WILL change it out but wants to do so under the warranty I paid for then charge me for a NEW extended warranty - even though I am still under the 90 day warranty!!!!

It IS a ripoff - they should change it out under the 90 day warranty and carry the warranty I paid for over to the exchange...... But the local store will not even discuss this, tells me they are not authorized to do this.....

Seriously at this point I just want the purchase price and extended warranty refunded and I will take my cash to Home Depot. That's where I should have gone in the first place.....

Please help me get a refund!!!!

  • Apr 26, 2020

I purchased a hydraulic lawn mower lift from Harbor Freight. The haudraulic jack failed. I tried to purchase another jack from Harbor Freight. This is the response I received Unfortunately, the replacement part you’re requesting is not available and cannot be ordered separately from our manufacturer.

Next I purchased a Drummond 1 Hp water pump. I needed a new seal and this is the response I received from Harbor Freight Unfortunately, replacement seals are not available, and we are unable to order the part from our manufacturer.

I have all documentation to support what I reported to you via Email in writing.

In closing do not purchase expensive "anything" from this company.

Buy something cheap that will be thrown away.

  • Nov 11, 2019

After ordering 1 engine lift on line and no responce from web site I ordered another. I decided to cancel and was told " sorry for the delay in cancelling your order, simply refuse delivery"

Now I get 2 calls from a local delivery agency that they have 2 engine lifts for me. I said I was told to refuse them.

Credit card co. didn't help. I have been in emails with the co for 3 months now and only 1 refund. They are still charging me for a unit I never received. They sent the CC co a fake delivery receipt and said it was signed by me as delivered. What fraud.

I have still not received any replies except that they had a problem with thier refund computer program. Warning buy at the local store not on line.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I purchased a greenhouse last year, but accidentally broke a part while I was assembling it. As it was a part of the ceiling structure, I’m not able to complete assembly without it, and in the meantime, what is assembled is structurally weak and at risk even from moderate winds. Regardless, I understood it was my fault, and simply wanted the replacement.

Initially, HF was helpful, and the process to order the part was straightforward and expected. I ordered the part, was advised it would need to be manufactured in China, then shipped via boat to US, where it would enter Customs, then go to one of two HF warehouses. I would receive a written letter with payment instruction, complete the process, and would receive my part.

I placed the order in October 2018. I called for a status update in March, and was told that the part had been manufactured and was onboard a ship, waiting to sail to US. I wasn’t too concerned, and was aware that China-US shipping relationships were and are probably stressed, so was no angry about any possible delay. I was told that it was expected to reach US Customs in May.

I called in April for a status update, and was advised the ship was on its way, that my part was aboard, and it would leave Customs on time with ETA end of May.

In June I called for a status update, and no one could find my part.

In July I called for an update, and was told that my part had been accidentally shipped to an incorrect warehouse. Someone would grab it, get it to the correct warehouse, then get it to my local area (Seattle) where it would then be shipped to me. They told me they were waiving the cost of the part and shipping for me. Nice.

Now, I’m told that no one can find the part, and my only options are to either start the order process over (10-12 weeks which seems to read as “45 weeks” in Harbor Freight time) or they can initiate a “warehouse check.” I had been under the sad impression that whenever they were looking for my part, they were doing some version of a “warehouse check.” I had also been under the impression that any time someone was telling me the status of the part, they were able to do because the actual status of the actual part was actually tracked in some type of system that actually tracks such things.

They did also offer me a $20 gift card for my time and trouble.

  • Aug 18, 2019

I ordered a $259 +$100 freight shipped 4 foot workbench cabinet for a work station I am furnishing as an independent contractor. I had to order it online because I do not have a vehicle capable of transporting the work bench since my line of work does not require a vehicle for hauling.

The workbench arrived in it's packaging but when the packaging was removed it was obviously dropped on one of the corners of the wooden countertop, which smashed the corner as well as twisted the top in a way that distorted the metal sides and prevented from the top drawer from opening.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Harbor Freight uses coupons to get you in the store, like a lot of stores. You should know before you head out to their store, the coupon that prompted your visit is likely not valid for the item you had in mind. Maybe they think you will buy the item anyway. If you read the fine print on the coupon. (This requires a microscope) You will be amazed at the huge number of things that you cannot use the coupon to purchase.

Just one instance: Coupon 49395528 has the following bolded text that is printed at the bottom of the coupon and occupies less than ½ square inch (about half of a postage stamp). This text was provided via a corporate customer service person as the usage limitations for coupon 49395528.

“Limit 1 coupon per customer per day. Save 20% on any 1 item purchased.*Cannot be used with other discount, coupon or any of the following items or brands: Inside Track Club membership, Extended Service Plan, Gift Card, open box item, 3 day parking lot sale item, Compressors, Floor Jacks, Saw mills, Storage Cabinets, Chests or Carts, Trailers, Trenchers, Welders, Admiral, CoverPro, Daytona, Diablo, Franklin, Hercules, Holt, Jupiter, Predator, Stik-Tek, StormCat, Union, Vangaard, Viking. Not valid on prior purchases, Non-transferable, and original coupon must be presented”

Do they really expect that someone would actually read the fine print?

I was trying to purchase this Tool Box/ Cart (actually called "Roller Cart") using the above 20 percent off coupon. Notice the word “Carts” in the description of the disallowed items. A cart is pretty much anything with 4 wheels. According to the customer service person, the coupon was disallowed because it was a “cart” and a chest and a storage cabinet “and Storage Cabinets, Chests and Carts are disallowed” Notice that tool boxes are not disallowed. Am I silly or is this a tool box with wheels?

I asked the customer service person if I could purchase this Welding Cart using the same coupon and get the 20% off. I was told “Yes the coupon would be valid for 20% off the purchase of the welding cart", and it clearly is a “Cart” used to Storewelding stuff. Interesting huh. No logic just words. Maybe it only comes with 3 wheels.

So clearly the 20% off coupon is good for some things, and the list of limitations could be used to disallowed any single item and just to make sure we have the"*Cannot be used with other discount" catch all. This would clearly disallow any item in the store since every single item in the store is discounted as compared to "retail". You might want to call and ask to see what interpretation of the words are at any given point in time.

  • Oct 8, 2016

I have been a long time customer at Harbor Freight knoxville TN on Broadway, i have never been treated so rudely by a clerk and the manager. i made my purchases and on the reciept i noticed i was charged regular price and took it to the clerk, and he rudely said i did not show my card, i told him i never had to show a card to get the advertised discount price he walked away and yelled see it says on the sale marker you have to show a card, i am a disabled army veteran in my 50's and my eyes aren't as good as they use to be, and know he yelled at me in front of alot of other people, i was at that time upset to say the least. i told him to refund the sale items i will repurchase at the advertised sale price, the manager came up and said the computer was not working so i had to come back, i told her the computer worked to ring it up, why do i have to come back, she also started to yell and act very rude, i told her i had shopped there for years and never showed a card to get advertised sale prices, she repeated come back later very rudely in front of alot of other customers, i reacted badly and told her what she could do, use your imagination. i said i would never shop there again, she said good, don't come back. my friends in the auto club, antique car club and my family will not be back kim. i ask her to write her name down she pointed to her name tag and said remember it. i do remember and will tell everyone who will listen to remember it Kim manager of Harbor Freight in knoxville Tennessee

  • Dec 7, 2015

Bought a 1.5 cubic foot safe. The box itself is exactly as advertised. It is a no frills low-end safe with no pretense to being fireproof or water resistant. Harbor Freight delivered it in about four days for a few dollars despite it weighing somewhere around fifty pounds, maybe more. For the delivered price the unit itself is hard to beat.

As background I own two additional low end floor safes, Sentry brand and First Alert, both of which provide replacement keys quickly at nominal cost.

The ripoff is there was no positive notice replacement keys are not available. In fact the customer service rep assured me replacement keys would be available. After repeated calls refusing to take no for an answer a manager came on the phone to tell me Harbor Freight stopped providing replacement keys "for my own security", one of the most heinous lies a customer service manager ever told in the United States.

After being challenged with facts that Sentry, First Alert, Paragon, and Best Choice all provide replacement keys at nominal cost and cursory verifications, the Harbor Freight manager said that is what they have to say.

Do not buy security items from Harbor Freight. Your local hardware store's first response will be more honest and the service can't possibly be any worse.

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