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Gypsy Glen K-9 Kastle

Country United States
State Illinois
City McHenry
Address 2412 S Lily Lake Rd
Phone 815-385-8585

Gypsy Glen K-9 Kastle Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2015

If you visit this dog boarding facility and take one wiff, you'll likely turn around and not return. With all the exceptional options available in this market for quality dog boarding, there's just no reason to leave your dog in a place that smells like it hasn't been cleaned in 25 years.

While I would never leave my pets there (tried once, never again!) the owner engaged in a 12 month marketing contract with us to help improve their online visibility. Always paid late... then after 8 months called to say she needed to buy a new truck, the business can't support itself, she has no money and needs to get out of the contract.

Our business model doesn't allow us to let anyone out of their contractual obligations, and we had already given her a tremendous discount... so we explained our position and said we'd work with her on payments and offered a deeper discount to help her get to the end of the contract.

She failed to pay, leaving us a substantial unresolved debt. She did however manage to be able to afford an attorney to argue the case for her (on the phone only, this little business of hers isn't worth pursuing legally.) She lied about her reasons for wanting to cancel her contract and has shown why her business is not successful and her facility not maintained.

Spend your money supporting responsible businesses that care about their clients, their peers, their reputation and their business.

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