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Gym Pros

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 7545 Jurupa Ave Unit G
Phone 1-888-997-5161

Gym Pros Reviews

  • Mar 28, 2018

I have been waiting over 5 months for a replacement treadmill motor under my warranty and they do not replybto my 100s of emails or phone calls. If i call from a different phone number they tell me they will call me back and thet never do. I had to file complaints with the BBB and file a dispute with my credot card company aince they gave me a faulty item and refused to honor the warranty. They refused to aend me a new treadmill. They refused to credit me back the amount so i an buy a new treadmill motor and they keep saying a motor is being tested after every 50th email i send. This company is a scam and customer service is no service at all. They refuse to help or answer me. I have every email saved and printed to send to local newspaper or cable news. I will also mail or forward all emails and phone records to anyone who wants. Help me put this company out of business. They are quick to take your money and then ignore you when you have a warranty claim. 5 months inhave been waiting. I have been waiting to hear from them and it wlhas been brokern for the majority of the time i even had this treadmill

  • Feb 22, 2018

Worst Customer Service EVER!!!!

We purchased an exercise bike and received a great deal, however, the problems started from the day we received it.

i contacted Gympros to let them know of my issues with the damaged and non-working parts. Brie who is the Director of Operations fails on every level of customer service - communication and lack of response is HORRIBLE!!!!

It's been 4 months now and our bike is still not functioning properly. I've contacted the manufacturer directly to address the issues. They have the parts in stock and it's under warranty - I needed Gympros as the Dealer to authorize the parts were needed. All they had to do was to call or email them.

Gympros is very pushy to make the sale, but don't expect anything from them regarding service or follow up, or you will be left very disappointed.

  • Dec 6, 2017

I called gympros to make sure there was no misunderstanding of what i was trying to buy and be sure i understood correctly what it was i was buying...i spoke to a british accented spokensman from gympros to discuss the machine i was looking at online...describing it in detail to him to make absolutely sure we were on the same page....(i didn't see the name/model of it on the page so i wanted to be sure he understood which one i was referring to) - after assuring me that this was the machine i was looking at...and paying for it with a 2 yr warranty....i hung up

Altho he'd asked for my phone number and email address, which i provided...i never received any kind of confirmation of purchase...warranty...or proof that our conversation had even occured...but i trusted this company and just waited for everything to fall into place...thinking...surely tomorrow they'll send it....and yes...i sent numerous emails and my mom and i made numerous calls to them trying to figure out not only where the paperwork was, but where my MACHINE WAS...and why, we'd had to set up delivery four times, this last one we'd set up for delivery and it was dropped on my driveway...

they were wanting to charge me a fee for not only the $2,800 machine...but also half of the restocking fee if i didn't accept it because "only a few screws had fallen off" and the machine was basically undamaged....except that it'd fallen on my driveway off the crate it'd been sitting on, which i luckily took pictures of to, i refused it...

When they finally got a different company to bring it in my house..."free of charge"...the company's five guys damaged my wood floor and the frame of the door they were trying to fit the arc trainer thru, leaving peices of wood all over the floor before finally giving up and leaving it in my dining room...(id just had my baby and was tending to her during thsi mom witnessed all this) it turned out that this was actually an old model of arc trainer i was not familiar with, had never seen before, with cupholders so far back i couldn't reach them, and resistence that kept going to max speed not only when set to a program, but also when only set to manual - when i called gympros to ask about these things -

including the name of this "new/improved" moving company, they said they had "no way of knowing that information" - even tho they'd been the ones to hire them - but that he'd send someone out to look at the machine and id hear back from him soon...(i haven't) i've written email's since this incident and have still not received a warranty/contract or revised version of either....i have no idea what to do except to hire an attorney in california and take them to court, nothing else has seemed to get any kind of response....and im done being dismissed.

  • Feb 4, 2017

Gym Pros also goes by Xceleration Fitness so be weary of both companies. I ordered a refurbished 7000 PT Silver back in early December, and made a deposit on December 7th. I also paid for an expedited fee and white glove service for my delivery/installation. I also paid a great deal extra for extended 3 year parts warranty and lifetime labor warranty. Gym Pros took weeks to send out their stepmill. They sent as stepmill but it was the wrong model (SM916) and broken right out of the box. I never used it once and I reported the issue within minutes to Gym Pros. I told them this is unacceptable and that they sent me the wrong product and on top of that it's not working. Brie/Roy kept trying to force me into getting the machine repaired. I told them that I am not waiting weeks on end for them to repair something I didn't order. Again, it's the wrong model. I told them to get the machine out of my house and cancel the order.

They continued to ignore me and try to force one of their techs to repair the machine. They even sent out replacement parts without my consent.

After a week of disputing, I had to get the financing project manager involved at this point. Only after she called them did they agree to take the machine back. They sent out a delivery company to pick up the machine, and the delivery company truck driver damaged my garage door. In total he costed me $1,400 in damages. I emailed Gym Pros numerous times to cancel the order or I would sue them. They again, would not listen to me. I said do not send out another stepmill as I would not accept delivery and am working with Time Payment (lease company) to get this lease nullified. I even offered to Gym Pros that they could keep the deposit if they just worked with me on getting this lease cancelled as I have no trust in their company or product. They refused and refused to respond to my emails/inquiries. I asked the financing project manager to assist me again and they were ignoring her as well. Gym Pros then sends out a tracking number for another stepmill even though I specifically told them do not send out another stepmill. They refuse to listen to me IE the consumer and will do anything to force you to stay in a lease. I told them under no circumstance will I accept it.

About a week later after they sent out the tracking number another delivery man shows up to my house and dropped off the stepmill without my consent. I didn't sign for anything and he merely dropped it off. However, this second stepmill is broken as well! Not working at all. I have videos and photos for both stepmills they sent me. The second stepmill is broken as well and has a lot of damages to it. The machine doesn't work at all, the steps have large chips so it's unsafe to stand on, and there are scratches all over it. Refurbished should be factory condition and working. I sent Brie photos and a video on the issue and she basically ignored all my concerns. I reported all of this to Gym Pros as well and told them to get their machine out of my house. They refuse to listen to me and continue to try to force me in getting this machine repaired. They said they could get a repair company that would work with my work hours, but the repair company that called me cannot assist.

So now I have to take another day or two off from work and have lost well over a weeks pay from their failures to provide me a working product. The only day they have available is Feb 3rd and I have to wait all day or take more time off from work. There is no guarantee they can fix the machine either. I asked Brie if I let them attempt to repair it what happens if they cannot fix it? She hasn't responded or given me an answer/guarantee. I've already taken off five days of work to accomodate their deliveries and installation people. They charged me for expedited fees and white glove service that neither of which were supplied. Neither of their machines are working or have worked at all. I havent used their equipment for even a second since making this purchase. It's been almost two months and I've lost well over $3,000 in time, deposits, damages to my garage, etc. I've been trying to get a hold of Gym Pros via phone and email but they screen their calls and won't respond. I could only get back to them when I call from a different number, when they know it is me they hang up. They are also ignoring the financing project manager and will not get back to her either. So now I'm stuck with a machine that has never worked and has never been repaired. I will be getting an attorney for this and will be suing whoever is involved for causing me personal loss up to and including the stress from all this. I have over 100 emails, videos, photos on the issue that I have sent to my leasing company and the financing project manager in hopes of getting out of this lease.

I am fighting to get this broken stepmill sent back, my money refunded, and will do everything in my power to make sure no other consumer goes through this. They also have multiple complaints on the better business bureau website.

Update: It's February 3rd and the repair man came today. As usual your company has failed miserably. The stepmill could not be fixed by your repair man from RMS Fitness who you said were the best of the best and could get it working. He stated that the whole front axle and both pillow blocks are faulty/broken. He stated that this is something your company should have replaced prior to sending out the product and that this stepmill is not in refurbished condition. He agreed with me that the steps are damaged/chipped and that it shouldn't be sold in this condition. He said that he would have to replace the entire front axle but cannot guarantee that will even fix it. He also said that there should be a serial number for the stepmill which is missing from it. I have missed over five days of work and you people still cannot make things right. I told him I would not be signing off on anything and he can order the parts for the time being. However, I told him that I am seeking remediation thru the leasing company and this product returned with a full refund. Gym Pros/Xceleration fitness continues to not work with me and won't honor their agreement.

I told him I am going to attempt getting the stepmill returned and am working with the leasing company in voiding my lease. It's going on over two months, you've sent two stepmills both not working and not in refurbished condition, and February payment is coming up. I expect a full refund for any deposit remaining, February payment, white glove service (the installation that I never got), and will be seeking reimbursement for time lost. You've had plenty of opportunities to get this resolved and do the right thing. You've caused me enough stress, time lost, money lost, and I have every right to request a full refund and return.

Please note I video taped the entire thing. It's about 25 to 30 minutes long. I will be posting this video along with another video about the issues and problems your company has created on youtube. I will be presenting only facts on the issue and screen shots of all the emails so that any viewer can determine the kind of experience they can expect from your company. I have already filed a complaint with the better business bureau and will be writing reviews of your product and experience on any and all social media. On the BBB website they go by Xceleration Fitness and have numerous complaints most of which relating to broken stepmills or consumers with an almost identical problem in regards to their refurbished 7000 PT Stepmills.

Anyone reading my review/experience please hede my words and do not order anything from this company used, refurbished, or new, you will be ripped offed.

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