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Country United States
State California
City Mountain View
Address 150 W Evelyn Ave, Suite 300
Phone (888) 337-0434

Gyft Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2018

GYFT came installed on my phone and was recommended via Verizon. I purchased 4 different cards for family gifts, and none were able to redeem them. It has been over a year for two of them, 5 months for the other two - They tried for weeks, sent emails to support and nothing. I finally called and am getting the run around for over a week. Told there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO - my request is being sent to Management - can't speak to anyone, and NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME as promised 3 times. Rep told me she would be fired if she gave me any info re: management. They had no problem taking my $175, but trying to get it back.... probably not likely. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE

  • Feb 10, 2017

I've been a big fan of Gyft for some time. The convenience of being able to buy gift cards for stores who would otherwise not take paypal credit online was the initial appeal. I've been using them for some time, and now that they use bitcoin it's potentially a great business.

I tried to purchase a 150$ gift card using bitcoin, i granted Gyft access as a trusted client to my online bitcoin wallet, Coinbase. Gyft took 149.99 out of my wallet, but I got an error and never received my gift card.

I've tried contacting customer service several times. They only have one form online available for you to submit a request for help. This problem is easily a technical one, as the price for bitcoin fluctuates. I've seen the same problem happen with Overstock but I have literally heard zero response from Gyft. I've sent screenshots of their app having access and taking the money out of my Coinbase wallet, nothing.

No reply not even an automated "We got your request" email in response. I inquired by posting on their Facebook page and the only thing they've done is removed my post and changed the properties to moderated.

I'm aware that there are alternatives now to Gyft when wanting to use paypal credit and bitcoin to purchase gift cards for friends or for yourself to use in stores that don't accept these payment methods. I urge anyone who is looking for this kind of service to look elsewhere because Gyft had potential to be the leader in this niche, but fails miserably at any problem resolution or customer service.

  • Nov 13, 2015

I purchased a gift card from this website and when I went to present it to the cashier she very rudely said she doesn't accept those gift cards for payment even though I tried explaining it to her what it states she had to do. Customer service of the merchant wasn't able to help me either and could only file a complaint to see why they don't accept them. I called Gyft and was clearly told that they can't issue a refund especially when the code was revealed. I sent them a screenshot in real time how the card still has the untouched balance and was even told that their customer service team sometimes has problems with reedeming their own giftcards. All of it in emails, saved. The company is a fraud and I have let them know that I have paid for goods that are not usable.

  • Nov 6, 2015

GYFT is one SCARY company to deal with! BEWARE! It sounds like they might be running a scam.

It started after I opened an account (they've been around a couple of years, so I thought they were legit.) So I proceeded to try to buy a gift card and my payment didn't go through (credit card), which is odd, so I tried again. That didn't work either, so I proceeded to use my PayPal email as payment. A few moments after that, I received an email saying that my account was suspended. So after reaching for customer service, they asked that they needed my ID as verification. I didn't think of it much since even PayPal does that.

Well, they refused to un-suspend my account. After this ordeal (and unhelpful customer sevice), I wouldn't want to deal with this company, HOWEVER, I am concerned regarding what information is out there that they have to make that decision. They refused to tell me anything, and it is not as if any of my information is new or new accounts (paypal user over 15 years, same bank account & credit card for ages, old phone, no new address). Basically nothing that should have raised a flag, but they still wouldn't tell me why.

My concern now is that they have ALL MY INFORMATION, ALL OF IT! ID, credit card, PayPal email, address, phone!

I don't even know what to do. I'm going to start looking around, after reading some other horror stories about this company. So if I can't find any information, I may have to contact agencies (Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General, etc...)

Darn it! Wish I had read some of these horror stories before I proceeded!


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