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GXi Outdoor Power

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Clayton
Address 7868 N Tech Dr
Phone 919-550-3221

GXi Outdoor Power Reviews

  • May 31, 2020

I purchased the 48 inch zero turn mower in April of 2018, had n othing but issues with throttle breaking, support to deck and no power. they sent wrong parts 3 times and when I complained about no power they told me to read the booklet and figure it out. I couldn't take it any more this year, I had them pick it up and learned that both transmissions needs to be repalced, At this point I am done and just wanted my monies back. Can not get anyone on the phone to help me. all I get is 1. go to this site and fill out a complaint, still no answers. when I want to speak with someone, I am told that the customer service people have no access to management, they would email them.

been dealing with this for a month and no resolution. I need to find an attorney to assist.

  • Jun 13, 2019

We bought a Zbeast 62" "commercial" mower in May of 2018. We now just have 22 hours on it because of all the problems we've had from the 2nd time my husband used it to mow. Last Fall it was at the point that it had to be put in the shop. The only shop they could find was over an hour away. It was in the shop until February. That shop is no longer willing to work on GXI MOWERD.

Many many many parts were replaced to the point that GXI told the repairman they weren't replacing anymore. Since we got it back, there's some kind of problem every time he gets on it to mow our own yard. They tell you to watch their videos which are very vague and not much help. When you call you're on hold forever--enough to take a nap, believe me, I've watched my husband sit in the kitchen for very long periods of time and literally fall asleep many times.

Emails go unanswered. We have to mow at 3 1/2' when it is running because of the scalping wheel set up, which means a lot more mowing. All of the spindles have been replaced, battery cables, solenoid, I could keep going. Now it won't start and if it does it doesn't last. He had to push it into the barn yesterday and now we can't get the tractor out because that stupid thing is in the way. Everything is cheaply made. We have had a few that we bought used that ran and performed much better with a lot less problems. My husband is at the point of just wanting another used one.

This the first new mower we've bought because he doesn't have the time to fight with one all the time. He works full'time, we have a small farm and I have a lot of appointments he has to take me too. I hate for him to even start mowing because I know he's going to come in and tell me somethings wrong with the mower sitting in the yard and the yard half mowed. I can't tell you the days that have been ruined because of this thing. We're lucky he didn't get commercial jobs like he planned to help pay for the thing. We can't keep it mowing long enough to get our own lawn done.

It just needs to be replaced at this point. We're passed the point of being done with it and a lot more than frustrated at this point. Angry is more appropriate. A customer service manager told us that it's like buying a new car, you can expect to have a lot of problems. He insisted we replace the battery before they consider putting it back in the shop. $50+ later and several hours wasted because of where the battery is located, it still won't start. We called again, had to leave a message and as of yet we haven't had a call back. It's Friday, so hopefully they'll call Monday.

We found a repair shop ourselves that is willing to do warranty work, only 10 miles from home. We'll see if they let us take it there and if they repair it again. In the meantime we're making payments on the lawnmower so we can't buy another and have to borrow one. We've asked several times for them to just come get it and they ignore that request completely, they just want us to continuously replace parts and fight with it.

  • Oct 9, 2018

GXI Outdoor Power LLC owes my repair company $2,680 for work completed and invoiced. I was a warranty and service center for them in 2017 and they have 3 outstanding invoices with my company totaling $2,680.00 going back 18 months.

I have contacted GXI for the last 18 months along with my creditors with no replies.

  • May 26, 2018

Have had problems with this mower since day 1. 62 inch Z Beast Zero turn mower. I have owned it for 17 months and have gotten less then 10 hours use of it. Problems with ignition wiring, transmission, belt pulley falling off. Has been in current repair shop for over 9 months. Had to haul it 90 miles. They can find no other shop that will do service for them.

Current shop will take no more warrenty work from them. Transmission was leaking. They had service center take pictures, then video, then send the part in for inspection. Weeks of delays between steps. They play the blame game with service center. Mower is now repaired but service center is holding machine until they get paid. Technician says he has never seen a more poorly built machine. Only good part of it is the Briggs engine. Home Depot needs to take this company off their website.

  • May 22, 2018

I purchased a ZBEAST 62" 30HP commercial rated mower from Home Depot in August of 2016 to cut my four acres. I used three time in 2016. In early 2017, the second time cutting the gas stopped flowing from tank. Had to clean filter in gas valve. I pumped the tank out several times This problem continues each cut. I removed the filter from fuel valve and replaced inline filter. Fuel going in was clean, I ended up mounting an auxiliary tank to the fender to continue to use mower for rest of 2017. Auxiliary tank stayed on all summer. The next issue was the engine solenoid burned up. I called Home Depot who refused to do anything about it and assumed no responsibility stating I needed to contact GTI.

I contacted GTI who told me warranty is with engine manufacture. I contacted Briggs and Stratton who indicated warranty is with GTI. I ended up buying a solenoid from Tractor Supply for a farm tractor and mounted to the engine and wired in to run the mower. Next problem the right Hydro-static transmission. The transmission would all but stop working after 45 minutes of use cutting a several acre field. It would take several days to cut field. I adjusted belt as recommended by GTI. GTI then instructed me to take mower to nearest service center for warranty claim. Nearest service center was over one hour away.

Taking to service center more than an hour away was not doable. I continue to mower 45 minute and stop, repeating process this until field was cut. Next problem was the choke cable broke due to being installed with nearly a 90 degree bend to go around gas tank. Pulling on choke became very difficult until it broke. I installed a generic new choke cable I purchased from local Advanced Auto Parts and relocated it to eliminate the 90 degree bend and gave it a straight run to the engine. At end of season the mower became just short of useless to me due to right hydro-static transmission getting weaker. I had my neighbor finish cutting my field for the remaining few cuts of the season.

In 2018 I called GTI to order a replacement (Peerless brand) hydro-static transmission because I believe it to be defective. I have not taken mower to any repair service center to verify my findings. I was told by GTI I could not order transmission due to no inventory of transmissions at the company. I was told I would have to wait for GTI customer service to call me when a new shipment of transmissions arrive at GTI and then place the order. I gave GTI my contact information during two separate phone calls to GTI. I have not been called yet to order parts. Grass is still growing. I purchase a new 2018 Gravely HD60 zero turn mower to cut grass. The ZBEAST 62"-30HP commercial mower sits in the back of my garage waiting on parts.

  • Apr 21, 2018

Hi, I Purchased a Z-Beast 62 in mower on july 22nd of 2017. I used the mower for a total of ten minutes. The mower has been to two different shops. It is now April, and guess what? My mower is still in the shop. ( 9 months ) and know mower. I finally recieved a call from the shop that the mower is ready, but i cant get it back because GXI doesnt want to pay him. I have been calling GXI for 9 months and have got nothing but excuses. I have never delt with a company like this in my life. Now I know why nobody wants to work on them. If you purchase one, all i can say is good luck. I will never purchase anything from this company agian.

  • Oct 3, 2017

I unfortunately put my trust in my fellow man in October 2-16 and purchased a mower off of Ebay from GXi Outdoor Power so that I could mow my lawn. The mower was delivered, sort of, it was delivered to a shipping hub where I had to go pick it up, on December 17, 2016.

The first time I pulled the mower out to use it on the lawn was the very beginning of April, 2017. Just about 30 minutes into the lawn, a belt from the right hydro shredded and broke. The right pump would not work so the mower would only turn left. It was not working all that well before the belt broke.

GXi told me of a repair shop near by that would do the work, all I had to do was drop the mower off. I dropped the mower off the 2nd week of April 2017 at the service center that GXi told me to go to. That service center did not test any part of the mower, all they did was replace the belt that broke, and it took 8 weeks.

I picked the mower up and tried to use it, this time it lasted about an hour before the right pump stopped working. The left pump started to work poorly but since it was the only pump working it was hard to tell. I talked to GXi again and took it to another service center to get it looked at.

Since the 2nd service center had worked with GXi before, they refused to do the work for the warranty since GXi only reimburses them for about 25% of the time they actually spend working on the mowers. After 3 weeks of trying to convice the service center to perform the work, I had to go get the mower and take it to another service center.

At this point in time, I am on my third customer service representative, obviously GXi cannot keep those employees, from what I experienced, it is a lack of quality they sell and the poor CSRs have to try and make the unhappy customers happy.

GXi told me about another service center so I took it to the third service center. When Kristina was my CSR, the last three phone calls she made to me (one per week at a minimum), she told me that the service center had performed the necessary tests on both the right and left hydros (pumps) and need to send them back to GXi.

Today I spoke to another CSR, since Kristina is no longer there, who said the service center said that they drove my mower and it was fine. I just spoke to the service center and that is NOT what he told GXi. What he told them was that there is a problem with the right side hydro and the left side is making such a bad noise it will probably break very soon.

GXi said that the loud noise on the left side was "normal operating noises". I guess if you sell pieces of crap, that would be a good answer. The service center does not want to send the hydros back to GXi because he is afraid that GXi will send the broken hydros back him, not new ones to replace the old ones.

GXi seems to have a history of selling pieces of crap online. I wish there was a lemon law for zero turn mowers so I would have some recourse, but there is not. I will never buy GXi ever again and I hope to spread the word as far and wide as I can to make sure no one else spends $3200 on a lie.

My mower was not refurbished as it was advertised. It was used and abused with the counter reset to zero to falsely represent a refurbished mower.

GXi = dishonest people and bad business!!!

  • Jul 19, 2017

This the worst wood chipper that was ever made. I only have 5hrs operation

on this chipper and have had drive belt problems, starting problems, wireing problems. I called the service tel. number 919-550-3221 and tried to work this out. And what I got was "It is your problem not ours" after doing some digging a round on this product found out they import from some off shore manufacture then sell it in the USA. So I am going to look in to a attorney that does product liability litigation. I can rember a time in this country when problems like this did,nt happen but this the new world order.

  • May 27, 2017

I purchased 62 inch commercial ZBeast mower made by GXI Outdoor Power and purchased through Home Depot in May 2016 and it was delivered June 2016. I used it a few times in Fall of 2016 then stored it according to manual. In April 2017 I put fresh no ethanol gas in it and check all items according to manual. Mower would not start as no gas was being pumped to system. Called GXI Manufacturing Company and was told to contact authorized service center on website. I printed out the list and called every place on the list and could not find anyone that would do warranty work for GXI.

I went to Home Depot where I bought mower and customer service also called all service center and got the same results. Home Depot then called GXI and finally talked a repair center into looking at my mower. The mower has been at repair shop for 5 weeks. When I inquired about the status of my mower I was told by repair person that GXI had sent the part to the wrong address. GXI finally got starter switch to repair shop and 5 weeks later I picked up my mower. I then was told by the only authorized repair center that would consider looking at the mower that this mower was so poorly designed that they had to almost entirely disassemble the mower to get the part installed.

They also told me when I had to replace the battery they felt sorry for me because it was going to be very difficult to replace due to the design of the mower and this would not be covered by warranty. They also told me since they had such a bad experience with the repair of this mower that they may not work on GXI mowers again. If I could not get anyone to work on the mower in my area I felt that Home Depot should do the right thing and take the mower back and give me a refund. I have a case pending with Home Depot Resolution Department and am waiting on their final decision in this matter. I will post an update when new information is received.

  • Oct 24, 2016

I purchased a 62" commercial mower in April of this year. It has broken down four times inside of 31 hours of use, and has spent a combined total of over four months in the repair shop. The big issue it's having right now is shredding drive belts. It has gone through two belts in under five hours of use. It is currently in the repair shop (and has been there for a month and a half now). The mechanic told me the mower also has a problem with the hydrostatic drive system. GXI refuses to awknowledge any problems with their machine, and instead has opted to blame mechanical issues on me and the mechanic. I spent around $4600.00 on this unit, and it has had nothing but problems. It has been at the repair shop more than it has been in my possession. The multiple people that I've spoken to at GXI are less than helpful, rude, and not capable of returning phone calls. Every time I've asked to speak to someone in management, I'm given an excuse about how they're "currently unavailble, but they will call you back"; This of course never happens. No names or contact information is ever provided. Multiple times, I have requested a refund via email, and verbally over the phone; I'm starting to wonder if anyone at that company knows what a refund is?. Not sure if all of GXI's products are garbage, but mine certainly is. All I want is my money back.

  • Oct 12, 2016

I bought my Beast 54 Zero Turn through Sears in May of 2015 and took deliverly in July 2015 used the Mower two times and it would not start contacted GXI in August it took them until September to set me up with a service Center who came out in October to verify the starter was bad with only 8 hours on the lawn mower. GXI sent the wrong part twice and did not get it repaired until April of 2016. Used it three more times and the Belt broke for the mower deck and the Keyswitch burned up and burned out the light switch and this took another three weeks until a could get some one to call me back so I bought the belt locally and put it on my self because the glass was so high I could not wait for the service enter to call me back.

About two weeks later thr Drive belt for the Transmission broke and this was in August of 2016 so I called GXI service again and they called the service to come out and look at told me it was out of warrenty. I had to argue with them that its only out of warrenty because it has been sitting for 9 months because it takes you guys so long to fix anything. So the service center replaced the Drive Belt and I did not even finish cutting my lawn one time and it broke again the drive belt. I called GXI again and they said sorry out of warrenty after service calls and weeks gone by they agreed to sent the service center out again to look at it and the only thing he could determine is a bad belt pully. So GXI agreeed to send one out. The service center came out and changed the pully he said was bent and tried to start it but the key switched smoked and burnt up. So he called GXI and they sent another one out and the service center brought it out and said it was the wrong one for this mower.

So to this day October 11, 2016 the mower is sitting in the back yard not running waiting for repair. So I have had it for a year and a half but it has been sitting because it would not run for a year and two months. I have called to have them sent me a new replacement one and they have refused. I have called to give me my money back and I will ship the mower back and they refused. They keep telling me my mower is out of warrenty and it has only be used mabe 10 times at the most. The worst customer service I have every experienced not sure how they are still in business. The service center who has fixed it for me says the mower is junk. I have even called Sears three times to help me with the product and service and get no where. This has truly been the worst experience in my whole life with any product or service.

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