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Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Country United States
State Georgia
City Mountain
Address 5054 US-78, Stone
Phone 770-972-7767

Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Reviews

  • Dec 12, 2016

Please don't trust these people! They mastered in cheating customers

I am Adarsh Reddy Donthi, I bought my Chrysler 300S vehicle on August 29th 2016 from Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram located in 5054 US-78, Stone Mountain, GA 30087. But one month back I had to move to Newark Delaware for job purposes, as a part of regular car maintenance I wanted to service my vehicle so visited the nearest Brandywine Chrysler in Newark, Delaware. But they refused to service my vehicle and they told me they would charge me for it. When I purchased my vehicle the dealer (you) had promised me free service until certain miles or 12 services free or 36000 miles whichever comes first. You (dealer) cheated me by making false promises. When I tried to call you back where I purchased from, you have asked me come down to their location to service my vehicle or I need to pay! So what do you mean? Should I drive my vehicle only Atlanta, Georgia? Should I never move to another place? If that is the case I will file a legal case against the dealer and Chrysler to take back and vehicle and refund me all the money which I spent. This is how Chrysler treats their customers? So in near future If I encounter mechanical failures out of state when the vehicle is under warranty, do I need to tow my vehicle to their location to get it repaired. Please take back my vehicle and refund me the complete amount. This is the first and last time I would be contacting you on this, after this you would have to directly contact my attorney to solve this. I am a sensitive guy and have been under severe mental pressure that I was cheated, the dealer was very rude to me over phone. Please take my car back for cheating me, I will buy a car in Newark, Delaware so that I can service my vehicle in my state.

I will take this to my attorney and senior management of Chrysler.

When I went to the nearest dealer, he opened the contract and said that the dealer has not added oil changes to my contract. But when I contacted you people, you were continuously mentioning that the contract is valid in South east states. If it has never been added to the contract how the dealers in other would states service my vehicle. Even the dealer in other state might open the contract and tell that the dealer did not add that into your contract. Is that the case same with the life time warranty which you guys provided? Is it only valid in Georgia? Should I never move out of Georgia? Should I spend my whole life time until I have this car in Georgia? What do you mean?

Why haven't you provided me with the contract after I purchased the Vehicle? Isn't this cheating? Why did you hide the contract? You guys have made me think in the other way as well. While I was buying the vehicle I was told different and you have manipulated the documents (I need an investigation to be conducted). I have all the proof about what you have promised. You knew this situation would happen before hand, at the point where I have registered my vehicle in Illinois. You have hidden all the terms and conditions. While I was buying the vehicle you told me that I can get free oil changes nationwide knowing that I will be registering the vehicle out of state. Isn't this cheating?

I need all the contract documents which I have signed, along with the clear terms and conditions. (including life time power train warranty, I want you to send every single document in which my name is mentioned or where I have signed, along with your ad posted on your website). I have evidences from my end ad well! You people need to be taught a lesson, so that other customers don't get cheated. I will fight until I get justice, or just take back my vehicle so that I will purchase a vehicle with a new dealer in other state.

I would also report this to the State Attorney General of Illinois and Georgia, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Fraud department of Illinois and Georgia, State Consumer Protection Agency, Federal Trade commission for cheating me.

I need my paper work by the end of this week. Let’s sought out this issue in the court.

I will take this issue to Chrysler using Customer Satisfaction Survey which you have sent to me. I need to speak with the general manager or sales manager at the dealership. I am not happy with the situation and I need to fill out the CSS soon. I don't know how this will impact but I can take my concern to senior management using this and tell them that I was cheated.

  • Jun 14, 2016

We bought a 2016 Big Horn truck from Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge on April 11, 2016. We drove the truck and pulled our boat to the keys on vacation on May 6, 2016. On May 12, 2016, the check engine light came on. We had the truck towed to the Dodge dealer in Key West, FL. The truck would not shift out of first gear. It was repaired three different times in Key West. The truck was transported to our home in Loganville, GA on June 6, 2016. My husband got in the truck and it would not shift out of first gear, again. It was immediately towed to Gwinnett Chrysler Dodge. Eight days after the truck was towed to the dealership, they called to tell us the truck was repaired. Because it had been over 30 days, we wanted to exercise our right to declare the lemon law on this truck. We have left several messages with the dealership's general manager and he will not return our call and all the other managers are "out of the office." We were instructed to call Chrysler on May 13th and you always get a voicemail, when they return your call two days later, they tell you they can't get through to the dealership and will call later in the week. They will not give a last name, nor a location that Chrysler Corporate is located.

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