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GWF Investments

Country United States
State California
City Roseville
Address 1420 Roseville Pkwy
Phone 949.478.3448

GWF Investments Reviews

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  • Oct 28, 2015

I contacted Greg Marshall and Nicholas Roman about obtaining financing for a loan that I needed to acquire some business's. I was told that the best solution was to obtain a surety bond for collateral so they could obtain the loan for me. I was told to wire $22,950.00 to a Chase account based in New York. After I wired the money the communication with the company became sparse at best. Prior to me wiring the money I was told by one of GWF's consultants Alexis Levi that Greg Marshall was a sought after business man who works with high net worth individuals and to not pass up the opportunity to work with him. She also stated that he was being considered for a business show similar to the show "The Profit". She is also a CEO for a company by the name of Alexis Levi Sports and Entertainment Group out of Las Vegas. Leading up to my closing date of 8/28/15 Mr Marshal and Mr Tony Bryan said they were waiting for more information from me (3 items), I provided those items then after missing our closing Mr Marshal said I never gave him (7) other items . These items were NEVER requested. This is a scam and I have reported this to the authorities. Please do not do business with any of these people.

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  • Oct 26, 2015

I was looking for a lender for acommercial property acquisition in Flirda. I had my profile on an investors website and Tony Bryan from GWF Investments contacted me and said they could help with my lending. Then the owner, Greg Marshall contacted me and said I could get the funding from him and he would send over three options for me to choose from. I chose to purchase financial guarantee surety bonds in order to secure financing through his investors. We signed the contracts and I wired $11,550 to his bank in Ny. he then told me we would be closing the end of May 2015. By the end of May we were not closed and the business that was on the property closed. Greg Marshall called me and said I would need to purchase an additional surety bond for extra capital for start up costs since the business had closed. i agreed and we signed an ammeded contract which stated I would pay an additional $3475.50 for a second surety bond. I wired the money to the same account as the first time. After that I could very raraly get a hold of anyone at GWF Investments. I have had no contact with them since the end of August 2015. I have called, text, written emails, left messages, and no one has responded to me. I thinkt his company is nothing but a scam and they steal from hard working entranpanuers that are trying to get a head. If you have any dealing with this company or its affiliates, stay clear!

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  • Jan 26, 2016

Company goes by new name

I wanted to update every one out there about this company. They seem to change their location and name often. They are know going under GWF Investments Holdings, in Laguna Niguel, CA. STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY AND ANYONE THAT WORKS FOR IT!!!

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