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GVP Construction Group

Country United States
State Texas
City Haltom City
Address 4017 Clay Ave Ste H
Phone (940) 206-1880

GVP Construction Group Reviews

  • May 27, 2017

Paul Duane Gale signed a renovation contract with me and my bank to complete a few cosmetic remodeling projects in my new house. His project manager promised to complete all work by the day we move in. However when we moved in, our floor was gone and the kitchen was completely demolished. He did complete a few minor items like fix the toilet base, replace a facia, and move the electric switch in the kitchen. He also installed a sprikler system around my house but never showed me how to set it up and turn it on, so I don't really know if it works.

What was supposed to be a happy moment in my family's life turned into a living nightmare. They were supposed to sand and repaint existing kitchen cabinets, but his guys did such a horrible job that I have to redo it all over again. His guys took out my existing floor and never replaced it. He basically made me pay him for the partical work before he was willing to proceed.

The bank finally cut him a check for the partial work completed and as soon as he got his check he disappeared! And all this time he was promising to send somebody do the work "tomorrow" and the person never showed up. He did not even respond to my message notifying him that I am replacing him with somebody who will finish the work.

Here's what he put my family through so far: a month and a half of living in hazardous conditions without a kitchen or floors, not being able to cook, or clean without our kitchen appliances. My 8 week puppy stepped on one of the nails that are sticking out from the floor and got so hurt that she almost died. She had high fever and couldn't walk or eat for several days from that injury. I am now stuck with a significant bill from the vet in addition to everything else. He promised to fix my leaking faucet but since he never showed up I now have a huge stain in my ceiling from the 2nd floor faucet leaking through the floor.

To sum it up, stay away from Paul Duane Gale and his GVP Construction company. They are a total scam and will find a way to screw you one way or another. They will smile and sweet talk to you but in the end leave you standed because they just don't care and lack professionalism or human decency for that manner!

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