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Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
City Noida
Address C 246, Second Floor Sector 63
Phone 510-372-0862
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  • Oct 27, 2015

Beware of Vikas Kumar (gventure company) and all hist staff Rahul Kumar, Nitin Jasaul they claim to have knowledge on asterisk server auto dialer. They bidded on a large project $10,000.00 usd. None of them has enough knowlege. First he said each asterisk server could handle 2500-5000 lines after spending hundreds of dollars in carrier cost. I was told by another company that most asterisk servers could only handle 500 lines. Guess what he was right. Vikas claim he had a finish product that all was just needed was modification on reporting but that the core coding had no issue. Guess what he was wrong. The system kept creating server performance issue which would cause the server to act as if it was getting DDOS attacked. We tried several datacenters to get his system to work. He convience me to mark job completed on elance. While we would migrate to another data warehouse.

Vikas drove me out of business in 3 months always stating work was completed. I told him to refund my money he said give me one more chance that this month he was going to pay the datawarehouse. Guess what he claimed he got up un re turn skypes for a month. When he did reply we have issues will resolve today. 30 Days later after questioning him about when it would be completed he said 30days up dude i returned the servers.

I put a complain on Elance and they won't do nothing. Vikas promissed me my code so i can take to third party to review he has yet to contact me.. Beware of this scammer. Don't buy anything from him. Your money is better spent with other well trusted indian companies. .

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