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Green Mountain Energy Company

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 300 W 6th St Suite 1600
Phone 866) 785-4668

Green Mountain Energy Company Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2019

I bought my daughter a mobile home and let her place it on my property in 2014. I call ed Green Mountain and set up service. Later that year I set up a "tiny house" and added it to my service agreement.

My daughter decided she did not want the mobile so I put it up for sale. When I sold it the new owners also called Green Mountain and set up service. They removed my tiny house off my account and put the new mobile home owners on it by mistake.

I just trusted they did the right thing. Fast forward to 2018 I call and cancel service to my house but power goes off at the mobile home next door. Then I realize my bill is 247.00 but I haven't lived in the house for 3 months/stuff was shut off. I knew something was up. I demanded an investigation.

Oncor called me and told me I had been paying my neighbors bill and they had been paying mine ever since I sold the mobile home three years earlier.

I contacted Green Mountain for months arguing fighting, Oncor sent them proof in an investigative report. They play "dumb" when I call.

Spent 45 minutes one day with the same person and she kept saying my account was fine no problem and I needed to pay. She finally said ever since we got the investigation report on December 26 your account was fixed and it has been fine.

  • Aug 19, 2016

Had green mountain energy for over a year signed up with a 6 cent rate and started getting bills for 10.9 cents per kwh for 3 months. I have two houses both 20 miles from each other and the other is on green mountain as well. The 2nd home only had a 7.4 cent rate. Makes no sense changed away from Green Mountain and went to a fixed rate with another company. You cannot trust green mountain with a variable rate 10.9 cents is way over any reasonable rate. Local utility is 6 cents per kwh

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