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Great Onyx Job Corps

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Mammoth Cave
Address 3115 Ollie Ridge Rd
Phone 270-286-4514

Great Onyx Job Corps Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2018

On march 6, 2018 i was sent home on bescause a student said i was harrassing him which i was not and i told the center i will never do anything like that , so thats when i had appeal my termination because I know I did not do anything wrong so that's when they said I couldn't go back to Job Corps and that really made me upset. My thing is is that I made many reports about students saying they was going to hit me making sexual remarks to me and I had staff discriminate against me but this one student say I threatened him and harass him so I get sent home. I was told by many students at Job Corps that the boy that said I threatened him lied on me so I can get sent home because he did not like me because I was student government and I enforce the rules and it was more students probably two or three that said it with him and helped him. I just really want help I might want to do a lawsuit against Job Corps because for one I was sent home for nothing I did not do and that I made many reports to staff about what was going on with me and I also called the Department of Labor and I never got a call back about my reports. To me I think they sent me home because I am gay and I have autism. Is there anyone out there that can help me. And also I have friends that told me they had call to the regional office of Job Corps and told the managers that I never threaten anyone and I will never do anything and also they emailed the regional office and said the same thing so that says that Job Corps is not all about the students. And my friend also sent me a screenshot of the student that said I threatened him he text her and said his plan work getting me terminated and to be honest if I really did something I will not be making this report or I would never even called the region office Job Corps to appeal my termination so that they just you know I never did anything I would never in my life harass or threaten anyone and I always asked the center director to switch campus Because of the students. I hope someone can help me with all of this so I can go back to Job Corps thank you and have a excellent day.

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