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Gracie Barra Katy

Country United States
State Texas
City Katy
Address 21734 Provincial Boulevard
Phone 281-647-6621

Gracie Barra Katy Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2015

I have canceled my son's membership with Gracie Barra Katy 4 times now, including in person. Amazingly, the manger Chris has received EVERY email I have sent with a question or a comment. However, miraculously, the ones with attached cancellation forms somehow don't exist. Finally, I went to the gym on a quiet morning in August when all of the kids were back to school. Alex Cisne was in the facility by himself in the office. I explained that I needed to cancel my son's membership once and for all. He handed me the form and as I completed it we had a long conversation about the culture in Saudi Arabia since we had temporarily relocated there for my husband's business. When I handed over the form to him I asked if he wouldn't mind printing a copy for me so I had it for my records. He kindly did so, but somehow, once again Gracie Barra contends it does NOT have a cancellation form from me. UNBELIEVABLE!

Kids try on many sports, musical instruments, and club environments before they ultimately find their calling. As many teenagers do, my son decided MMA wasn't his calling. Raising 3 kids in Katy means we have been part of every youth sports league, YMCA, Katy Rebels Basketball, FO1 Volleyball, Piano and Voice lessons at Music and Arts, as well as Violin rental with Lisle Violin. Every single one of these organizations has been part of our regular child education process without a hitch and with outstanding referrals from us. Gracie Barra Katy's business practices have left us no choice but to take them to small claims court with final, return reciept request signed in hand. But, in the mean time.....I will do my best to say Buyer Beware and think twice even three times before you sign up with this company. There are other reputable companies in Katy who will graciously accept a cancellation if your child doesn't continue until they are a black belt!

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