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  • Feb 29, 2016

This is a letter I wrote to her-the District Manager, regarding my problem. There was no response as they are hiding behind the contract and feel I cannot do anything. I am a business owner. Believe me, I have tried everything and am sorry to get to this point. But, please hear me out. I came in several weeks ago because my Galaxy 4 would not take an app that I needed-the square- for taking credit cards. I was already upset that I had to upgrade to get a phone that would take the app, but I have to have it for the new retail side of my business. I originally asked for a Galaxy 6, as I have been happy with the 4. Chris told me the LG was probably even better, and so I did go with his recommendation to do the

LG. The first week I had it, the phone continually froze and I could not open it. I came in the next weekend-the only day I was in town that week, and Chris did replace it. The problem was, I was NEVER told I should keep the box for the phone. As a result, you consented to put the bad phone in the box from the 2nd phone to return it. I do appreciate that, but I would have kept the box had I been informed I needed to. With the new phone I was in a week later and the new phone had frozen and I had missed a couple business calls. This turned out to be a stupid feature that I have to ‘clear’ apps or it will freeze. Really? Ok, I can adjust and now clear them several times a day. A week later I was in again. I have tried a

couple times, and one of your employees also tried to change the ring tone on my alarm-small thing, but it should be easy. Although your employee thought she had it changed, the next time it was still that ugly ‘good morning’ song. Ugh, but I realize small thing. The next week my voice mail froze. I rebooted the phone and that didn’t work. When I came in-again-they told me I had to ‘refresh’ rather than reboot. Seriously? The Fifth week my phone refused to answer for 5 calls in a row last Friday-I had to call everyone back. But that cleared up since then, but am I going to face this again? The phone has also frozen briefly several times, but did start working again each time. And, on top of everything else, the

voice recognition on this phone is VERY poor. I had few problems with the G4 but end up having to retype almost everything with this one, and if I need Maps it becomes a nightmare having to stop and type in the location, and several times it has been wrong. I spend a lot of time driving on the wide open roads of NM and do return emails using Bluetooth while driving. I need the voice recognition to at least be close. It almost never is with this phone. And, I almost never had that problem with the G4. Bottom line is-1. Your salesman talked me out of the G6 that I wanted for this phone on the premise it was as good or better. I seriously wish it was, but it isn’t. 2. I have had nothing but issues with the phone and I

want the phone I originally asked for-the Galaxy 6. I do not want another LG to fight with-seriously, would you at this point? 3. All I am asking for is a straight across trade of my apparently 2nd defective LG for a Galaxy 6. I do not have time to try to sell this phone that I don’t like and doesn’t work right, and I am not about to just pay it off. I really don’t want another LG because I have had 2 that don’t work right already-and it makes no sense to go through this again with a third phone. I know the contract is there, but you have not fulfilled the implied portion of the contract-that the phone works and satisfies my needs as I expressed them to your salesman. And as a businessman, I make sure my customers

are taken care of-that’s why I am growing successfully. I hope you will make this right. I will be talking to Verizon directly tomorrow morning. I need to know what you are going to do to tell them what to do to get me a working phone. Thanks, Mark Weber President HR Webco, INC [email protected] // mobile Click here to Reply or Forward 0.74 GB (4%) of 15 GB used Manage Terms - Privacy Last account activity: 1 hour ago Details casey.gomez Add to circles Show details

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