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Got Beats Production Team

Country United States
State Alabama

Got Beats Production Team Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018

I'm very disapointed because of what i thought was a friend and business partner would stoop so low because he couldn't be a man and talk about his problems but to file a bogus claim to lash out at the team he was a part of then to lie about it makes me sick to my stomach. So for the record Alaa Akache wanted to be a singer but did'nt have to voice and was told don't quit your day job in the beginning 2009 to be exact when this friendship began. After a few years of working hard and practice I started to see that he had a voice but for his native tongue and not pop star quality as many would like to have, I suggested he move in this direction. He attempted take a listen

It was what i thought to be in outstanding job... However he wanted to still proceed in the way of a pop star which would cost a lot of money and time he had no idea.

He was working and going to school full time and I just was starting my business. Being a friend i kept his cost minimal and sometimes i ate the extra expenses, one day fast fowarding my so call friend spent $800 for one beat/track thats was not worth the money where as I had been charging him $50-$150 for 3-5 beats so of course now I was very upset and hurt because he did'nt think enough to come to me and maybe attempt to spend 1\2 of that amount... Then after spending $800 like a year or so later he said he was having finanical problems i then stop charging him for my services and only for the materials he selected to structure his music, with the understanding i would get to them at my liesure since i worked full time and had just relocated because of my full time job outside of my business... He had no problem... Now Feb 2016 I let him hear a nice beat that was $1000 quality not expecting that but wanted to see what my friend would offer me,well he never made me an offer so in Oct 2016 I had someone to demo a song to the beat and I let Alla hear it. His reply was dry and he became very distant... I text, called and emailed to get no replys or once or twice i got I'm working this is it... One day I did a search to see where I was showing online and at the top of the list it was Rip Off Report!!! So as I was reading the post I knew immediately who it was coming from... So I became angry and proceeded to call and what do you know he answered and talk as if nothing was wrong because he knew he had did what he did... So after 15 mins of converstation seeing if he would be man enough to tell me what he did he mentioned nothing.

I then told him what I saw and did he know anything about it and he began to lie and I told him point blank bro I know it was you because I give provide the best customer service being that I've been in the servicing business for 20+ years... For the record I'm 20 years his senior so not playing games here... I then began to go off and tell him he better have this BS removed and get it done ASAP!!! Well he gave me his word that he would get it done by the end of the week and since then he has changed his number and disappeared... I'm responding to make a point I appaluad you for your service but its unfair to not research for the few who may be innocent from wrong doing!!! As a result in damages from your post it has cost me $2,500 to date in lost revenue and with that said I'm asking you to remove the bogus report filed out of anger and not bad service!!! Below you compare I owned the Beat and could choose who I wanted to demo in fact they both could demo i sometimes have 10-20 people demo different songs to 1 beat to determine which sounds better... The demo is the beat Alla was mad about but listen to quality of the vocals and compare... Bottomline he never expressed he was upset and never showed intrest in the beat by making any offers... For the closing the only money he spent was buying materials to stucture his beats of choice and nothing to my time for service... He was giving a deal of life and abused it his position!

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